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Posted By admin On 27/11/21
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Hi Samuel,

Thanks for answer. I was aware of 4-channel image. My testing
implementation now works with following conclusions:

a) Idea of
int[] img_data; // PS3 camera frame, RGB, 4-channel

IplImage img = IplImage.create(imageWidth, imageHeight, IPL_DEPTH_8U,

Download and install the Code Laboratories Multicam SDK. Install OpenCV, if you don't already have it. Modify the root CMakeLists.txt so that the LIB and INCLUDE directories point at their respective installation directories. Create a bld directory. Cmake -G 'Visual Studio 10' your src directory.

  • Finally, here is the long awaited PS3Eye multicam driver. UPDATE: For the latest CL-Eye Multicam API read this article. For a OpenCV sample code look at this article. After a lot of testing and optimization of the internal driver code, I finally am ready to release the first version of the PS3Eye multicam driver.
  • Hi, Alex, thank you for your efforts to hack PS3 Eye. I am developing an application to use PS3 Eye. Initially I tried to use cvcam library to use PS3 Eye with your solid driver, but I failed. So I decided to use your SDK in my application. My current problem is “protection error” occurs during execution of my application.
  • I am trying to use the PS3 SDK for Computer Vision on a robot of mine, what will go to competition in a few days. I noticed that the AutoAEC and SetExposure calls of PS3 SDK have no effect! Is that so or am I doing it wrong? I also tried Multicam driver, but it seems that it works only in black-and-white mode.
  • The CL Eye Platform SDK provides developers full access and control over camera usage and manipulation. The APIs provided are exposed as a standard C based functions for portability and ease of use, also included is the full source code of all sample applications that acts as a baseline testing framework. CL Eye Platform Overview.

Cl ps3 eye multicam sdk tutorialframe_buffer = new java.jni.ByteBuffer().wrap(.......);
img.imageData(new BytePointer(frame_buffer));

is not feasible because RGB --> BRG conversion is needed. I did not
find RGB channels reordering to show “normal color” image. Image was
shown but colors were always corrupted.

b) Current solution/performance issues (based on my current
- I have to go through “int[] img_data; // PS3 camera frame, 4-
channel” pixel by pixel and create another array “byte[] ipl_data” in
3-channel BRG format

- every such ipl_data frame have to be set to image by calling
img.imageData(new BytePointer(ByteBuffer.wrap(ipl_data)));
as a side effect content of ipl_data is copied into internally
allocated buffer of the image

- javacpp.BytePointer/java.jni.ByteBuffer implementation (see
constructor of BytePointer) does not allow “wrapping” of IplImage
around user accessible image data buffer because of side effect
mentioned above

- BytePointer/ByteBuffer implementation does not allow getting of
address of the existing IplImage internal data buffer. (Eg.
ByteBuffer.hasArray() returns null.)

Cl Ps3 Eye Multicam Sdk Free Download

To put thinks another way: image data needs to be copied twice before
the IplImage is created. There is no bulk copy and 'for' cycle element-
by-element needs to by used. That is not very efficient for low level
image grabber.

My knowledge of all these subtle details of low level implementation
is rather limited and I can see couple of pros in separating
structure data. But from the performance perspective it is limiting.

Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas?



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Cl Ps3 Eye Multicam Sdk App

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Cl Ps3 Eye Multicam Sdk 2.0

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