Gemstone For Virgo Ascendant

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  • Know more about crystals and gemstones for Leo here. Those born under the sign of Virgo should wear Red Jasper as it brings love and compassion, while it relieves depression at the same time. Also, protection stones like Topaz, that attracts good luck, are nice choices for these sign. Other stones of the Virgo sign: Opal, Moonstone, Citrine.
  • Blue Tourmaline is a lovely stone for supporting Virgo’s innate desire to be of service. It increases passion for work and helps you lovingly relate to others. Being Virgo's Ascendant crystal, it also encourages confidence in your own abilities.
  • Red Coral Gemstone for Virgo Ascendants: Those individuals who belong to zodiac sign Virgo must know that the governing planet of Virgo, Mercury shares only average relation with the red coral ruling planet mars. Therefore, wearing red coral gemstone will only bestow limited positive results for its wearer.
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Virgo Ascendant and Their Physical Appearance

Virgo ascendants are different from the regular crowd in terms of appearance. They have an easy going eccentricity and a bohemian appearance. They have clear cut and clean features. Their facial features are slim. They have a symmetrical physique and their gait is controlled and careful. They usually have youthful and innocent features. They have a prominent forehead and a slim nose. They also have relatively bigger cheeks. Virgos are usually born with attractive looks and have an average height. Their mannerisms are attractive to others and their facial features are likeable. A person of Virgo rising sign usually has charming eyes and they have depth.

Mental Tendencies of the Virgo Ascendants

Gemstone for virgo ascendant compatibility

Virgos are endowed with qualities of good communicative skills and intelligence. This is also due to the fact that their ruling planet is Mercury, which is the bearer of intelligence and effective communication.

They are benevolent and helpful towards their fellow beings. They do not offer their help for anything in return, neither do they look for appreciation. They help others because they feel satisfied and they are kind by heart. However Virgos have an inborn tendency towards deep anxieties.

They are unique from the average person and it is seen in their organized approach to life. During hard times, Virgo ascendants have their way around it. They are able to help others and themselves in hard times because they take into consideration all the minor aspects of a situation. Furthermore they have the ability to think critically and logically with the patience required to deal with it.

Virgo ascendants are honest individuals and they are brutally honest when they have to give their opinions or ideas. They are unlikely to sugar coat their words even in the presence of the concerned person and can be trusted for honest feedbacks. Virgo ascendants do not give two ways about a situation and they tell things like it is. It is this attribute of theirs which also makes them the preferred employees in any workplace.

An ascendant or lagna or rising sign is the sign that was rising above the ground on the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a native. You would be Virgo ascendant, if at the time of your birth, the sign Virgo was rising from above the ground, in a way similar to the rising of he sun.

The natives of this ascendant are also good leaders and know how to handle their employees. They know how to guide and encourage their subordinates and get the work done at any required time. If they take up any assignment of project, they remain committed to their work and get the job done in time. They are also hard working individuals when it comes to their profession.

On the downside, Virgo ascendants can be extremely demanding and some ascendants may be too rigid or orthodox to be accepting of any other viewpoint or ideas. Virgo ascendants can also be traditionalists with an orthodox view of life. They are usually stuck in the societal beliefs and values and they emphasize on the importance of their traditional belief. They may also not be keen on the ideas of the modern world and although they may not necessarily disapprove of it, their viewpoint could remain limited.

The natives of this ascendant are also reserved and polite individuals. They are not loud individuals and sometimes they can also be extremely shy especially in bigger crowds and huge gatherings. Virgo ascendants are naturally calm individuals and sometimes others may misunderstand this as cold and calculative.

Virgo ascendants are highly intelligent individuals with a vast amount of knowledge spanning different areas. They are also prone to be highly critical and sharp individuals. They are very careful when it comes to making friends. However they are prone to be used by others due to their nature of being available ad selflessly helpful.

Health ofVirgo Ascendants

Virgo ascendants tend to worry about almost everything. They are inherently anxious and ten to stress themselves. They could lead to severe anxiety and nervous breakdown. Virgo ascendants are also prone to depression.

Another recurring problem with natives of this ascendant is illnesses related to digestion and their intestines. They are susceptible to indigestion and constipation. Their frequent mood changes and stubbornness could also affect their mental stability and physical health. Virgo ascendants could also face problems related to their reproductive organs. It is mandatory that Virgo ascendants keep a strict check on their diets. If left without any consideration their eating habits could have negative repercussions to their stomach.

