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Download and install the latest version. Solution 2 Reinstall MacroGamer in a different location instead of the default, '/Program FIles (x86)/MacroGamer'. Try installing it under My Documents, C: Users Documents. There are a number of built-in keyboard shortcut options in Windows 10, and there are also powerful third-party tools that will give you access to more options. Inventory A+ Dota Hotkeys Download Dota Hotkeys Download. Just download the Customkeys.txt file and copy it into your Warcraft 3 folder. Below you will find the Hotkey QWER Download and a guide how to activate the Customkeys.txt. Info: We published a newer Warcraft 3 Customkeys guide here, that we recommend. (WC3 Customkeys + Inventory Keys) Warcraft 3 Custom Hotkeys QWER Download.

#How to Create CustomKeys.txt

The Golden Boy of PC Gaming Dota 2 merupakan salah satu dari sekian banyak game yang menegaskan superioritas PC gaming di atas konsol. Jika Anda tahu sejarah MOBA, Anda pasti tahu bahwa MOBA berasal dari mod, atau lebih tepatnya custom map. Cikal bakal MOBA bahkan bisa dirunut ke tahun 1998 ketika seorang modder, Aeon64, membuat custom map, Aeon of Strife, untuk game RTS Starcraft.

Step 1
Dota hotkey free downloadgo to

Step 2
U can create your own default custom skills key to All Heroes (mine is W,E,R,D) and Inventory (2,3,4,5,6,7)(*ExtensionScript2.2.exe is required,see below) plus modify preferred keys for your fav Hero

DownloadStep 3Choose which version of DoTA(the latest map 6.71 is supported, yay!)
and click>Generate.Your download will be appear as
(Note: If u want to change the specific Hotkeys in the future, then repeat all the steps above)
Paste your downloaded CustomKeys.txt to your Warcraft III parent folder
(ex. /program files/Warcraft III)
KeyDota Shortcut Key Download
Step 5
Run Frozen Throne or Warcraft III. On the menu click >Option>Gameplay and check Custom Keyboard Shortcuts (make sure its ticked) then press Ok.
#How to download Extensions(*required to create hotkeys for Iventory,if u want to leave it as default, then u can skip this step)
Step 1
Download this Extension Script
Step 2
ExtensionScript will be run in your system tray automatically. if not run it manually by double clicking to your downloaded ExtensionScript

Dota Shortcut Key Download Mac

Step 3

Dota 1 Shortcut Key Download

Run Frozen Throne or Warcraft III. When u are inside the game, press F5 to enable the ExtensionScript and F6 to disable it. Have a good play :)