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It helps you convert PDF to Excel spreadsheets with original relative positioning of tables, images, multicolumn text, and paragraph. It supports batch conversion and partial conversion as well, and it is a standalone system which doesn't need Adobe ® Reader or Microsoft ® Excel to be installed. A versatile PDF converter to convert PDF to Excel. Convert your PDF documents to Microsoft Excel formats such as XLS and XLSX. Online, fast, and free!

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  1. PDF Converter - for other formats, such as PPT, JPG, and Excel. Compress - reduce PDF sizes. Merge - combine PDFs. And many more, via our homepage. Import PDF to Excel Offline As you only cannot open the PDF file and transfer the PDF data to an excel workbook with traditional PDF readers, i.e., Preview or Adobe Acrobat, you'd need a converter.
  2. Easily convert your PDF documents into editable Excel XLSX files for FREE. Our online tool preserves your formatting to minimize reformatting time.
  3. To convert in the opposite direction, click here to convert from EXCEL to PDF: EXCEL to PDF converter. Try the EXCEL conversion with a PDF test file. Click on the following link to convert our demo file from PDF to EXCEL.

Adobe’s PDF (Portable Document Format) files are widely used to relay text, images, multidimensional objects and rich media like audio, video and Flash documents. The PDF file format can also be adapted to submit files that don’t need to be modified before printing or sharing. Because of its popularity, most people have Adobe Reader and other file reading software’s installed on their home or work computers to help read PDF data files.

Converting PDF files to Excel spreadsheets and other Microsoft Office file formats such as xlsx file format or Word document is fairly easy. A seamless conversion process can go a long way to save users the pain of repeatedly inputting numbers and formatting cells. Microsoft Excel, like other spreadsheets, features grids programmed to convey data tables, charts, and work out mathematical formulas.


According to Adobe Acrobat, here are the steps for a one-time conversion of PDF documents into an editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file:

  1. Open the PDF file that you want to export from Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Go to tools and export the PDF file.
  3. On the tool window pane, select “Export PDF” and choose the “Spreadsheet” file format. Before clicking on Export, use the format radio command button to specify the target file type. Remember, the selected file can also be saved in the Rich Text Format, web page, text data file or in the image format.
  4. Export your data file.
  5. Choose the folder to place the exported data file and save your file. If you want to use the targeted file immediately, go to the Export dialog box and click on “Open file after Export”.
  6. Open Excel file.
  7. Go to Excel and work on the imported file. The file can now be edited like any other Excel worksheet file.

Here is a more shortened step to convert your online PDF files into Excel Spreadsheet

  1. Go to Adobe Acrobat DC and open a PDF file
  2. On the right window pane, point the mouse to select “Export PDF”
  3. Click on the “Spreadsheet” file format then go to “Microsoft Excel Workbook”
  4. Next, “Export” the file. Note: Adobe Acrobat will automatically run the “Optical Character Recognition” text recognition engine if you are working with a scanned PDF document.
  5. Finally, save the converted file as an editable spreadsheet in .xlsx format using an appropriate name.

Using the Parserr PDF to Excel Conversion to your Advantage

Parserr is a leading workflow automation firm that offers one of the best email parsing and file conversion services in the market today. Pdf to excel file parsing services are highly critical for businesses that receive hundreds of emails with important business and customer data. If the information is in the PDF file format or an inaccessible format, the next course of action is to convert the file so that it can be read and utilized for the intended purpose. The company’s extended email parser services include:

Incoming leads and contacts to Customer Relations Management software (CRM) – this service is ideal for clients inundated with strings of Contact Us submissions, manual CRM updates, and offline live chat correspondents. The Parserr free online pdf email parser can be used under such circumstances to extract valuable customer data such as personal identification details and demographic information from your documents such as pdf documents, excel documents, pdf tables, scanned pdfs, optical character recognition pdf files, or editable excel spreadsheet. The output of the pdf to excel conversion process is a converted excel file, which can either be in Excel Online, on Google Sheets, or converted to xlsx file format. The Parserr excel converter will convert pdf file or pdf format to spreadsheet format.


Dealing with confirmation orders and work orders – businesses that receive a high volume of work orders that need to be fed into a 3rd party Data Management Systems manually can use this service to seamlessly extract data. The target data here includes order line items.


Using reports, invoices, or delivery notes to order management system – this service is highly recommended for users who regularly receive invoices or delivery notes that need to be entered and synchronized in the Order Management System. The email parsers will help the clients relay and extract crucial financial data, i.e. customer details, delivery notes, and invoices.

How to convert PDF to Excel quickly using Parserr

Several third-party add-ons and specialized software have been developed to help users work out file conversions. Parserr’s automated free online pdf converter tool will help you get your email data out much quicker. If you have a repeated workflow involving PDF conversion for multiple PDF files you can set up the online PDF conversion rules one time, and it will continue to automatically extract your data whenever you have a PDF that matches your configured format. The email service features a 5-minute setup, email to CRM, and Email to Excel service. The other services are Website Contact Forms to Excel document and extract data table from scanned document. Parserr’s web app can even extract pdf tables to Microsoft Excel including an OCR converter and a CSV converter. Parserr offers a free PDF to Excel conversion service for users who process fewer than 15 documents per month. The company offers the following plans:

FREE Plan – 15 emails; 10 documents, including mail attachments and 1 inbox a month.

Personal Plan – 450 emails; 250 documents, including mail attachments and 10 inboxes for $45.

Growth Plan – 2,500 emails; 1,000 documents, including mail attachments and 30 inboxes a month for $99.99.

Business Plan – 5,000 emails; 3,000 documents, including mail attachments and 30 inboxes for $149.99 a month.

Pdf To Excel Converter Download

Corporate Plan – 10,000 emails; 6,000 documents, including mail attachments for $249.99 a month.

Note: Basic plans such as Free and Personal plans do not feature priority support. However, the Growth, Business and Corporate plans come with priority email support. The Business and Corporate plans also feature a Custom Integrations service. The listed plans come with the following valuable add-ons:

  • Unlimited Parsing rules
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Zapier & Microsoft Flow with external connections
  • Free trials of paid plans
  • Free tier for up to 10 documents and 15 emails per month

How To Export Pdf To Excel

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Parserr is committed to providing high-quality parsing services. Besides extracting and exporting PDF files to the Excel Spreadsheet, Parserr will also help you convert your PDF data into databases, Microsoft Flow, Zapier files and the hugely popular Google sheets. Parserr’s web app tool can parse table data from excel sheet, xlsx file, scanned files, OCR conversion, and pdf table into many data formats including excel format, spreadsheet file, online spreadsheet such as Excel Online or Google Sheets, . Your favorite email parsing service is currently used by customers in more than 30 countries globally. Some of the factors that make Parserr the best in class email parsing and file conversion service include:

  • Speedy PDF file conversions
  • Email and document plans that combine onboarding with training
  • 99% up-time
  • Access to the Knowledge Base learning resource
  • Priority phone support
  • Highly-praised customer service support

Convert Adobe To Excel

The following link will lead you to the Knowledge base . If your business is dealing with huge customer volumes, do not hesitate to call the company offices to discuss the unlimited document or email plans. To get started, visit the Parserr website website and register.