Precautions for the Virgo Sign Ascendant

It is important that Virgo ascendants take extra measures to maintain and balance their mental health. Their habit of over thinking and getting stressed could be countered by taking relaxed walks or engaging in creative hobbies. Virgo ascendants need more leisure activities and could also benefit from stress-busting exercises.

Natives of this ascendant should take up recreational activities to keep their mental balance in check. Another habit a Virgo ascendant needs to inculcate is to eat healthy food that is light on the stomach. They could benefit from various Yoga exercises for the wellbeing of their intestines and reproductive organs. When it comes to enjoying exotic foods, Virgo ascendants should learn to keep their diet on check for the well being of their stomach.

Finances for the Virgo Ascendants

Following are the different Houses and their alignment which affects a Virgo rising sign and their finances:

  1. Second House in Libra: This alignment strikes a balance in the Virgo ascendant’s approach towards finances. These ascendants take into careful consideration the various ups and downs of a project or a business before investing in them. They consider the viability of an option before taking any action. It is beneficial for the Virgo ascendants to start on any venture with their partners or after marriage with their significant other.

The natives of this ascendant have a taste for expensive items but they are careful not to splurge or let these extravagances overcome their better sense. The natives of Virgo ascendants are inherently lucky when it comes to accumulating wealth.

  • Sixth House in Aquarius: This alignment of the sixth house residing in Aquarius influences and accentuates the team player in a Virgo ascendant. These natives may remain emotionally aloof from their co-workers but this does not affect their team player mentality ad they do well in groups and teams. They can be a valuable asset in groups or teams that they are working with.

Virgo ascendants believe in originality and are attracted to professions that challenge their intellect. To keep a Virgo ascendant interested and occupied the job should be innovative, regular everyday work bored them and they cannot get interested thus not doing well in monotony and routine. If they land a job opportunity which interests them, Virgo ascendants really do not care for the money and will give their hundred percent.

  • Tenth House is in Gemini: This alignment bestows the Virgo ascendant with the gift of the gab. These ascendants are very good when it comes to communication and have a good command of language they are interested in.

They can be good orators or writers and in some rare cases, both. This quality drives them to professions which require high level of communicative skills and the constant need for challenges and mental stimulation may encourage a Virgo ascendant to take up more than one job at a time. Virgo ascendants could receive fame and money as writers and they require a dynamic profession or activities to keep them from being stagnant in life.

Love and Marriage for the Virgo Ascendant

Virgo Rising Sign Male

A Virgo ascendant man is a committed lover. He can be monogamous and not cheat on his partner. However, as odd as it may sound a Virgo ascendant wants his lover to be clean. He dreams of a partner who keeps everything in order and is good with cleanliness and keeping things in order. He dislikes disorganization and dirt.

He is a private person and does not talk about his sex life or discuss his partners with others. He does not entertain gossip about other women in public. He is an old fashioned lover and indulges in private talk only with his partner.

He does not seek for emotional support or help because he is in touch with his feelings and knows how to channel his emotions. Being a private person his emotional melt down is seldom seen by others and it may come as a surprise when he open up to his partner or his loves ones.

This does not mean a Virgo ascendant is devoid of emotions. He can be too pragmatic and critical to let his emotions take the better of him. He may come across as uncaring too but a Virgo ascendant man has different ways of showing love.

A Virgo ascendant will not hurry into a relationship. They will take their time and patiently wait till the right moment to express their love. Once he chooses his partner, he makes sure to spend a lifetime with them. Natives of Virgo ascendants are also occasionally inundated by their feelings and emotions. He makes sure to give a lot of time and effort to his relationship to make it near perfect. As far as he is concerned he would never want any misunderstanding or fights between him and his partner.


A native of this ascendant will make a really good father. He will be a loving figure who is actually genuine friends with his children. His relationship with his wife will be intense, passionate and very easy going and secure.


Virgo Ascendant Female

The Virgo rising sign woman is very much in touch with her feelings. She is practical and does not let love and emotions guide her decisions. She is composed and intensely feminine which attracts the opposite sex to her.

She does not settle down immediately and takes a lot of time to choose the right person. Virgo ascendants take careful consideration of different aspects before setting down with anyone. Is anyone has any flaws, she is quick to notice it and does not mind saying it to their face. She never lets her emotions take her for a ride even when she is overwhelmed with love for someone.

Is she loves someone she can go to any lengths for that person. She can be far from outspoken when it comes to her feelings but she will support and love her partner very much. She would enjoy an ideal marriage with someone sensitive and a person who could cure her worries and anxieties.

