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If you want to use GenoPro for free without the 25 person limit and no expiration date you are welcome to download and use GenoPro version 1.70 (June 4, 2000). This original version was completely free with no advertising and no reminders. The only drawback of this older version is the lack of new features. Go through our different genogram collections below and find out how you can make a genogram on your own. 57+ FREE FAMILY TREE Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Apple (MAC) Numbers.

Are you looking for some samples of Genogram Diagrams to understand and design your own? Here are 8 Free Genogram Diagram Templates (MS Word) to help you out quickly.

A Genogram Diagram, also known as the Family Diagram, is a pictorial representation of a person’s family relationships and medical history designed to keep track of certain family related traits and attributes. It is a special kind of family-based research displaced in a clear and easy to analyze diagrams and explain several physical, emotional, medical and physiological attributes across such families. It is far more detailed than the traditional family trees because it allows the users to visualize and analyze hereditary patterns across family lines and track possible sicknesses and diseases.


The concept of Genogram was brought to the public view in 1985 in the book titled “Genograms: Assessment and Intervention” by Monica McGoldrick and Randy Gerson. Today, Genogram is very common in several fields like psychiatry, medicine, social work, genetic research and education among others. It is also said that professionals in family therapy are also making use of Genogram Diagrams in tracking and simplifying their parents’ specific needs and requirements.

A Genogram is very effective in tracking the probability of having a family disease inherited or transferred to a person from a member of the family. To make the tracking and analysis of such traits easy, different symbols are used within a Genogram Diagram to show such traits and attributes. Below is an example of a family Genogram Diagram to the third generations with specific symbols denoting different family traits and relationships. After you have determined the purpose of Genogram Diagram, you have to interview the family members to collect required data to fill in it.

Today, Genogram Diagrams are getting very common in the fields related with the study of hereditary patterns, physiological and psychological attributes. It can be used to analyze family behaviors, interactions and social views over a period of time. It can show simply the specific repetitive traits like divorce, sexual lifestyle, growth and similar traits. Genogram Diagrams can also help to designate individual health status and possible risks. Such diagrams are helpful to health therapist to explain and simplify specific family occurrences and issues.

Lastly, it can be used to evaluate how strong are the bonds and the physical relationship among members of a member codifying how each member relates with the others. It is an upgrade on the traditional family tree that is more common and conventional. It helps healthcare professionals with important medical information that will aid diagnosis and treatment. It has also contributed greatly to research and educational training by giving ample information and verification of hereditary diseases and how to prevent, treat, or manage them.

Here is preview of a Free Genogram Diagram Template in MS Word Format.

Download link for this Genogram Diagram Template.

Here is preview of a Free Genogram Diagram Template in MS Word format. (Source: GenoPro )

Download link for this Genogram Diagram Template.

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Genogram is a representation of a person’s family and relationship on paper. People make this unique diagram of their family to record the members of family and their relation with each other. Children usually make a family tree for their school project. These Genogram Template is perfect for them to understand the relation and the history of their ancestors to be used in making the project.

Genogram Template

Sample Genogram Template of Scenario PDF

These are used for various purposes like exploring family system or to indentify the pattern of relations. A genogram template is very useful for the people thinking about creating a family genogram. You can place this picture framed in your drawing room so that everyone will learn about your ancestors.

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Family Genogram Template Free

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Printable Pedigree Chart Genogram Template PDF Free Printable

These templates consist of various symbols and designed with latest patterns. These are available in colored and black print. The Word format of these templates lets you enter the details, name your genogram and print it on the paper. These files are free to save from this article. Also you will easily decipher how to write in the genogram.

Free Genogram Generator

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Blank Genogram Pdf


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Free Standard Symbols for Family Genograms Template

Genogram is used commonly at the places to examine the heredity issues. There are number of ways in which you can use this diagram. Some of them are given below:

  • This is used to explain the complex family trees with the details of marriage, divorces, adoption, death and others. Examining the history of the family become easier with this diagram
  • Use as a family tree for your children, it doesn’t matter whether you are living in a nuclear or joint family, your child must know about the relatives. Simple Genograms can be used for this purpose.

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Sample ODonnell Genogram Template Example for Free

  • The most important use is in medical science. Practitioners find the health risks a person can get from their ancestors. Also it helps in getting information of the illness or health issues that is common in family so that it can be diagnosed. A four generation Genogram is used for these kind of examinations.

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Einstein Genogram Template Example

Blank template is a complete outline of the relationships. In this format, you just have to add the name, relation, education and occupation of each family member. The layout with the whole pattern is already given to you. Make proper use of this template to prepare a complete family information chart.

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Family History Genograms Template Free Printable

These are the effective way for mapping of family relationship. The benefits of having this elaborated blank family tree are given below:

  • Helpful in customizing own family tree with perfect layout.
  • Easy to print and edit
  • You can add the details of each family member

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Sample 4 Generations Genogram Template Free Printable

  • Proper space for inserting the information
  • Creates an impact on family relationship
  • Family structure helps to learn about the ancestors and their style of living
  • Information up to fourth generation can be entered in the template.

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Free Disease Genogram Template PDF Format

Print these templates or share on internet, they are beneficial for you in every means for getting information of your family. People usually make a collage of family images and place them on the wall of their drawing room.

Free medical Genogram Template 3 Generation

Get these latest Genogram examples with the essential details. We have listed the high quality images of these genogram. These HD templates are accurate and you can save them in your device without paying a single penny.

3 Generation Genogram Template PDF

Simple Blank Genogram Template Free

It will be interesting if you put the details of each member with framed sheet. These Genogram templates are easy to decipher if you know the symbols very well. Our templates have the complete instructions of using these symbols and Genogram.