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  • Artist: Akina Nakamori(中森明菜)
  • Song: 少女A (shōjo A)3 translations
  • Translations: English, Spanish, Transliteration


Hell Girl (地獄少女, Jigoku Shōjo) is an anime series produced by Aniplex and Studio Deen.It premiered in Japan on October 4, 2005. A patch for AI-Shoujo and AI-Syoujyo (AI.少女, the original Japanese release) with all free updates, fan-made English translations and essential mods. It will improve performance, add features, fix common issues, and allow you to load character cards and scenes found online.

きっかけぐらいは こっちでつくってあげる
似たようなこと 誰でもしているのよ
何歳に見えても 私 誰でも
私は 私よ 関係ないわ
ワ・タ・シ 少女A
胸の高鳴り 耳がああ熱いわ
結婚するとか しないとかなら
ワ・タ・シ 少女A
English translationEnglish

Girl A

With your eyes burning bright blue
To give you the chance you're waiting for
While you know too little about girls
But everyone is doing something similar
Whoever and however young I am
I'm just me, what else matters?
That's what I am―Girl A
I feel my heart racing and my ears burning
Twilight turns a girl into a woman
My rouged lips are slightly trembling
I'm just shy, and I wish you knew it
Whether to marry me or not
Just forget it, it doesn't matter
That's what I am―Girl A

Ai Shoujo English Translation Dub

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1.Akina Nakamori Discography
1.ミ・アモーレ (Meu amor é)
2.禁区 (kinku)
3.十戒 (1984) (Jukkai)
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Hell Girl (地獄少女, Jigoku Shōjo) is an anime series produced by Aniplex and Studio Deen. It premiered in Japan on October 4, 2005.

Enma Ai[edit]

  • 闇に惑いし哀れ な影よ
    人を傷つけ貶め て
    罪に溺れし業の 魂
    一遍... 死んで見る?
    • Said each time she banishes another soul to Hell.
    • Yami ni madoishi awarena kage yo
      Hito o kizutsuke otoshimete,
      Tsumi ni oboreshi gō no tama,
      Ippen... shinde miru?
    • Variant translations
    • O pitiful shadow bound in darkness,
      Looking down upon people, and causing them pain.
      A soul drowned in sinful karma...
      Want to try dying this once?
    • O pitiful shadow, wandering in darkness,
      Scarring others and looking them down,
      The ball of karma is drowned in sin...
      Want to try dying this once?
    • O pitiful shadow bound in darkness,
      Looking down on people and hurting them,
      A soul drowned in sins...
      Do you want to see what death is like?
    • Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness,
      Demeaning and bringing harm to others,
      A damned soul wallowing in sin...
      Care to give death a try?
    • Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness,
      Bringing torment and pain to others.
      Oh damned soul, wallowing in your sin...
      Perhaps... it is time to die.
      (FUNimation dub)
    • Oh, pitiful shadow cloaked in darkness,
      Thine actions cause men pain and suffering.
      Thy soul drowns in thy sins....
      How would you like to see what death is like?
Ai shoujo english translation translator

  • You’ve summoned me. My name is Enma Ai. [She gives a straw doll to the person seeking revenge] Take this. If you truly wish revenge, just untie the scarlet thread from his neck. Pulling the thread binds you into a covenant with me. I will ferry the soul of your tormentor straight into the depths of Hell....however, once vengeance has been served, you will have to deliver your end of the bargain. There always has to be a price. When you die, your soul will also belong to Hell. You will never know the joys of Heaven; you will be left to wander through a world made of pain and agony for all of eternity.
    • The Hell Girl’s Warning
    • (FUNimation dub)
  • Curses come home to roost.

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  • When one person is cursed, two graves are dug.

  • Human is an existence full of sin and Misery

  • I consign this grievance to hell.

Illusion Ai Shoujo English Translation

  • This is vengeance, so I am to ferry you to hell
    • (FUNimation dub)

Die, yes you


  • 恨み。。。聞き届けたり
  • Your grievance... shall be avenged.
    • (Funimation Dub)
    • Ren Ichimoku, Hone Onna, Wanyūdō or Yamawaro, when the thread is pulled.

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