Asl Signing Naturally Unit 2

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Included with Teacher’s Guide is the Teacher’s Answer book (Student’s workbook with answers; 2 DVDs totaling 7-plus hours of ASL). Description Blending the interactive elements of communicative language teaching, the organization of functional-notional instruction, and the target language emphasis of immersion, Signing Naturally Units 1-6 are ideally suited for ASL instruction. There are over 100 instructional hours of revised and updated lessons in the teacher’s guide, incorporation suggestions made by instructors, and using proven research methods. Highlights include: * Full color curriculum, featuring still photos from the video material * Complete PowerPoint presentation to offer flexibility and options for presenting information in the classroom * Classroom materials provided as electronic files for teachers to create their own set of materials * Unit 6, Storytelling, builds narrative skills appropriate to new learners * Teacher’s Answer book (Student’s workbook with answers; 2 DVDs totaling 7 ½ hours) Signing Naturally is one of the most widely used ASL curriculum throughout the United States and Canada. And now you can see for yourself, Signing Naturally Units 1-6 is truly the BEST Made Better!

Asl Signing Naturally Unit 2

Student Workbook. This is arguably the best ASL textbook available to teachers. There are many great instructional videos and activities for students. It is updated and current. If you’re looking for curriculum options, this is a great choice.

Beginning– ASL Level 2 Instructor: Deanne Bray-Kotsur [email protected] 818-483-0411 (Video Relay Service) Class Meets: In Room I-7 August 10, 2016 to May 26, 2017 Course Description Signing Naturally, Units 7-12 is the second book in the series of curricular materials for the instruction of American Sign Language (ASL) as a second language. While seeking answers Signing Naturally Unit 2 Homework Answers, it is necessary to consider the following: If the answer is close ended, mere nodding in yes or no should be able to meet the purpose of the question. If it is a wh question, or a subjective question, then, facial gestures take a back seat.

Teacher’s Guide. Videos for the classroom played within the PowerPoint files; Answer Key PowerPoint files; A Student Workbook set is included with every Teacher”s SetFeatures; Over 100 hours of instructional materials; Full-color curriculum, including still photos from the video material and color photos

Student Workbook. This is the student workbook for Units 7 – 12. This workbook has video activities for students as well as other numerous activities.

Teacher’s Guide. Now learning more abstract concepts of the language, Level 2 students will be able to: Narrate events that occurred in the past, ask for solutions to everyday problems, tell about life events and describe objects. A continuation of the Signing Naturally series, this set includes lesson plans for the five instructional units, an overview of each unit, classroom handouts, materials ready for transparencies or photocopies. The Student Workbook includes advanced instructional materials such as Language in Action, ASL artists performing handshape stories, cheers and songs, poetry, storytelling, legends, and longer conversational dialogues.

Student Workbook. This workbook accompanies the Level 2 Signing Naturally Teacher’s Guide.

Teacher’s Guide. New with Signing Naturally Level 3, the Signing Stories video delivers a variety of signers in eight separate narratives, exposing students to ASL in a storytelling format. Students learn how to build: Narrative skills from informal to formal styles, Conversational skills used in everyday life, Language skills needed to explain ideas or concepts.

Student Workbook. The Signing Naturally Level 3 Student Workbook is designed to complement coursework in American Sign Language. These advanced materials help to increase your vocabulary, develop your everyday conversational skills, introduce you to translating written text into ASL, and improve your ability to make formal presentations in ASL.

The American Sign Language ABC Writing Workbook is a supplement to any Kindergarten through 2nd Grade curriculum. It introduces American Sign Language fingerspelled alphabet, while also teaching ASL grammar, Deaf history, and Deaf culture. Students will enjoy practicing essential skills such as recognizing letters, tracing, and writing letters, learning to associate written letters with the signed alphabet, and improving fine motor skills. All of the activities are aligned with national ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and Common Core standards. The workbook features capital letters along with a description of an ASL concept and an illustration. The lowercase letters feature a famous Deaf person along with a description and a picture. The final pages offer additional activity and assessment materials and a Certificate of Achievement for completion. The workbook is 66 pages long and black and white.

Signing Naturally Unit 2 Quizlet

Are You My Mother? ASL Curriculum is a themed American Sign Language instruction unit based on the children’s book Are You My Mother?. It is for children in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The curriculum includes 20 specific lessons focusing on the following ASL Concepts: Pronouns, Yes/No Face, Head Nod/Head Shake, Listing Technique, and Role-Shifting.

Each ASL lesson includes vocabulary, a step-by-step teacher’s guide, curriculum framework aligned to national standards, worksheets, weekly take-home activity guide for parents, assessments to chart student progress, access to signed videos, and other supplementary materials.”

ABC 1-2-3: Fingerspelling and Numbers in ASL Teach fingerspelling and numbers using this workbook for students. The book comes with student worksheets and DVD. The DVD plays in normal speed and slows down the fingerspelling and numbers in the replay.

