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Posted By admin On 26/11/21
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EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free is a smart solution to transfer data and programs without reinstalling. Move everything securely: This free tool allows you to transfer applications, files, settings, and even user. EaseUS Todo PCTransは同じネットワークに接続した2台のPCの間でアプリ、セッティングまたはデータを移行します。 EaseUS Todo PCTrans Freeは、PC間でデータを移行できる簡単なウィザード. EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a PC migration software that can help you transfer data, apps, and accounts from your old Windows computer to a new one.You can set up your new Windows PC in a few clicks.

EaseusEaseus Todo Pctrans

One Place for All Your Data Migration Needs

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When you get ready with your Windows 10 PC, you may need to transfer your files from an old PC. EaseUS Todo PCTrans provides one of the fastest methods of transferring content.

Seamless Data Migration for Windows PCs

One-click PC transfer software that helps automatically migrate your files from one computer to another without data loss. Using this transfer tool, you can easily remove your panic of loading your photos, music and videos one by one.

Easeus Todo Pctrans

Move Programs to Your New PC

This PC transfer migration software can safely transfer programs from one computer to another. Also, it is an excellent way to transfer large files, especially those application files or server files that take up much disk space. It supports the most common applications/programs, including MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)

Migrate User Accounts and Settings

Easeus Todo Pctrans Download

When you start using a new computer, you may find that things don't work the way you like. You may encounter a problem with how to transfer and move a user account, personalization and even the power settings to a new PC or laptop. This tool can quickly transfer your custom setting to the new system as quickly and as automatically as possible.