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NOTE: While written for SAP2000, this article also applies to CSiBridge.

Csi America Sap2000

Learn about the SAP2000 3D finite element based structural analysis and design program and how it can be used to perform a nonlinear static pushover analysis. RE: Response Spectrum Analysis in sap2000 stressed (Civil/Environmental) 24 Feb 14 11:31 Pico, the CSI Knowledge Base article is clear that both modal damping AND function damping should be specified, not just modal damping.

Data Exchange Format (DXF) files may be imported from AutoCAD 2012 into SAP2000 using the procedure which follows:

Csi America Sap2000

  1. Create and save a DXF model within AutoCAD. The example model we will use for this demonstration is shown in Figure 1:

    Figure 1 - DXF model for import into SAP2000

  2. DXF entities should be coordinated with SAP2000 objects such that they import as follows:

    DXF entity

    SAP2000 object










    Link (one-point)




    Link (two-point)



    3D Face



    Polygon Mesh


  3. Within SAP2000, select File > Import > AutoCAD .dxf File, as shown in Figure 2:

    Figure 2 - Select the DXF Import feature

    NOTE: AutoCAD does not need to be installed on the desktop to import and export between SAP2000 and DXF. This is because DXF files are in text format, which is published and available to the public.

  4. Verify that DXF Files (*.DXF) is selected from the scroll-down menu, then locate and double-click the DXF file for import into SAP2000, as shown in Figure 3:

    Figure 3 - Select DXF file for import

  5. Select the Global Up Direction and the Units, then select OK, as shown in Figure 4:

    Figure 4 - Import specifications

  6. Assign each type of SAP2000 object to a DXF layer (Figure 5). Each layer which occurs in the DXF file is listed in the scroll-down menu.

    Figure 5 - Layer specifications

  7. Select OK, then the DXF file will import as a SAP2000 model, as shown in Figure 6:

    Figure 6 - DXF file as SAP2000 model

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