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  1. Michael Jackson also cited Tangerine Dream as one of his favourite bands, especially their 1977 soundtrack for Sorcerer. citation needed In popular culture. Noel Fielding, of The Mighty Boosh, said that Force Majeure is his favourite album of all time.
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Garageband Michael Jackson

In five days time, in the evening of Friday, December 5, 2014, an online auction of several items – including an empty prescription pill bottle and numerous pieces of clothing originating from the private collection of Michael Jackson’s longtime friend and former personal assistant, Frank Cascio, will end. Another of the items up for grabs in the auction – being held by Gotta Have Rock and Roll – is a set of compact discs labelled ‘Michael Jackson “Lovin You” Original Recordings‘.

Some of the Gotta Have Rock and Roll items from Cascio’s private collection come with a purported letter of provenance from him, while others, including the “Lovin You” discs, do not.

The purpose of this article is to shed light on what is on the “Lovin You” discs, in case anyone is planning on placing a bid.

The handwritten date notations on the discs timestamp them as being from 2003, and the “Buxer” notation on the bottom is in reference to Jackson’s longtime collaborator/composer, Brad Buxer. The “Frank” notation refers to the discs’ original possessor, Frank Cascio.

Some fans have speculated that the discs could contain a 2003 re-working of the mid-80s track “Loving You” – a song released on the Xscape album earlier this year. It is a well-documented fact that Jackson would often bring old songs out and re-work them years (and even decades) after their initial conception.

However, that is not the case in regards to the “Lovin You” discs up for auction. The track being auctioned is completely unrelated to the “Loving You” on the Xscape album, which was never worked on again after being mixed by Matt Forger at Jackson’s Hayvenhurst studio prior to the Bad album sessions.

In fact, the contents of the auctioned discs are instrumentals of a different song altogether, also titled “Lovin You” (but without the ‘g’ that the Xscape version has). The music on the discs was composed by Brad Buxer in 2003, who worked with Frank Cascio in an attempt to embellish the track. In his spare time Buxer often worked with Jackson’s friends on their own personal music ideas and projects, including the King of Pop’s driver, Gary.

When working on “Lovin You,” Buxer recorded Cascio attempting to perform a series of beat box sounds, moans and finger snaps as he tried to come up with something that could be applied to the track before presenting it to Jackson. While these appear in the multi-track session files, they were not used on the track itself.

What will interest Jackson fans the most is that there are no Michael Jackson vocals on any version of this track. Not 2.7 (pictured above on the left) or 9.1 (on the right).

A copyright claim for “Lovin You” – along with a collection of other ideas, demos and songs in various states of completion, found on Buxer’s hard drive – was filed with the Library of Congress U.S. Copyright Office in March 2010, nine months after Jackson’s death. Cascio is not listed as a copyright claimant, author or rights and permissions holder on the copyright application/registration.


The “Lovin You” music remains unreleased, unheard by the public, and there are currently no bids on Gotta Have Rock and Roll‘s online auction.


UPDATE: The discs were sold for a final bid of $1,064.00.

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