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  • You can use Sound Booster to boost sound of a web browser, a media player, a game or any other PC program that plays sound. You can use the software the usual way, no special treatment required.
  • Audio Volume Booster is a free online tool which lets you increase the loudness of your audio files without installing complicated software on your device. Uploaded files are stored in a temporary folder and automatically removed from the server within two hours.
  1. Audio Volume Booster Software
  2. Audio Volume Booster Software

While we are using our pc which is running with windows 10 software we just need to set some audio volume booster file to listen or we need to watch a video running in YouTube, then we get to know how well our system volume is sounding out, issues with sound can be fixed quickly as this is not tough to deal, here we just need to be having just come simple techniques to fix this to normal or even to pretty well with ease. We get many doubts like


DeskFX comes with an easy-to-use interface that gives you the power to boost your audio. DeskFX audio enhancer software is designed for you to modify and enhance the music and audio played through your speakers and headphones, to provide you with the best possible sound experience. Transform audio playing via your speakers and headphones.

  1. How to make headphones louder windows 10
  2. Check out for audio enhancements windows 10
  3. Can we make changes volume booster windows 10?

It doesn’t mean that we should apply these changes only to windows 10, but the techniques which are going to apply in Windows 10 versions can also be applicable with other versions of windows also, so here we have them

Technical solutions for audio enhancements windows 10

Edit volume controls

Changes are to be made to check how well the volume controls are working with audio enhancements windows 10, also we get to know that does it work well with volume booster windows 10 and so we make some certain changes in the volume mixer working in windows 10 operating system. This is like so simple to look, but without knowing the basic changes we can’t just hit the troubleshooting button, by simple changes like raising and adjusting the sliders of volume and test running the audio player can be analyzed in a better way about how well these changes are applying by adaptability with windows 10.

How to open volume settings in windows 10

Step 1: just move the cursor to the taskbar which is present in the down to the taskbar.

Step 2: Here we just need to simply Right-click on the speaker icon present.

Step 3: we can directly go by clicking the Open Volume Mixer option available by adjusting these sliders we can just check out the volume issues.

How to make the audio to Loudness Equalization

We are working on something and suddenly the volume comes out with sudden high or sometimes with low volume levels, then we need to be more about making the audio system to equalization to loud volume and here we can just turn on the Loudness Equalization toggle to on, by making this adjustment we can simply stabilize the uncertain audio.

  1. Now we can just click on logo key+ s then a menu comes up.
  2. In the search area, we need to type ‘audio’ and click enter
  3. Now by selecting the ‘Manage audio devices’ from the given options and click on speakers and next go with clicking the button with properties.
  4. We will be directly taken to the audio enhancement, and here we just need to find the option with loudness equalizer as the title.
  5. After finding it just click on apply and enter to fix all audio enhancements windows 10.

PC audio drivers need updates

This can also be creating an issue like how to make headphones louder windows 10 when the audio drivers which we got might be of corrupted ones and so these can show the difference in giving out the volume so low and pc speakers sound so hard and low, this is because of the audio drivers so we need to update them to make the volume better by fixing out how to make headphones louder windows 10 can be resolved by just updating the audio enhancements windows 10 drivers.

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Volume booster software
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With Sound Booster you can make any program as loud as you want

Audio Volume Booster Software

Now you are not limited by the maximum amplification capabilities of your PC’s sound card. You can raise volume to the desired level even if the volume level in system set on maximum. Sound Booster processes all audio being played in system and boosts it before it gets to the sound card.

No need to buy external speakers for your laptop

Thought of buying a set of speaker for your PC ? Now you might want to rethink your plans. If your laptop’s volume is generally good enough, and the only trouble you experience is with some particular program or media content that is recorded too low, then you can save the situation by using Sound Booster.

Works in every application

You can use Sound Booster to boost sound of a web browser, a media player, a game or any other PC program that plays sound. You can use the software the usual way, no special treatment required. No need to install any plugins or add-on’s. Sound Booster amplifies sound in real-time and there is no need to configure it.

What's New:

  • Fixed serious bug that could affect boosting in certain scenarios
  • Enhancement: boost controls now can be kept visible on screen (prevent auto-hiding)
  • Enhancement: now it’s possible to specify a desired boost level used at startup

Audio Volume Booster Software

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