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As it’s getting colder and colder, having an outdoor ceremony feels uncomfortable for most of couples that prefer warmth and coziness. Even if you are planning an outdoor one having an additional option of an indoor ceremony in case of bad weather is necessary. What decor to choose if your ceremony takes place indoors? The most important thing for the ceremony is a backdrop, arch or altar – whatever you choose. Let me inspire you with some brilliant ideas you can go for to make your ceremony more touching and beautiful.

  1. Background Prewedding Outdoor
  2. Background Prewedding Outdoor Tanpa Orang
  3. Background Prewedding Outdoor

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Greenery And Blooms

Greenery and flowers are an indispensable part of almost any wedding, and of course using them for creating beautiful backdrops is always a good idea. You can choose a large living wall of fresh greenery, moss, leaves and hang greenery chandeliers all around to make the space feel more natural. Another option is to make a cool flower wall, which is sure to impress everyone and create a garden-like ambience. You can also attach greenery and blooms in various shapes and patterns right to the wall and place some candles around to get a romantic yet modern look.

a lush tropical leaf wall and leaves in concrete vases create bold modern tropical decor

lush greenery attached to a brick wall and candles around look very spectacular and chic

a whitewashed brick wall and some greenery attached to it, candles in candle holders all around

a reclaimed wood wall, candle lanterns and a greenery and bloom weddign arch for an outdoor feeling indoors

a living wall with lush white and blush blooms looks really gorgeous and eye-catching

Background Prewedding Outdoor

a gorgeous lush floral and greenery backdrop with an arch to feel like outdoors

a lush living wall backdrop with copper calligraphy and a glam copper chandelier will catch an eye

Background Prewedding Outdoor

a living wall with real orange and pink blooms and a couple of glam chandeliers completely changes the venue

an arbor with a greenery wall will make everyone fell like outdoors in the garden

an industrial wall with greenery wreaths and blooms create ana eye-catchy contrast and a cool look

Background prewedding outdoor design

attach calligraphy letters, greenery and blooms right to the white wall to make a cool backdrop

a reclaimed wood backdrop with cnaldes and lots of greenery on its corner


Fabric of any kind is a timeless solution for creating a wedding backdrop both indoors and outdoors. It’s much easier to hang some fabric you like indoors and then add elements you like: greenery wreaths, arches attached to the fabric, blooms and so on. You can try some vintage picture frames hanging on the fabric or a single large frame decorated with blooms and greenery. If you are planning a boho wedding, fabric ribbons of coordinating colors or some macramé can be a nice choice – just add some blooms or greenery to your taste.

an ethereal curtain, lots of greenery around and greenery chandliers completely change the industrial venue

a pink and cream ribbon backdrop with some fresh greenery and white blooms on the sides

a macrame wedding backdrop with greenery and blush blooms for a boho wedding

a draped curtain backdrop with some calligraphy and fresh blooms is always a good idea for indoors

draped fabric and vintage refined picture frames for a vintage-inspired wedding

a draped fabric backdrop, lots of candles in candle holders and lush pink blooms in vases

a draped fabric backdrop and a glam chandelier for a refined look

a draped fabric backdrop, a lush greenery and white bloom arch and greenery chandeliers hanging over it

an ethereal draped fabric backdrop, an oversized picture frame decorated with greenery and blooms


A fireplace is a gorgeous idea for a fall or winter wedding – it will add coziness and an intimate feeling to any ceremony. Style your fireplace the way you like; usually it’s about flowers and greenery and lots of candles – both around and inside the fireplace if it can be done so. Even if the fireplace is a faux one, it will look amazing, get inspired!

a faux fireplace lushly decorated with various blooms, greenery and lined up with candles looks very chic

a fireplace covered with lush greenery, lots of candles and tree stumps

Background Prewedding Outdoor Tanpa Orang

a faux fireplace decorated with greenery and bold blooms, lots of candles in candle holders and lanterns

a faux fireplace in front of a whitewashed brick wall, candles and floral arrangements on the mantel for a beautiful look

People familiar with my work know that edgy, sexy wedding photos are kind of my thing. Of course, at every wedding, I’m trying to tell the story from start to finish. I am not simply trying to chase down the sexiest iconic shots. They’re just the icing on the cake.

Let’s be honest: in pretty much every culture, the wedding is meant to elevate and idolize the marrying couple. Everyone I’ve ever met has wanted to look their absolute best on their wedding day. I certainly did! My wife and I began a pretty intense exercise routine about six months before our wedding, and we are not alone. So my mentality is: I am not going to let those months of pre-wedding diet and exercise, clothes shopping, hours of spray-tanning, hair and makeup, etc, go to waste! I know that my couples worked hard to look amazing on their day, and I want my photography to do them justice.

Here’s the catch. A true professional wedding photographer must be sensitive to the needs of the couple, and the guests around them. Yes, there are many couples that would love to have sexy wedding photos, complete with all kinds of PDA’s, all day long. But there are also couples that come from a conservative upbringing, or at the very least don’t want to show so much physicality in front of their families and guests. It’s my job to know and respect the difference.

