Dark Spirit Orbs

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It is not only the objects and people that make a home, but also energies. Energy plays a vital role in balancing the peace and harmony of a home. Positive, happy vibes lead to strong relationships, a great synergy between its members, and a feel-good factor. But when this energy is disbalanced, there can be a sudden turmoil, you might experience discontent in relationships, in your work-life, and feel a sense of restlessness. Negative energy can breed suspicion among members of the household, disturb your mental peace, turn you self-destructive, and your home a living hell. These energies are introduced by people visiting our house, or sometimes factors that aren’t in our control.

Whatever they are, you can control the negative energy in your home, and ward off evil spirits, if any lurking, with these six homegrown methods.

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1. The glass of water and sea salt method

This is a popular method of detecting negative energy at home and cleansing it. For this, take a clear glass and cover one third of it with sea salt. Now fill up the glass with plain water. Leave it untouched in a room where you sense a change in energies. Keep the glass hidden from common view for 24 hours. When you examine the glass after a day and find it the way you had left it; it means there are no negative energies in your home. But if the glass smudges, it is a clear indication of a presence of something negative in your home. To be sure, you can re-examine using a fresh glass in another room. Repeat this procedure a few times, till your glass appears as clean as you left it. Your home will be cleansed off all negativity then.

2. Change the vibrations of your home

Dark Spirit Orbs

Did you know that spirits are usually attracted to negative or low energy. To counter this, you need to change the energy vibrations of your home, and replace it with brightness and positivity. Do up your indoors with flowering potted plants, keep your windows open, play some music, cook, laugh out loud, and generally increase the bustle of your home. In just a few weeks, you will notice the energy difference.

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3. Do up your home with crystals

If you have been sensing some paranormal activity in your home, or feel a sudden change in the energy levels, you can shop for some Quartz Crystal Points. These crystal bits are believed to ward of negative energy, and keep your home free of evil spirits. Place one Quartz Crystal in each corner of a room throughout the house. It really makes a difference.

4. Clean up your surroundings


Check if there is a garbage dump outside your house. If there is any sort of cleaning your immediate surroundings require, get it done. Also keep the window panes clean and obstruction free. Often our sight is error prone, for instance; if you have left something hanging outside your window, and spot it when the lights are out, you might think of it as an unnatural shape. Keep your home and surroundings clean, and your doors and windows obstruction free.

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Would you?

Aqw Dark Spirit Orbs Quest

5. Make a circle of sea salt

Salt has natural cleansing and purifying properties, and is a great ingredient to protect your home from negative energy or evil spirits. Buy some sea salt in a large container. Now take the container and step outside your home. As you pour salt from the container, make a circle from the far left corner. Create this circle in a clockwise fashion and outline the periphery of your home. While doing this, you can chant to yourself to keep your home free of negative energy with this sea salt. Your home will be free of spirits. For best results do this on a full moon night, and repeat this procedure every few months if you don’t get immediate results.

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6. Sage burning

Buy some white sage, and burn it in a small pot, and go from room to room to spread its cleansing effect. In every room hold the burning sage in your hand and move in a circle and chant that I free my home of negative energies. Do this through the entire home. A Shaman technique to ward off evil spirits, white sage burning is regarded as an important way to keep spirits at bay.

If you feel the negative energy strongly in your home, time you put one of the above techniques to use.

Dark Spirit Orbs


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