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  • Bosch Range Cookers with 147L XXL Cavity make it possible for you to cook and bake large amounts of food all at once. What to consider when buying your next Bosch Home Appliance.
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The Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories. The core success factors are innovative strength and pace of innovation. As a professional, a lot is expected of you: speed, reliability, competence, endurance – in short: excellent results. Engineered for excellence — Bosch professional power tools meet the highest standards in speed, precision, and robustness for consistent, professional work results. Bosch has a long history of making high-quality accessories for a wide range of applications. So whatever the job, tradespeople can rely on Bosch original accessories.

Bosch Mum86r1 Professional Blender

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To keep you well primed for your year-end festive cooking, leading German household brand, Bosch, is offering fabulous discounts off its range of food preparation appliances.

Incorporating innovative features, these handy food preparation appliances will take your cooking ambitions to gourmet levels.

The following items from the Bosch food preparation appliances range are on promotion from 18th October 2013 to 5th January 2014:

Bosch Styline Food Processor – MCM4200 (Now at S$249, U.P. S$349)

Bosch Mum86r1 Professional Tools

The MCM 4 Compact Food Processor range has an 800-watt motor and stepless speed setting with LED display and pulse function for chopping ingredients. Its compact design is a space saver, perfect for use in smaller kitchens with tight worktop areas, while its integrated drawer allows storage within the appliance so accessories do not get misplaced. This clever innovative design has earned it the coveted Red Dot Design Award, as the winner for 2010.

Stainless steel disc inserts, instead of full-size discs are used for easy storage into the accessories drawer. Disc inserts can be easily changed via a ‘click’ mechanism. Other accessories include the multifunctional knife, plastic dough tool, tool carrier for knife, dough tool and beating disc, transmission axis for tool carrier, carrier disc, French Fries disc, citrus press and juicer attachment.


Bosch Compact Kitchen Machine – MUM48CR1 (Now at S$349, U.P. S$439)

With its proven technology for small and medium quantities, the MUM48CR1 is perfect for use for entertaining your closest friends and family members. Compact in design yet offering a superior performance, this kitchen machine is popular choice for the average household.

With up to 550 watts and 4 speeds, the appliance offer maximum safety thanks to the overload protection and automatic power-on safety lock. Featuring a multi-function arm with three-dimensional MultiMotion Drive mixing system, where its kneading hook, stirring and heating whisks rotate in an elliptical motion, you can rest assure that the entire contents in the bowl are processed – right up to the edge, so your ingredients are mixed or kneaded thoroughly and gently.

Prepare a multitude of menu options with the MUM48CR1. With its patisserie making capabilities, continuous shredder for grating, shredding and cutting, and blender attachment; you can prepare a full-course meal from julienned vegetables for that salad starter, to breadcrumbs and minced meats for savoury mains and desserts such as apple pies and ice cream. Your guests are in for a treat!

All the accessories from this multi-functioning appliance are kept neatly in an accessories holder.

Bosch Styline Kitchen Machine – MUM54W41 (Now: S$649, U.P. S$789) & MUM52110 (Now: S$499, U.P. S$649)

Prepare a scrumptious meal or bake a delectable cake with the handy Bosch MUM 5

Styline Kitchen Machine that makes the perfect assistant – simplifying food preparation processes, and therefore saving precious time and effort. Equipped with the skilled and intuitive Bosch operating concept, the Bosch MUM52110 and MUM54W41 Styline Kitchen Machines make cooking a breeze! Both kitchen machines come with a slicer as standard, and with additional tools such as a kneading hook, mixing and beating whisk, and three discs with five different functions. All attachments pack neatly into the practical accessory bag, which can then be stored in the stainless steel mixing bowl.

The Bosch MUM54W41 Styline Kitchen Machine has a higher motor power of 900 watts, and an additional jar blender and citrus press versus the MUM52110 model (at 700 watts). There are also more supplementary accessories add-ons such as cutting discs and attachments for grating and pastry making, among others. Other noteworthy features include the Easy-ArmLift, which supports effortless lifting and lowering of the multi-function arm, easy changing of tools, and an intelligent safety feature – the machines do not start when accessories are incorrectly attached. What’s more, the Red Dot Design winners make beautiful showpieces for kitchen worktops.

