Dell 530s Bios

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Dell inspiron 530s bios updateBios

Inspiron 530 Bios

InspironDell inspiron 530 drivers download

Run the BIOS update utility from Windows environment. Double click the Icon on your desktop labeled 5301018.EXE. The Update BIOS window appears; Click the Update button. The message Updating BIOS. Please DO NOT POWER OFF! BIOS update will begin. After BIOS update complete, the WinFlash window appears to. You can access the Dell Inspiron's BIOS utility by pressing the 'F2' key on the laptop keyboard as soon as the laptop starts up and displays the Dell logo. If you do not press the key quickly. Access the bios on ideapad or lenovo laptops via novo button, or function key for systems under Windows 8 8.1 and 10.

Dell Inspiron 530s Bios Update Download


Dell Inspiron 530 1.0.18 Bios

Menu ItemDescription
Boot Mode Enables you to set the boot mode of the system.
CAUTION: Switching the boot mode may prevent the system from booting if the operating system is not installed in the same boot mode.
NOTE: Setting this field to UEFI disables the BIOS Boot Settings menu. Setting this field to BIOS disables the UEFI Boot Settings menu.
If the operating system supports UEFI, you can set this option to UEFI. Setting this field to BIOS allows compatibility with non-UEFI operating systems. By default, the Boot Mode option is set to BIOS.
Boot Sequence Retry Enables or disables the Boot Sequence Retry feature. If this field is enabled and the system fails to boot, the system reattempts the boot sequence after 30 seconds. By default, the Boot Sequence Retry option is set to Enabled.
Hard-Disk Failover Specifies which devices in the Hard-Disk Drive Sequence are attempted in the boot sequence. When the option is Disabled, only the first hard disk device in the list is attempted to boot. When set to Enabled, all hard disk devices are attempted in order, as listed in the Hard-Disk Drive Sequence. This option is not enabled for UEFI Boot Mode.
Boot Option Settings Configures the boot sequence and the boot devices.