Let’s Get Physical

Let me share one of my biggest personal pet peeves about wedding photography. These days, with nice cameras and such, anyone can take a decent photo of a bride and groom standing side-by-side, or kissing, and call it a “wedding photograph”. Yes, that’s true. It technically is. I capture those photographs as well in the course of a wedding day. But there are many creative and interesting ways to find connection between two people. Moreover, there are ways to connect a couple that can flatter them. Find a new spark. Authenticity. I look for ways to unite my couples in photographs that are unexpected and meaningful. Connection doesn’t simply mean holding hands or locking lips. Other body parts are sexy. A bit of exposed skin is sexy. The way fabric moves is sexy. Hair is sexy. Fingertips are sexy. Shoes are sexy.

Kissing is Overrated

There, I said it. I am not a big fan of “first base”. One of the most obvious ways to show a romantic connection in a couple is to capture them kissing. But because it’s so obvious, it’s also incredibly predictable. Moreover, for 90% of people, the kiss itself is not a very flattering moment. Yes, it always looks great in Hollywood films, and YES, there are actually couples that have practiced their first kiss many times before the ceremony. I can usually spot them. But for most ordinary people, a kiss involves smushed faces, awkward mashups of features, and sometimes a bit of drool. Usually when I create or capture kissing shots, I am looking for the moment just before the lips touch, or just after they part. That tiny space between the two sets of lips gives the features a chance to relax, but the sexual tension and romance remain. You can definitely create sexy wedding photos without literal kissing.

Shadow Me

The common adage is that “photography is all about light”. Well, that’s technically true, but I would argue that sexy wedding photos are all about shadow. Light literally illuminates things and makes them more prominent, while shadow HIDES things. Got an unflattering flap of skin, or a facial feature you’re not crazy about? Put it in shadow. Also, shadow creates mystery, and mystery is pretty critical to romance. Silhouettes and semi-slihouettes are one of the best ways to take advantage of shadow play. I am always careful to pose my silhouette shots just so. A slight turn of the head, bend of the knee, even a deep inhale or exhale can make all the difference.


I believe it was the prophet Nas that said: “And if I can’t trust you, the fuck is you here for?” Trust is the foundation of my work. My clients trust me to show up on time, to capture the moments, to bring out the best in them. All of my actions in my relationships with my couples before the wedding day will lay the groundwork for trust ON the wedding day. When a bride is getting changed into her dress, for example, I will always ask if she’d prefer I step out of the room. Some brides will ask me to leave. Others will invite me to stay and keep photographing. I respect both decisions. Some of my most iconic sexy wedding photos have happened when the bride asked me to stick around.

One of my most memorable sexy wedding photo stories involves pajamas. I showed up to the bride’s preparation room to find her in the makeup chair, clad in baggy PJ’s. Not a sexy choice for a pre-wedding outfit. But I saw the possibilities, and I knew that we’d have this one chance to capture an iconic shot. This bride trusted my instincts and went with my idea. The result speaks for itself.

Understanding Cultural Boundaries

I am fortunate to be a professional wedding photographer in one of the most diverse places in the world. Both in the SF Bay Area and abroad, I’ve documented unions between many different cultures and religions. I’ve photographed straight weddings and gay weddings. I’ve learned to respect that while some people are comfortable with showing affection in public, others prefer to be more conservative and subtle about their physical connection. For example, I recently traveled to India to document a multi-day wedding there. Over the course of six days of wedding festivities, I think I saw the couple kiss once. It was important to understand that showing overt affection in front of their families was not encouraged there, and I respected that. Sexy wedding photos were not to be at this wedding.

Just because there’s not overt physical intimacy in a photograph, doesn’t mean that romance is dead. For example, I worked with a reserved Korean couple, and I believe their romance actually manifested as shyness, almost reticence. When I took the photo below, I wanted to add a special ingredient that would introduce more intimacy into the picture. Even though they’re only holding hands and gazing at each other, I chose a scarlet red background to suggest the unspoken desire between them.

I also worked with a gay couple several years ago that came from a small town in the midwest. Even though they were getting married in San Francisco, I could tell that they were not comfortable showing affection. We talked about it. and they explained to me that in their hometown, it’s just not something they usually did. As a professional wedding photographer, I have to observe people and sense where their energy is directed.


  • People expect to look and feel peak sexy on a wedding day.
  • Regardless of how intimate it is, a couple’s physical connection on a wedding day is hugely important.
  • The connection doesn’t have to be as literal as “kiss” or “hold hands”.
  • Literal kissing is not always flattering. There are many way to get creative.
  • Shadow is your best friend in creating romance, mystery and flattering images.
  • You have to earn your clients’ trust if you expect them to allow you into the boudoir.
  • Understand and respect cultural boundaries with physical affection.
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Background Prewedding Outdoor

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