Aqw Legion Arena Bot

Posted By admin On 27/11/21
Aqw Legion Arena Bot
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Quest Location:Legion Arena
Quests Begun From:Axeros

273 - DoomWood Arena Shop 276 - DoomWood Challenge Shop 277 - DoomWood Rep Shop 278 - DoomFood Shop 279 - DoomWood Weapons Shop 280 - DoomWood Camouflage Shop 282 - Necromancer Shop 283 - Zorbak's Revenge Shop 284 - Bandit Basher Merge Shop 285 - Necromancer Class Shop 286 - Dragon Hero Shop 287 - Stone Paladin Merge Shop 288 - Stone Paladin.

This bot doesn't automatically brings you to the boss room, you have to do it manually and start the bot on the boss room. I prefer you to do this bot not on a glitched room since there are times when the monster keeps on appearing and it wont complete the quest. (You can freely edit the bot file if you want to) Requirements: Grimoire 3.8 or latest. Stops bot if 25,000 Legion Tokens accumulated I'm too lazy to keep glitching a room and -9999 isn't really safe so I made this to try to be as fast as a glitched room without actually being in one. The rate is about 5 tokens per 25 seconds with level 90 Vampire Lord.

The very first opponents you'll encounter in the Arena should be easily manageable for someone of your standing. These Dark Legion Grunts, Sergeants and Gladiators are no more than grunts. Just like rowdy children, this bunch needs to be taught how to behave. Show me what you can do.

Items Required:

  • Legion Grunt Defeated x5
    • Dropped by:
Aqw bots 2020


Aqw legion revenant bot

Aqw Ac Bot

  • 100 Gold
  • 150 Exp

Aqw Legion Arena Bot Discord


  • Bone Sigil x1

Aqw Legion Arena Bot Commands

Thanks to Lord Vordred 101.

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Location:Revenant (Location)
Price: N/A (Reward from the 'Legion Fealty 4' quest)
Sellback: 0 AC
Weapon Damage:75%, 2.0 speed 57%, 1.5 speed
Description: Steeped in darkness, Legion Revenants derive their power from the essence responsible for the Legion's un-death. The Legion flows through them, and they are the Legion.
Special Effects: Legion Revenants regain mana from all hits landed in combat, more if it's a critical strike. The amount of mana regained is based on the amount of damage done relative to their own HP total.

  • All Area of Effect Skills do 50% of the original damage to secondary targets.
  • Class breakdown Design Notes post.
  • Also see List of all Dark Caster Armors.

Aqw Legion Revenant Bot

Thanks to Taryth and Tris.