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Faceniff works just in the event that you have connected over a similar Wifi coordinate with your victim. When you begin Faceniff then it will screen all the system traffic over the Wifi system, and after that, it begins catching decoded session ID treats from the sites and after that Faceniff enables you to get to the account being utilized by your victim. Is there anything like DroidSheep for Windows? I need a traffic/cookie sniffing program to use on open networks like Mcdonalds and Starbucks Coffee WIFI to hijack their Facebook or Twitter or other shitty sites those neckbeards use. FaceNiff is an Android application which offers you to hijack the sessions of the other users who are connected to the same network. In simple words, you can get those people down and can get their data by using this application, if they are connected to your network. This Faceniff App can only hack 3 accounts at a time but with cracked faceniff apk, which you are going to download, you can hack unlimited accounts. Steps to Use:-1) Download Latest version of cracked faceniff apk, Install the apk file and grant root access. 2)Open it and tap on menu. A must-have app to become anonymous on the internet. Orbot is an android app developed.

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Have you ever been worried about your internet security? Would you like to analyze your own internet security? Then you will be happy with what DroidSheep has to offer. This software was actually developed as a security app. The developer acknowledges that it was meant for testing the security of online accounts and it was based on his Bachelor thesis titled “Session Hijacking on Android Devices”.

DroidSheep Overview

DroidSheep [Root] is an Android application that analyzes security in wireless networks and also captures Twitter, Linked, Facebook, and other accounts. You can install DroidSheep in your Android phone and use it to analyze the security of any public network. Take your friend to a public network and allow him to access his Facebook account through the same network. DroidSheep will allow you to browse on your friend’s Facebook account using his identity. You can read his private messages, write wall posts, write messages, remove his friends and even delete his Facebook account without getting in touch with him.

When your friend uses the public Wi-Fi, his laptop sends Facebook data over the air to the public Wi-Fi wireless router. DroidSheep allows you to read the data sent by your friend because in this situation, “Over the air” means that “data can be captured by everybody”. Some data are not encrypted before they can be sent and, therefore, you may not be able to read your friend’s Facebook password. The public Wi-Fi spreads the Facebook’s session id over the air to everybody, and this is the main reason why you are able to access your friend’s Facebook account. Facebook will not be able to determine who is really using the session id.

The above example demonstrates DroidSheep [Root] simplicity of session hijacking, especially within a Wi-Fi Network. With just a single click, your eBay, LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other online account will be taken over by an adversary and you will remain defenseless. Even the developer was frightened and surprised by using it on any public network or Wi-Fi and decided to develop anti-spoofing tool Droidsheep Guard. DroidSheep Guard is an Android application that monitors Android ARP-table. Its main function involves trying to detect the ARP-Spoofing on networks. A perfect example is an attack by FaceNiff, DroidSheep or any other software.

Faceniff For WindowsFaceniff for windows


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  • Internet criminals and fraudsters can take advantage of the app and steal others identities.

Final Verdict

DroidSheep was neither made for hijacking other person’s accounts nor for using it in the public networks. Do not download and install DroidSheep to use it as a tool for gaining unauthorized access to other person’s online accounts or to harm anybody in any way. You should only use it to analyze your personal network security and determine the poor security properties of the network connections without encryption.

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On our most recent update to the PIA client, 2.4.0, we have ceased support for the Windows 7 operating system. The decision to no longer support Windows 7 coincided with the use of Direct3D 11 rendering in the desktop application and Microsoft’s decision to no longer support the operating system as of January, 14th 2020.

Microsoft Discontinuing Support

Faceniff Equivalent For Windows

As Microsoft will no longer be releasing security patches for Windows 7, the operating system is inherently vulnerable to malicious attacks. As a result, while an encrypted tunnel can be established through the use of a VPN, and while this would secure your connection; as a privacy and security company, we are unable to ensure your security when using Windows 7.

Unsupported Rendering Interface

Faceniff For Windows Pc

We have made the transition from the OpenGL interface to Direct3D 11 rendering. As users may have faced graphic driver issues while using PIA. The newly implemented Direct3D 11 rendering interface will not cause the same issues as its poorly supported predecessor. The move to Direct3D should result in better overall UI performance resulting in a better overall VPN experience.