How To Convert A Floppy Disk To Usb

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How to convert a floppy disk to usb adapter

Convert your SWF floppy drive to a USB reader. This floppy emulator will help you eliminate floppy disks! This USB device will easily replace your existing SWF floppy drive with a heavy duty, high quality, warranty backed USB drive replacement. NO software or drives to install! Fit ins your SWF machine without changing any hardware or fittings. Save your embroidery files on a USB stick instead of old, clunky floppy disks.

Fosa Floppy & Tape Drives SFR1M44-FU USB Floppy Drive Emulator for Embroidery Machine Plug and Play Floppy to USB Converter with 3.5In 1.44MB 34-Pin Floppy Disk Driver Interface 3.9 out of 5 stars. Why should I Convert Floppy to USB? From last so many years the floppy disk and the slow RS232 serial communication was the unique means to transfer data from a computer to system. These days the floppy discs are phasing out and are very hard to find in computers and are rarely seen on any shops.

The SWF – Floppy to USB – Embroidery Machine Upgrade work with most ALL SWF embroidery machines with floppy drives.

Combine the Floppy to USB drive with our WIRELESS USB STICKS for SWF machines to make your SWF machine wireless!

Floppy Disc to USB Reader converter that fits Toyota AD860 and ESP 9000 commercial embroidery machines. Disconnect floppy drive and reconnect this USB reader into the same connection. No set up required. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR FLOPPY CABLE originally supllied with the Toyota. USB Reader comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.

The following codes are used when ordering the SWF – Floppy to USB – Embroidery Machine Upgrade.

SWF Compact


SWF Machines Color Control Panel


SWF Machines Standard Panel


No more floppy disk and floppy drive !!! Just Plug in USB port

Manual - Floppy to USB 1.44 Mb USB Floppy drive Version ( USB port Interface )

The main use of these usb floppy drive emulators comes into play where the old propriety applications transfer data into floppies in Non-dos formats or only on the FDD. There is no viable fool proof method that user can redirect this data to a usb pen drive , where user is willing to install a floppy to usb converter on the equipment to get rid of floppies. As we know that the new generation computers and laptops do not have a standard 34 pin FDD interface where one could try to install a standard FDD or floppy drive to usb emulator. Also due to non availability of any PCI FDD controllers , or usb FDD controller user is left with no choice except to continue with old floppy drives. Using this intelligent version of floppy to usb emulator or the usb floppy drive emulator the purpose could be easily achieved, as using this will enable the user to have a version which can be connected to usb port and gets itself detected as usb floppy drive. Now we have a simple method of formatting the usb flash disc using floppy to usb software, and once formatted can be plugged into usb floppy drive emulator, and getting itself detected as floppy disk inserted in usb floppy drive emulator. Now user can simply access the usb as floppy disc and can do data transfer on A: from propriety software or even in Non Dos formats.

Floppy disc to usbHow To Convert A Floppy Disk To Usb

Convert Floppy Disk To Usb Drive

Note : Few things to be kept in mind prior to the start of use of this version of floppy to usb emulator. If the flash disc is not inserted in usb port of usb as floppy, the display of floppy drive to usb displays '0.0.' which means either there is no usb flash in usb port or if it is there then it has not been detected. The dots in between the digits reflect very important diagnose in this floppy drive to usb version of emulator. The dots in between the digits must vanish as you plug-in the usb disk in the usb interface port of floppy disc to usb converter. In the case of dots not vanishing even after inserting the usb flash disc, it is recommended to use slow speed or in other words USB 1.0 backward compatible flash drives. These usb flash drives must have been formatted in single block or multiple partition using the floppy to usb software before being inserted in the usb interface of floppy drive to usb converter. If the process of formatting the usb disc is not done using the floppy disk to usb formatting software, the floppy drive to usb emulator will not be able to access the usb disc. In the front of this floppy disk to usb converter there are 2 switches. The two switches are used to change the partitions created by floppy to usb formatting software in the event usb is plugged in. The rare of floppy disk to usb converter has a mini din connector. The user can connect the mini din connector of floppy drive to usb using a mini usb cable to the usb port of a computer. When it is connected the computer will read this device as a usb floppy drive where you can easily treat usb as floppy.

Features : 1.44mb USB100 usb floppy drive emulator

* Can read and write in Non-Dos formats alongwith FAT12, FAT16, FAT32

* Can store data of upto 100 floppy disks on a single USB drive

* Reads and writes the usb like physical floppy disk ( sector by sector and track by track )

* Supports Ready Signal and Slow Motor read speed

* Write back process directly writes treating usb as floppy disk

* No internal memory , so performs access directly on USB disc

Specifications of Floppy Drive to USB

Successful alternative for 1.44MB with Non Dos Support and Boot Floppy disk option

USB as floppy Interface Options - Min Din usb Connector

Physical Dimensions of floppy to usb - Standard 3.5'