How To Sell Commodities In Stick Rpg

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A Smarter Way to Sell Commodities. What many commodities sellers don’t appreciate is that their customers frequently will pay a premium to the supplier that understands and reduces their. While doing Commodities, before you leave the bus station to sell, make sure you have a gun with 99 ammunition. Also m., Stick RPG Complete for the PC Fri, 30. Play Stick RPG 2 - Collect the mysterious trans-dimensional artifacts to solve the mystery of Paper Thin City!

How to

Stick RPG The objective in this game is to increase Mr. Stick's net worth. So try to make as much money as you can: work to earn money and study to apply for better jobs. Go to the gym to become stronger and go clubbing to increase your charm. Start a bar brawl to get money fast and do anything that helps you become rich!
Controls: Use the arrow keys to move and the mouse to interact with other stick men or to select an option. There are other shortcuts to control your items, like Shift.













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How do I sell Commodities?
To sell commodities, you must travel to different cities to make the deals. In order to get to other cities from the Bus Depot, the clock must be fully white. To get the clock fully white, you must have the CD Alarm Clock and caffeine pills. Next, you must buy the cell phone. Once you are ready to travel to different cities, you must buy the commodities first. The red guy between the pawn shop and the convenience store will sell you 1 gram of cocaine for $400. You can sell this in other cities and try to make a profit. However, if you are carrying more than 50 grams of it, then you will most likely be busted by the police. You may also purchase beer in the bar and sell that too. In order to protect yourself in other cities, you must have a gun loaded with ammo, and a high amount of strength. Over 500 will do, but it is best to have 999. Also, the higher your charm is, the better deals you will get.
What is karma and what is it's purpose?
Karma is a result of what you do in the game. If you do good things, your karma will go up. If you do bad things, it will go down. It will affect whether you are the president or dictator and it will also affect your rank at the end of the game. Higher karma levels make your stick turn white, while lower karma levels turn your color into red.
Ways to raise your karma:
  • Working
  • Giving spare change to the bum
  • Going to school
Ways to lower your karma:
  • Giving smokes to the little kid
  • Killing the kid with too many smokes
  • Robbing the bank or convenience store
  • Selling commodities
  • Killing people in bar fights
How do I get the Skateboard?
Give the smokes to the kid on the corner and he'll give it to you. What would happen if you give the kid too many smokes? You'll find out.
How do I hotwire the car?
You need 350 intelligence to hotwire the car in front of your house.
How do I get the sports car?Sell
You must have the hot-wired yellow car, and then play the game for 365 'stick' days.
After I ger the sports car, are there any other bonuses?

Where do I purchase Real Estate?

In the bank.
What are the different Real Estates and what new items can I get when I purchase them?
  • Bigger Apartment (Allows you to buy the Circuit Breaker 5000 Computer)
  • Penthouse Suite (Allows you to buy the Behemoth-Vision TV and Deep Freeze)
  • Mansion (Allows you to buy the Stick-Fitness Treadmill, StickChoice Satellite System, Stick-o-Pedia Xgenica, and the Suds'n'Bubbles Minibar)
  • Castle (No new items)
What are the different jobs?
At McSticks:
- Cook ($6 per hour, $144 per full day)
At New Lines Incorporated:
- Janitor ($8 per hour, $192 per full day)
- Mail Room Clerk ($10 per hour, $240 per full day)

How To Sell Commodities In Stick Rpg Complete

- Salesperson ($15 per hour, $360 per full day)
- Executive ($25 per hour, $600 per full day)
- Vice President ($50 per hour, $1200 per full day)
- CEO ($100 per hour, $2400 per full day)
Of the town
- President ($5000 per full day)
- Dictator ($5000 per full day)
How do I become President/Dictator?
To become president, you must:
  • Have 666 or greater in all your stats.
  • Have +1 or greater karma
  • Have $200,000 in hand.
  • Have the Castle.
To become dictator, you must:
  • Have 777 or greater in all your stats.
  • Have -1 or less karma.
  • Have $200,000 in hand.
  • Have the Castle.
(Thanks to Kohan for the precise figures)
They both earn the same amount of money. Once you have the necessary requirements, you will get a message asking you to campaign. This may take a few days, so just sleep a few days. The most expensive campaign is highly recommended.
Can I be both the President and Dictator at the same time?How To Sell Commodities In Stick Rpg

Once I become President/Dictator, can I switch to the other one?


Can I raise my stats faster?

Yes. By watching the Behemoth-Vision TV, you will raise your stats much faster.
I can't seem to figure out the stocks. How do I make money off them?
Just follow the simple strategy: Buy low, sell high. Wait until the value of any stock goes down to $1 (that's the lowest it can go). Then, buy as much stock in it as you can. Once the value goes up higher, just sell it all, and you'll make tons of money.
What are the different items and what do they do?
- Skateboard (Allows you to move faster.)
- CD Alarm Clock (Allows you to wake up earlier each day.)
- Hand Gun (Protects you from being robbed while selling commodities and is required to rob the bank/convenience store. You must also purchase ammo.)
- Knife (Causes +2 damage in close range combat.)
- Cell Phone (Allows you to cell commodities in other cities. It is an automatic item, so you don't have to do anything.)
- Coma-Snooze Bed (Heals +10 HP every time you sleep.)
- Circuit Breaker 5000 Computer (Allows you to buy and sell stocks.)
- Behemoth-Vision TV (Allows you to watch TV to quickly level up your stats.)
- Deep Freeze (Heals +10 HP every time you sleep.)
- Stick-Fitness Treadmill (You gain +1 strength every time you sleep.)
- StickChoice Satellite System (Allows you to pick up additional channels.)
- Stick-o-Pedia Xgenica (You gain +1 intelligence every time you sleep.)
- Suds'n'Bubbles Minibar (You gain +1 charm every time you sleep.)
How do I rob the bank?
First, you must have a gun loaded with ammo. Next you must raise your charm as high as you can. The higher your charm, the more likely you will pull it off. Go into the bank or convenience store and click the button that says 'Rob the place'. If you succeed, you'll earn some money. If you fail, you'll be put in jail for a short time.
Where do I buy ammo for my gun?
After you buy the gun out of the pawn shop, you must leave the building and re-enter it in to buy ammo.
Are there any cheats?
Yes. If you enter your name as HEYZEUS!!!! you will start out with 555 in all your stats and $10,000.
Is there a purpose to Drunken Darts?
Nope. It's just a fun mini-game.
How many times can I raise my charm by giving money to the hobo?
I can't find the cell phone, the bus depot won't work, I can't buy Real Estate, and the furniture store is still closed. What's wrong?
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How To Sell Commodities In Stick Rpg

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How To Sell Commodities In Stick Rpg

Ok....I'm the president, I have the sports car, I have 999 in all my stats, I have over a billion dollars, I've bought every item, and I've done just about everything else in the whole game. Is there anything else to do?

How Strong Do You Have To Be To Sell Commodities In Stick Rpg