She is obsessed with cleanliness and her partner should make sure to meet this criteria. She cannot function in a messy and dirty surrounding. She could also constantly criticize her partner because she seeks for perfection in everything.

She gets turns on by a person’s charm and sensuality but what she really looks for in a relationship is security and financial stability. She can be the most attentive lover anyone could have but she values financial stability as much as love when it comes to settling down in life.

Ideal Match for the Virgo Rising Sign

The Virgo ascendants are ideally suited with the following signs:

Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Domestic Life of the Virgo Ascendant

Natives of the Virgo ascendants are strongly attached to their families. They are responsible family members and make sure they have a significant role in family affairs and matters. These individuals prioritize family above anything else and they are also lucky when it comes to support from their family. They are also endowed with a strong family lineage. Virgo ascendants generally strive for a household which is grand and everyone has equal opportunities and liberty.

Professions for the Virgo Ascendants

The ideal professions for Virgo ascendants are writing and journalism. Since they are also superb advisors they could do well in professions such as lawyers, teachers, doctors and editors. Apart from these, Virgo ascendants could do well as accountants and bankers.

Lucky Days, Numbers and Colours for the Virgo Ascendant

The lucky days for Virgo ascendants are:

Wednesday and Friday.

Gemstone for virgo zodiac sign

The Lucky Numbers include:

2, 4, 5 and 8.

The Lucky Colours for rising sign of Virgo are:

Blue, Green, Light Yellow and White.

Gemstone for Virgo Ascendants

The lucky gemstone for Virgo ascendants is Emerald, which should be worn under the supervision of an expert to reap full benefits.

Gemstone for Virgo is Carnelian. With Mercury as ruling planet of virgo makes Carnelian best choice virgo stone that have properties such as warmth, emotional, socialization and creativity.

Carnelian gemstone is very helpful directing the activities of Virgo. Besides that, this stone also gives happiness to the owner of this virgin symbol by recalling past lives and cut the fear of death.

Moss Agate recognized in traditional western astrology as Virgo gemstone, but is actually shares with Aquarius.

In Indian astrology, moonstone is a favorite gemstone for Cancer, but is also considered as gemstone for Virgo.

Sodalite takes place in Vedic astrology as birthstone for Virgo, but It also birthstone for Sagittarius zodiac too.

Gemstone For Virgo List

Virgo gemstone like carnelian give love and motivation energy.Virgo and carnelian are inseparable lovebirds forever, though in a state of love and grief.

If we look modern gemstone for virgo, so blue sapphire and blue topaz as their birthstones.

Therefore, Carnelian Birthstone is highly recommended for those who were born on August 24 – September 23.

Ascendant Virgo Man

List Of Traditional Gemstone For Virgo

Nevertheless, there are still some kinds of gemstone that can match with Virgo. From many gemstones, there are 6 kinds of traditional gemstone that that suitable with Virgo character besides Carnelian.

The gemstones are;


This is Virgo gemstone that helps increase confidence and individuality. This stone used as a talisman for good luck.

Energy on this stone is suitable to improve and attract good fortune to Virgo. Because it perfectly fits with the character of Virgo, Citrine is able to neutralize the frustration and generate excitement.

Tiger eyes

Tiger eyes lead Virgo to not too far from the structure of the activities that have been planned and help brighten the burden of daily life.


Scorpio With Virgo Ascendant

Arc of Azurite energy bestows wisdom and truth to Virgo. This gemstone also helps to control excessive desire, improve the romantic and spiritual relationships that are more harmonious with nature.


Jasper is gemstone for Virgo that helps cultivate humility and restraint. jasper also to strengthen a sense of reality to the natural surroundings.

Gemstone For Virgo Zodiac Sign


Yellow jasper gemstone providing mental acuity to Virgo, meanwhile red jasper stone increase inner harmony. These jasper birthstones also give physical and psychological strength for Virgo.


It is kinds of multicolored stones are composed of Citrine and amethyst. This birthstone helps Virgo gain maturity. Ametrine also help to find a way of life that suited him.

It also allows him to express his feelings the energy radiates from this gemstone can help to block negative energy attack that can inhibit the growth of creativity and spirituality of Virgo

Gemstone For Virgo Ascendant Pisces

Golden Topaz

This stone is considered as a rock of wisdom and protection. Topaz gives Virgo the courage and perseverance to carry out their life plans. This ensures that they work honestly and able to make sacrifices to meet their goals.

Golden topaz is gemstone for Virgo that helps realize themselves with the surrounding circumstances.Topaz birthstone more suitable for girl. Golden Topaz will help to show feminism side for the wearer.