Complimentary Blender Jug worth S$69 with purchase of the MUM52110.

* Complimentary Mixing Bowl worth S$89 with purchase of the MUM54W41.

Bosch HomeProfessional Kitchen Machine – MUM57830 (Now: S$749, U.P. S$839)

Bosch Mum86r1 Professional

The HomeProfessional model from the popular MUM5 Kitchen Machine series is designed to meet the special demands of home chefs. The new top model, MUM57830 is specially equipped with three professional tools; flexible whisk with silicon closure, adjustable beating whisk and dough hook. It has a 900-watt motor, which processes heavy dough mixes to achieve sophisticated cooking and baking results.

Bosch mum86r1 professional tools

The new professional flexible whisk runs along the side of the mixing bowl thanks to its silicon coating. This enables it to stir all ingredients thoroughly without leaving residue hanging on the edge of the bowl, therefore ensuring perfect results for sugar dough mixes and creams and when folding in egg whites and cream.

The newly integrated accessory is the professional adjustable beating whisk, characterised by its special balloon shape and extra powerful processing performance. Its new wires have a larger surface area, which increases the friction. As a result, egg whites and cream are wonderfully light and creamy in seconds. Even semi-fluid ingredients, such as sponge mixture, are processed well using the strong, robust wires, so you get a completely even and smooth mixture in a very short space of time. The height of the professional beating whisk can also be adjusted, meaning it can always be set precisely according to the processing quantity.

A new feature on the continuous shredder is the professional Supercut cutting disc with its special zig-zag knife. The disc cuts fresh ingredients particularly quickly and evenly, even if they are of very soft consistency, such as overripe tomatoes. But the cutting disc really shows its strength when cutting fibrous structures such as leek and celery. The Supercut cutting disc is in addition to the standard equipment, which includes the slicer with three discs for five functions of cutting, grating and shredding. The accessories bag easily stores all the components.

* Complimentary Mixing Bowl worth S$89.

Bosch HomeProfessional Kitchen Machine – MUM86R1 (Now: S$1,199, U.P. S$1,399)

With a 1,600-watt power and two horsepower motor, the Bosch MUM86R1 HomePro-fessional is, by far, one of the strongest kitchen machines in the world. Not only is the MUM86 HomeProfessional more powerful than any other kitchen machine, it is also the most convenient. Its automated cable retraction system keeps the electric cord in an instant; and for the first time, its glass blender is 100% dishwasher safe. This home professional also stands at the forefront of safety with its unique range of protection mechanisms, making it childproof.

Thanks to the combination of its immensely powerful motor and cutting-edge technology, nothing is impossible with the Bosch MUM86R1 HomeProfessional. With the ability to handle up to 1.5kg of dough, its planetary MultiMotion Drive, features an innovative three-dimensional mixing system. This enables the stainless steel kneading hook, stirring and beating whisks, and flat beater to rotate in an elliptical motion, mixing every ingredient down to the very last bit. The whisk can operate for more than an hour’s duration, to tackle heavier dough or the ingredients of more complex recipes.

A perfect springboard for culinary flights of fancy, the Bosch MUM86R1 HomeProfessional is equipped with an extensive range of attachments. Its glass and blender effortlessly turns ice cubes into crushed ice, allowing you to churn out numerous cocktails to start the party with. Grinding fibrous meat is no challenge for its meat mincer (optional accessory). The designer appliance also makes pasta, grinds grains and juices fruits with great ease. Gentle on the ears, the quiet motor found in the Bosch MUM86R1 HomeProfessional allows you to cook up a storm – silently!

* Complimentary WMF Knife Set worth S$399 (limited to first 100 customers).

Bosch Multi-Talent Food Processor – MCM68861GB (Now: S$499, U.P. S$399)

Achieve more creativity but with less work in the kitchen, with the new Bosch Multi-Talent Food Processor. This versatile powerhouse takes charge of various large and small manual tasks, giving users more time to concentrate on the more fun elements of cooking to achieve sophisticated results.

The ‘Multi-Talent’ certainly lives up to its name — achieving over 50 different functions. The food processor can tackle all manner of tasks, from kneading all sorts of dough, to whipping cream and beating egg whites, right through to grating, cutting, chopping and even squeezing citrus fruits. Large families will benefit from the Bosch Multi-Talent MCM6, as will anyone who enjoys having friends to dinner: With its 3.9 litre XXL transparent mixing bowl, the Bosch Multi-Talent MCM6 has one of the largest volume capacity in the market.

