How To Install Fifa 08

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FIFA Manager 08 v1.2a MULTI6 No-DVD/Fixed EXE; FIFA Manager 08 v1.2 MULTI6 No-DVD/Fixed EXE. Install the game - Full Installation. Apply the official FIFA Manager Patch #2. Replace the original MANAGER08.EXE file with the one from the File Archive. Next FIFA 08 Game. Related Articles. Download PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Game. FIFA 18 Download PC Full Version Game – Torrent about the game itself, the download link and the information: Hello there boys and girls! is very glad you decided to come here once again, for more interesting and surely appealing video games. In this video you will learn How To Download FIFA 08 on PC FIFA 08 IDM LINK My name is Ben, and i install a game, FIFA 08, yesterday, in iso format, because i want to play FIFA with a patch, of Holly & Benji, because is awsome! But when i try enter in the game, it says that 'FIFA 08 requires hardware graphics acceleration' I have windows 8, with Quad-Core Processor and AMD Radeon HD 8330 with 512 MB Graphics System Memory! How do you install FIFA 08 and play without CD game? Asked by Wiki User. Wiki User Answered. 2014-06-04 23:-06-04 23:37:06. FIFA 08 is a football video.

Play as one of your favorite soccer teams from across the world in FIFA 08.

When you begin playing the game, you'll see that the graphics have greatly improved over the other games in the series. There are several European teams in the league, but there are American options as well. Coaching options have significantly improved as well as the ways that the players move on the field. It's almost like watching a live soccer game right from your computer if you can get the right plays made during the game.

There is a 'Be A Pro Mode' where you can choose one player to get to the championship. You can control the career of the player and change a variety of things about the person, such as overall characteristics after improving upon skills and even the uniform that the player has while on the field. Cooperative online play makes it easy to get the team in sync so that they share the ball instead of one player taking over while the others run on the field.

There are a few new trick moves that you'll see on the field. These can get the ball in the net a lot faster and with more precision than other games that have been developed in the series. While coaching, you have more options with the plays that are seen on the field. Practice sessions can be set up so that players can improve their skills, such as defending the goal or kicking. The game features over 15,000 players and over 30 leagues with numerous teams. You can change the way that the fields and arenas look to give them a realistic appearance.


  • Stunning graphics
  • Several players and teams
  • Better moves on the field


  • Difficult to coordinate keys
Hello Friends after long time I am back with my new post.
today’s post about how to solve Fifa 08 problem in windows 7 And Windows 8.
How To Install Fifa 08
Fifa 08 was designed by EA Sports for windows xp.
Because of this you can’t play this game on any other operating system.

But now Windows Xp operating system has been expired by Microsoft.

Microsoft Removed Protection of windows xp but still you can use windows xp and play this game.
The problem is you can’t play this game on any other operating system, because Fifa 08 doesn’t support any other operating system.

But what about fifa 08 game’s fan’s.

They can’t play this game.
Now doesn’t worry your friend manoj is always hear to help you.
So I found a way to play this game on other operating system.
Because I knew how much you are missing your favorite game fifa 08.
This game is really unique for its fans.

How To Install Fifa 08 7

For this game you don’t need much hardware configuration.
You can play it on low hardware configuration pc also.
Latest versions of Fifa i.e. Fifa 09, 10, 11,12,13,14
Need much better configurations in your pc or on your laptop.

Hardware congregation for this game is –

Minimum system requirements:Recommended system requirements:
CPU:1.3 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent processor
CPU:1.5 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent processor
RAM:1024 MB recommended (depending on the number of selected leagues)
DX:Direct-x 9 or higher installed.
DX:Direct-x 9 or higher installed.
OS:Windows 2000/XP, executable on Microsoft Windows Vista
OS:Windows 2000/XP, executable on Microsoft Windows Vista
How To Install Fifa 08
HDD:4,500 MB available hard disk space
HDD:4,500 MB available hard disk space
Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
ODD:8x DVD-ROM drive
ODD:8x DVD-ROM drive

How To Install Fifa 08 09

Note: (*) Supported chipsets: NVIDIA GeForce3 or greater (GeForce MX series not supported); ATI Radeon 8500 or greater; Intel 915/945/950/GMA3000. Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported.
How To Install Fifa 08

How To Install Fifa 08 20

So hear is the solution for your favorite game’s problem fifa 08.

* Error, do these steps.

* You will see two .rar files…

* Rip For Games2

* Fifa folder.

How To Install Fifa 08

* In the Fifa 08 folder.

* Files

* Last one thin Folder. You have to do is just download this file and unzip this file in Fifa
The game shall now run fine.

How To Install Fifa 08

Enjoy The Game And Don’t Forget to comment your revives.