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Hello, at this page you can download games torrents for platforms like PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS4 without registration or similar stuff like this. Games are sorted by genre and adding date, last added games is on the top, and also there can be maximally only 5 games. Xbox One Games Download Iso; Xbox Game Iso Torrent; Pc volume amplifier. Sep 28, 2017 Keep the torrent community alive and if you download PLEASE SEED – Even if its just for a a few days, that way it helps spread the word, and keeps these awesome things getting released? DOWNLOAD THE TORRENTS ON OUR XBOX GAMES. Download last GAMES FOR PC ISO, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS2, PS3, PS4 PKG, PSP, PS VITA, ANDROID, MAC, NINTENDO WII U, 3DS.

Warning: Never Download any Torrent without VPN

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We are living in a world where there are more forms of entertainment and leisure options in our screens than in the real world, thanks to the game torrents for making our smart screens into playgrounds, warbands, and what not. Do you know, an American gamer spent 29 hours with a game each month; online gaming has become the most widely spread way of killing time and the best yet affordable way to excite our gaming thrills is clicking the best gaming torrent sites. Thank God the frustration of gaming CDs has lost its charm and gaming torrents have evolved and made our lives much more comfortable.

Most of these gaming torrent sites specialize in serving gamers in a more personal manner; type your favorite title – battle, fantasy, war, adventure, sports, classics, or anything in between, and enjoy in your respective PDA.

Download xbox games torrents

You must be thinking that why there’s a need for torrents; though all the games have several apps and have CDs available? Don’t overthink, we’ll tell you why you need to know the best gaming torrent sites?

Need For Best Game Torrents

Games around the web are obtainable but, in many cases, you’ve to pay a subscription; which is quite hefty. The torrents let you download the file with preferred games without any subscription fee, that is why torrents are widely spread as it allows all gaming-junkies to enjoy their favorite titles for free successfully.

No organism controls and performs surveillance of torrenting because of being decentralized, with no host servers or entity; only peer to peer exchanges of files – metadata files.

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Game torrents are incredibly desirable as their download is straightforward, and the process is faster, even when the Internet connection is low, without taking much space.

Hold on! Game Torrents Are Best But Not Secure

Yes, be it Hentai fs, MMORPG torrents, Multiplayer online game torrents and anything in between, torrenting activity is counted as illegal and banned in several countries, so it’s always recommended to activate torrent VPN, make sure the VPN you choose must have strong encryption to reroute all your traffic and IP address to a remote location without having anyone see your torrent activity, and without any leaks.

Download Xbox Games Torrent

Now, grab our list of best gaming torrent sites, before you get bored with cautions and suggestions.

Best Game Torrents To Try In 2020

When it comes to exploring best gaming torrent sites, you have options galore; means you can access MMORPG torrents, Hentai torrents or any other torrent gaming site to obtain your objective. Here is the list of best gaming torrent sites for your gaming cravings. The list includes:

  • Skidrow & Reloaded Games
  • Jeux Torrents
  • Playbits
  • Gamer Torrent
  • Download Torrents
  • Ultimate Gamer
  • GamesTorrents
  • Speed games
  • GamerMax
  • TorrentsBees

Skidrow & Reloaded Games – Skidrow & Reloaded Games is a download site for your gaming craze. Besides direct download links it also offers torrent downloads for all the newly-released games. Skidrow has a list of upcoming games and games request feature. The request-accepted page then fetches all the requested games for download.

PlayBits– Playbits is the sister site of HD-Torrents, loaded with the content related to PC, PlayStation, Nintendo, XBOX, and Mobile Games. Currently, PlayBits is entertaining 28739 users, incorporating 13189 game torrents with 11978 seeds and 2,374.53 TB traffic. It is a good alternative to GGN or UGC and a private torrent tracker for games.

Gamer Torrent – Gamer Torrent is a public game torrent site dedicated to almost all the games in the world. Launched back in 2015, it serves torrents for all gaming platforms, with the gaming genre ranging from action to strategy games. It is a moderately popular website with 84K visitors per month, (according to Alexa) with an ordinary traffic rank. Moreover, Gamer Torrent needs to grow their social media reach, which is quite low at the moment – 15 Twitter mentions, 954 Google+ votes, and 4 Facebook likes.

Download Games Torrents – Again a public torrent site focusing on everything related to gaming, with an index of torrents of all genres. Game torrent download links are by an ad-driven linking service; means all the torrent links on are hidden under a linking service. Before downloading torrents, you will see advertisements. This best gaming torrent has password protected torrent downloads.

Can You Torrent Xbox One Games


Ultimate Gamer (UGC) (Website not working) – An internal tracker for many release groups and a private torrent tracker for games. Ultimate Gamer Club (UGC) is exclusively dedicated to gaming stuff (new/old) ones, preferably a former tracker. This gaming torrent is just two years old & their main aim is to provide game-freaks a platform for their gaming needs. This is one of the PC game torrents with their stylesheet, nice IMO, smooth & straightforward interface. UGC has +6K registered members with App, 16K uploaded torrents, and don't depend on members donations. UGC got retro, mobile, and new release content. It's known to be the best gaming tracker for VR content as well.

GamesTorrents– GamesTorrents is known to be one of the best Spanish game torrent sites with best PC game torrents but also for PS3/Ps4 and Xbox games in more than one language. GamesTorrents es una página de descargas de juegos con Bittorrent. GamesTorrents redirects users from its original URL to the new domain games The site focuses the needs of gaming fans to another level.


ToorgleToorgle is different form of torrents due to its micro torrent feature. However, gaming users can search through 50+ gaming torrents sites in no time, making it an easy task to find torrents like games torrentsnack.

TorrentDBThe gaming fans need to consider TorrentDB to get their gaming desires fulfilled accordingly. Moreover, the site will also help you to find codex game torrent file. To get the exclusive content, become a member of its community if you want.

GazelleGamesThis interesting game torrent site allows you to explore 60000+ torrents straightaway; find your preferred gaming torrents files as per your convenience. However, there is also a catch in the form of registration, and that is not a big deal for torrenteers like you.

PC Games DownloadThe PC Games Download is an ultimate blessing for game torrents lovers. Interestingly, you can download the desired gaming torrents files like uTorrent and Kickass movie hassle-free. It would not be wrong to comment that the site has enough content for all your gaming needs straightaway.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Are you looking to download torrents, there are plenty of excellent sites you can rely on. But don’t overlook your privacy (to keep your favorite torrent site running), using a VPN is a must.

We expect you to appreciate our guide of top 1o best Torrents sites for gaming. Explore above-mentioned resources to download and enjoy your favorite video games on respective devices.

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