Links to Learning Information

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Finger Spelling

Finger Spelling Reading Practice - ASL Pro
Reading Finger Spelling - Bill Vicars

Sentence Structure

Grammar - Lifeprint - Bill Vicars - text
Grammar - #21b Other Sentence Types - 5 Min
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ASL Sentences- Basic Structure - Rochelle - VIDEO
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Listing and ranking grammar in ASL - Handspeak - VIDEO + test
ASL Grammar - Role shifting - Handspeak - VIDEO + test

Practice Videos

Signing Naturally Unit 2.4 Homework

Signing naturally unit 2.9 answers
The First 100 Signs You Need to Know! - Rochelle Barlow [24Min]
Beginner conversational words and phrases in ASL - Meredith - [8Min]
25 Basic ASL Signs For Beginners - Ashley Clark Fry - [4 Min]
25 Basic ASL Signs For Beginners Part 2 - Ashley Clark Fry - [7 Min]
100 signs for beginners - Jessica Janicki [6Min]
First 100 Verbs in ASL with captions - SDSchool [3Min]
ASL Lesson 1 - Impact
Signing Naturally Unit 1 Vocabulary - Trish Wooten - [4Min]
Signing Naturally Unit 3 - Trish Wooten - [7Min]
Signing Naturally Unit 4 Vocabulary - Trish Wooten
[Misc - Time] - [5Min]
Signing Naturally Unit 5 - Trish Wooten
[Misc - DaysOfWeek] - 3 Min
Unit 1 Vocabulary ASL Level 1 - American Sign Language
[Basics] - 11 Min
Numbers 1 to 30 ASL - American Sign Language - 2 Min
Numbers 30 - 100 ASL - American Sign Language - 3 Min
Numbers 1 to 100 in American Sign Language - 4 Min
8 Rules for Signing Numbers 1-100 - Rob Williams - 5 Min
Unit 1 Numbers 1 - 100, 1K, 1 Mill, 1 Bill
EyeSignUSignASL - 3 Min
How to Sign Money in ASL - American Sign Language - 8 Min
ASL Money
Not As Basic
Signing Naturally Unit 14 Vocabulary (Updated/Shorter Version) - Trish Wooten - [Health - Time - Misc] - 12 Min
Signing Naturally Unit 15 Vocabulary by Dr Wooten 1
[Countries - Political - Misc - Alphabetical] - 19 Min
Signing Naturally Unit 15 (updated/shorter version) - Trish Wooten
[Countries - Political - Misc - Alphabetical] - 8 Min
Signing Naturally Unit 17 signed by Dr Wooten
[Sports - Events -Emotions] - 9 Min
Byron Bridges - 20 Minute Lessons
S L 101 Lesson 1 - Gestures & Body Language - 18Min
S L 101 Lesson 2 - ABC's, Colors & Pronouns - 20Min
S L 101 Lesson 3 - Everyday Signs & Common Phrases - 21Min
S L 101 Lesson 4 - Antonyms & Common Phrases - 17Min
S L 101 Lesson 5 - Around the House & Hobbies - 19Min
S L 101 Lesson 6 - People, the Body & Clothes - 20Min
S L 101 Lesson 8- Verbs & Directions - 20Min
S L 101 Lesson 10 - Animals & Sports - 21Min
Joseph Wheeler - Short Lessons - Conversation
Making Basic Conversation Practice Phrases - Joseph Wheeler - 1 Min
Making Conversation Vocabulary - Joseph Wheeler - 2 Min
Making Introductions - Phrases Practice - Joseph Wheeler - 2 Min
Getting Attention & Bidding Farewells Vocabulary - JW - 1Min


ASL Idioms - Doyle
Idioms ASL Pt 1 Lance McWilliams
Idioms ASL Pt 3 Lance McWilliams

Fingerspelling - Intermediate

ASL Fingerspelling Practice - DVisual Yoga
Memorize! Don't Spell! ASL Fingerspelling Practice - lllCarolll
Fingerspelling and number comprehension DrSign
ASL Fingerspelling practice Expert way too fast 8/8
Fingerspelling Rules in ASL - ASL THAT - 3Min
Unit 1 Fingerspelling names - ESUS - 4Min - Medium & Slow
Fingerspelling Quiz - Names - ASL THAT - 3 Min - FAST
Communicate with Store or Restaurant Customers
(Basic beginner sign language phrases) - Meredith - [14Min]
Food Related Signs in ASL - SDSchoolForTheDeaf - [4Min]
Signing Naturally Unit 16 by Dr. Wooten
[Food & Food Prep] - 6 Min
Signing about feelings and emotions Meredith - [8Min]
Feelings & Manners - SDSchoolForTheDeaf - [4Min]
Emotion Sign Language - Nicole - 5Min
First 100 Household Items - SDSchoolForTheDeaf - [2Min]
Furniture & Household Items - Mrs. Rodriguez = [9Min]
Homes, Rooms, Furniture, and more - Meredith - [8Min]
Signing Naturally Vocab Unit 13 - Trish Wooten
[Home - House] - 10 Min
Signing Naturally Unit 13 UPDATED/Shortened Version - Trish Wooten - [Home - House] - 6 Min
Clothes ASL THAT- 3Min
Colors and Springtime signs - SDSchoolForTheDeaf - [7Min]
Family Signs in ASL THAT - 2min
Name Signs - ASL and Deaf Culture - ASL THAT- 3Min
Morning Routines ASL - American Sign Language - 2 Min
School Sign Language - Nicole - 5Min
Unit 2 Vocabulary ASL Level 1 - American Sign Language
[Basic-ish DaysOfWeek - Alphabetical] - 11 Min
Unit 3 Vocabulary ASL Level 1 - American Sign Language
[Basic-ish - Months - Holidays - Places - Alphabetical] - 11 Min
Unit 4 Vocabulary ASL - American Sign Language
[Basics + Some Intermedate - Alphabetical] - 12 min
Weather/Season Sign Language - Nicole - 3Min
Small Children Signing - ASL Nook - Sheena McFeely
How My Parents Found Out that I am Deaf - Nicole - 4Min
Texas School for the Deaf - Storytelling - YouTube Channel


ASL I: Classifier Hands - Elisha Jones (DHHS)
Signing Naturally Unit 3: Classifiers!
ASL Classifiers (CLs) for Furniture & Objects

Facial Expression

Book-Sharing Strategies Using Facial Expressions in ASL


A Deaf Perspective: ASL Signs and Slang ft. Ren Putz