The impressive 1250 watt motor is just one ingredient in this recipe for success — the other becomes clear when we take a closer look at the universal knife – this integral part of the food processor is not only equipped with an extra-large cutting surface, but also with a serrated edge. It cuts through hard and soft foods with precision and ease, and the robust workmanship means that the knife will remain a reliable tool for many years to come.

Reversible slicer discs for both coarse and fine cuts allow easy cutting of fruit and vegetables, as well as grating of items such as carrots and cheese.

An additional mini quattro-blade chopper comes in handy for chopping smaller quantities of herbs, meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Bosch Hand Blender MSM7800 (Now: S$169, U.P. S$229)

This 750-watt hand blender set is powerful yet quiet and has a low vibration motor. Its electronic speed control also comes with an extra turbo button for maximum performance.

A high-quality stainless steel foot is specially designed to prevent splashing and is easily detachable with an eject button. Its innovative four-wing blade ensures perfect results each times. This multi-tasker includes a stainless steel balloon whisk attachment and a mixing jug with calibration with lid. What’s more, an innovative food processor attachment has various inserts for multi-functions such as chopping, slicing, grating and shredding.

Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Blender MSM67160 (Now: S$109, U.P. S$159)

Consumer tests from a study conducted by an independent market research institution confirmed top marks for the MSM 6 ErgoMixx hand blenders. Results say that the soft touch handle sits comfortably and securely in the hand; the large, user-friendly buttons are located to conform to the natural grip pattern while the compact shape and well-balanced weight minimise the effort required during operation.

With the option to set the MSM 67160 ErgoMixx Hand Blender to 12 different speed settings, consumers can prepare various types of food with this handy kitchen device.

Another special feature is the stainless steel QuattroBlade (four-blade knife) instead of the usual two, which enables consumers to puree soups and pestos, and chop herbs and onions even more effectively. With a quiet motor of 750 watts, it is pleasantly quiet to operate.

Bosch Filtrino Hot Water Dispenser – THD2021GB & THD2063GB (Now: S$199, U.P. S$279)

Sleek with its compact black-and-white design, the Red Dot Design Award Winner 2012 is befitting of any modern kitchen and saves space as a dual function appliance – a water filter and hot water dispenser.

Bosch Mum86r1 Professional Dishwasher

Dispense drinking water at room temperature or have it hot to prepare your favourite beverage. Tea drinkers would particularly love the Bosch Filtrino for it dispenses hot water at the optimum temperature for different types of teas: 70°C for white teas, 80°C for green teas and at boiling temperature for fruit, herbal and black teas. Then at 90°C for instant coffee and hot chocolate mixes, and at boiling point for instant soups and noodles.

Bosch mum86r1 professional blender
Model NoPromotion PriceUsual PriceSavings
Bosch Styline Food Processor MCM4200S$249S$349Save S$100
Bosch Compact Kitchen Machine – MUM48CR1S$349S$439Save S$90
Bosch Styline Kitchen Machine – MUM52110S$499S$649Save S$150 + Gift of Blender Jug worth S$69
Bosch Styline Kitchen Machine – MUM54W41S$649S$789Save S$140 + Gift of Mixing Bowl worth S$89
Bosch Styline Kitchen Machine – MUM57830S$749S$839Save S$90 + Gift of Mixing Bowl worth S$89
Bosch HomeProfessional Kitchen Machine – MUM86R1S$1,199S$1,399Save S$200 + Gift of WMF Knife Set worth S$399 (limited to 100 sets)
Bosch Multi-Talent Food Processor – MCM68861S$399S$499Save S$100
Bosch HandBlender – MSM7800S$169S$229Save S$60
Bosch ErgoMixx HandBlender – MSM67160S$109S$159Save S$50
Bosch Filtrino Hot Water Dispenser – THD2012GB & THD2063GBS$199S$279Save S$80

The Bosch Year-End Fiesta runs from 18th October 2013 to 5th January 2014, at all leading retail outlets island-wide.

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Bosch Mum86r1 Professional Products

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