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  1. This is the first MANDATORY Event in the Tale of the Horse Race Champion 13 Summer - 17 Summer: 6.01 a.m. Goddess' 2nd Friendship Event, Love Advice, Part II (The Harvest Goddess.
  2. Rudolph - The most silent, untalkative person in Leaf Valley. He works for the Funland Company, digging at Leaf Valley's mine. After a hard day's work, he is often seen at the bar drinking with the other villagers. You can have a part-time job with him at the mine. Nic - One of the three Harvest Sprites in the game. He is a childish type.
Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley Harvest Goddess EventsAt 6.00 a.m. on the morning of 20 Winter in the first year, Tim will come to your farm to tell you about a Robot Mole who has appeared in the Mine. He will urge you to see it for yourself, telling you that it sounds 'cool'.
Obviously, this is a hint to you to go to the Mine to experience your second robotic battle. As easy as the first, which was the battle against the Robot Crow, you should be able to defeat the Mole with no more than two strikes of the Hammer.
Once defeated, after the Event ends, you can re-enter the Mine immediately to find two new Chambers in the form of Chamber 6 and Chamber 7. Take the left branch of the second tunnel. When you go beyond Chamber 4, you will find the room in which you fought the Mole. At the far end are two new entry arches. The one on the left will take you to Chamber 6. The one on the right leads to Chamber 7.
The Rocks in Chambers 1 through 5 contain the same items. It is in Chamber 6 that you will be able to mine for new Gems.

The Harvest Goddess (女神さま Megami-sama, lit. Great Goddess)is a character in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. The Harvest Goddess lived in the Goddess Spring long before Leaf Valley was founded. She's cheery and a little bit strange. Itseems nobody except you and the Harvest Sprites can see her. The Harvest Goddess lives in the Goddess Spring of the Valley. She only appears after you. Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley Marrying Harvest Goddess? I'm aiming to marry Harvest Goddess.How do check her heart level?Does asking her wish for dogs relationship decrease her friendship point?Also which ending is the best?I have to save files.One for Gwen and for Harvest Goddess.Please don't give any link to some walktrough or guide.

Chanmber 6 is the only Chamber in the Mine where you can find Rubies and Amethyst. The chance of finding either is only 1%, however, so do not be disappointed if you do not obtain any immediately.Harvest moon hero of leaf valley harvest goddess events list
Other new items that are available both in Chamber 6 and Chamber 7 are various Fossils. Unlike Gems, which always will go into your Rucksack, any Fossil you find for the first time is considered a 'rare' object worthy of your Storeroom.
Here are the Configurations of each:
Chamber VI.I before and after:Goddess
Chamber VI.II before and after:
Chamber VII.I before and after:
Chamber VII.II before and after:
Note that, should you fail to defeat the Mole, you still will be able to enter Chambers 6 and 7 if you reenter the Mine after the Event. If you do not defeat the Mole or fail to visit the Mine at all on 20 Winter, you will experience an Event with Rudolph on 21 Winter at your Farmhouse. He will inform you that the company has removed the Mole from the Mine after receiving a report from him as to the dangers it posed.
In the Event on 21 Winter, which you will not experience if you defeated the Mole yourself, Rudolph will announce that part-Time work again will be available 'tomorrow'. This is not entirely accurate. For a start, if you have unlocked the Mine prior to this by working for Rudolph 5 times, there no longer will be any Part-Time Work. Part-Time Work, even if available, can be obtained only on weekdays. A long weekend follows 20 Winter because of the double Sunday occurrence caused by Liar's Day.
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Note: This game is also titled Bokujou Monogatari: Sugar Mura To Minna No Negai.

Blue Mist Seeds

In Lyla's storyline, raise her to 20 FP and sell four crops to unlock Blue Mist Seeds in her Story Quest.


Work part-time for Ronald regularly to get an egg. Place it in the incubator to get your first chicken.


Work part-time for Woody regularly to eventually be able to chop trees for lumber.


Work part-time for Bob regularly to eventually get a free horse from him during the summer.


Work part-time for Rudolph regularly.

Easy money

The description of the part-time job Bob gives you at Sterling Ranch is misleading. Instead of paying 300 G, it actually is 50 G per hour resulting in over 1000 G each day.

In the Summer, buy watermelon seeds (50 G, they reproduce), and grow them. It takes sixteen days for them to grow. An additional five days are required after that to get another one in its place. They will sell for 150 G each.

Easy Stamina recoveryGoddess

After buying the kitchen and bathroom upgrade, you will refill approximately half of your maximum Stamina when you use the shower. Use it after you do your daily chores in the farm. You can also use AP Medicine, which recovers all Stamina and Tiredness, but costs 1000 G in the Item Shop.

Alternate color of hero's clothes

After you purchase the kitchen and bathroom upgrade, your hero's clothes will change color from white and blue to red and black when you take a shower. The opposite change will also happen.

Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley Pc

Dog finder

Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley Harvest Goddess Events Calendar

Note: Your dog must have at least three hearts. To check hearts, go to bed, and select 'Balance Sheet'. Also, the Ocarina is required (450 G at Item Shop). Play the Ocarina by holding Square, then press Down, Left, Up. Your dog will sniff around and eventually dig something up. Your dog can dig up Power Berry, Pontata Roots, and Truffles. You can also carry the dog out of your farm area and search other areas.