Fauji Serial All Episodes

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While you’ve been up to date with the current crop of films and shows, there may have been a few gems that you’ve missed out over the years. And now, with so many days to spend at home, there’s no better time to catch-up on these classics.

Fauji Serial All Episodes List

Fauji Serial All Episodes

Shah Rukh Khan’s Fauji TV show director Colonel Raj Kapoor dies at 87 Shah Rukh Khan hit limelight with the Doordarshan serial Fauji in 1989. The show for directed by former Indian Army officer. I think all of you who want old DD serials on DVD’s you can contact DD KENDRA’s in your city.they have a section called DORDARSHAN ARCHIVES where old telecasted programes are available, im not sure if they have tv serials available with, some of the tv programs were broadcasted from DD MUMBAI they might have video tapes with them. Fauji TV Serial Title Track - Doordarshan National (DD1) OptionDee. 5 years ago 1.2K views. Browse more videos. Akbar Birbal TV. Fauji (Devanagari: फौजी, Nastaliq: فوجی, translation: 'Soldier') (1989) was a TV series following the training of an Indian Army commando regiment that aired on India's national channel DD National in 1989. It was produced by New Film Addicts pvt ltd. Colonel Raj Kapoor was a Director in this company. Fauji starring Shahrukh Khan that went on to become a mega success.

Fauji Serial All Episodes Episode

The super app of entertainment – MX Player, has a vast library of content and we’ve stumbled upon some old favourites that are a must-watch. Here’s a list of everything we think that has immense repeat value. Our picks, spanning various genres –be it mythological, comedy or something nostalgic is all available for FREE, only on MX Player!Serial

– The show Rajani took the nation by storm! A housewife barging into various situations, helping people solve their problems and tackling several issues including troubles dealing with taxi drivers, school admissions, telephone lines being dead, etc.was a show that was ahead of its time. While Padmini Kolhapure shot for the pilot initially, she didn’t have available dates and it was Priya Tendulkar who turned the show into a household name. The show also sees King Khan in two episodes – that’s enough reason to stream in, we’d say!

Fauji – Fauji gave the younger demographic an insider’s view into the coveted Army life–with lanky teenagers smoking cigarettes, chasing girls, jumping out of helicopters and getting whipped into shape to defend the nation. It was said that Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t supposed to be the lead of Fauji at all, “but the camera chose him because it simply loved the boy”. And if there was ever a time to revisit Shah Rukh Khan’s origin in the industry, this is probably it.

The Jungle Book–Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai…well, we’ve all finished the song in our head right now. This show holds an important place in the memories of all the 90s kids and while we’ve watched multiple remakes of this story, this one is probably our favourite. Binge all 52 episodes now!

Yeh Hai Mahabharata– Probably one of the oldest shows we remember watching – a war that taught righteousness and was the foundation of the Holy Bhagavad Gita. Written 5000 years ago by sage Ved Vyasa, you can now revisit one of the greatest battles known to mankind, on MX Player.

Ramayana– We all remember Sunday mornings, with the whole family sitting to watch the epic story of Lord Rama’s early life, his exile, abduction of Sita, and slaying of Ravana. On MX Player, you have children narrating the story, making it even more endearing.

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Fauji serial all episodes naruto shippuden

Kahani Chandrakanta Ki– A saga of magic, secrets, intrigue and deceit, and above all true love. You can now binge one of the greatest stories in modern Hindi literature on MX Player. Focussing on the twists and turns of Princess Chandrakanta’s life as well as on the love life of her eldest son, Yuvraj Inderjeet Singh and Rajkumari Kishori.

Fauji Serial All Episodes Naruto Shippuden

Ganesh Leela–We all know of how Lord Ganesha got his head, but do we know his whole story? Probably missed it as a child. But tada! While you have all this time, why now brush up on all that you might have missed! This one is a special feature on Lord Ganesha’s life from his birth.

Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali–It is an Indian mythological TV series which follows the childhood of Lord Hanumana and how he got his powers and strength from Lord Shiva. Featuring Ritu Chauhan, Manish Uppal, and Prince Bansal in the lead roles, through the show we also see Lord Hanumana’s contribution in the Ramayana.