Airtight Wood Stove Operation

Posted By admin On 26/11/21
Airtight Wood Stove Operation
We have an airtight woodstove vented to an outside cinderblock & terracota lined chimney. There is an air damper on the front of the stove (it vents from the back) & we have a stove pipe damper installed. We have experience excessive condensation running down the chimney & back inside the house through the chimney ash cleanout. The cleanout is located inside the house approximately 18 inches below the terracota thimble the vent pipe feeds out. The stove, cleanout & vent thimble is located in the basement. The basement is a walkout basement in the back and subterranean in front. The stove, vent & cleanout is located approximately 2 feet below ground level. We have spoken with several people & received conflicting stories. A professional chimney sweep said possible chimney flue cracks. A stove dealer said UL states no pipe damper, only use the one on the front of the stove. Where can I find specific info on the web about proper installation specifications for an airtight woodstove? I need this info ASAP & do not want to wait for mail time. Thanks for any help.
The problem probably relates to the age of the stove and the way it is being used. Older airtights were creosote hogs...they had little or no mechanism for burning clean. In addition, the stovepipe damper is allowing you to choke off the fire excessively - causing your stove and chimney to turn into a distillery.
1. Get a newer, high efficiency stove
2. Burn the stove with less wood and more air - keep a good flame on the fire (do not smolder it)
3. Make certain your wood is dry and seasoned
4. Stop the use of the stovepipe damper.
5. Line the chimney with a smaller diameter stainless pipe (to match stove.)

Typical cross-section showing numbered parts of older and newer wood stoves. Older stove on left: 1. Air inlet, not prewarmed, reduces combustion 2. Primary combustion chamber 3. Gases coole in the flue before they have a chance to fully combust, forming smoke and creosote Newer stove on right: 1. Pre-warming chamber heats combustion air 2. After installing a new door gasket last fall, I was astonished at the improvement in efficiency of our Pacific Energy airtight wood stove. This wood (3 pcs. Page 1 EPA Approved SSW30FTAL High Efficiency Air Tight Wood Stove For Residential Installation Models: SSW30FTAL, SSW30STAL, SSW30FTAPB SSW30FTPB, SSW30FTAPB, SSW30STAPB Homeowner's Installation & Operation.

Airtight Wood Burning Fireplaces

A wood stove flue is an internal shaft or duct for smoke and waste gases that are produced by fire, a gas heater, a power station or another type of fuel-burning mechanism. According to Ace Chimney Sweeps, when the damper is closed, it controls how much air is coming out of the chimney. When air comes through, the wood stove damper controls how. Federal Airtight Wood Stove. Federal Airtight was another company that cranked out stoves in the 70s and 80s. The quality on these were a little suspect from what I've gathered. But you may find them in decent condition in old homes and cottages. Your stove may labeled Dutch West India as well. From 1984 to 1997 these stoves were manufactured.