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Ctrl+Z (or Command+Z on a Mac) is a common keyboard shortcut for Undo. Usually, programs with the Undo function keep track of not just your most recent change but an entire series of your most recent changes. What is the passive voice? In general, the active voice makes your writing stronger, more direct, and, you guessed it, more active. The subject is something, or it does the action of the verb in the sentence. With the passive voice, the subject is acted upon by some other performer of the verb.(In case you weren’t paying attention, the previous two sentences use the type of voice they describe.). I was using the add-in Grammarly, which does not allow Word to operate the 'undo' mode to restore text. I tried the Ctrl Z keys and that does not work either. Help me, where did the paragraph of text disappear to so that I can get it. Help somebody (to) do - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary. Pretty simple question: Typed a word and it gor marked, I was pretty sure it was the right word, so I clicked to see the options and ended up clicking 'Add To Dictionary' by mistake. If it's wrong, I don't want to have it on the dictionary as much as I thought it was the correct spelling of it.

Don't make Web address mistakes that can confuse your readers.

October 5, 2007
Episode #78
Formatting Hyperlinks
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Grammar Girl here.

Today I'm going to talk about how to format Web addresses for print documents and websites.

URLs and Terminal Punctuation

A listener named Aileen recently asked how to deal with a Web address at the end of a sentence. Should she put the period or other terminal punctuation mark at the end of the sentence as she normally would, leave the period off so the reader doesn't mistakenly include it in the address, or do something funky such as put quotes around the Web address?

Most of my books don't cover URL formatting, but The Chicago Manual of Style, which is probably the most comprehensive guide when it comes to formatting, says Web addresses don't need special treatment. So put the punctuation in just as you would if the sentence ended with a word or a number. [At least one online style guide agrees (1).]

Full URLs Versus Abbreviated URLs

Whether you should write out the full URL including the “http://” and “www” part is a matter of style (2). If you're including a Web address in a list of references and you're using a specific referencing style like Chicago, MLA, or APA, then you follow their specific recommendations; but if you're writing an essay or e-mail, then the style is up to you or your boss or teacher. Some people prefer to write out the entire address, whereas others prefer to write the shortest address possible that will still work when you type it into a Web browser. (Every browser I'm aware of will take you to the right page even if you leave off the “http://www.”) Just decide on a style and stick with it.

Active Links

Nancy in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, wanted to know if her students should make their URLs live hyperlinks.

If you're writing a document that will only be read in print, then there's no reason to make the link active; it will just show up underlined in the printout, which is unnecessary. I've included instructions at the bottom of this transcript on how to remove hyperlinks in word processing programs.

On the other hand, if your document will be on the Web or in an e-mail message, do make the link clickable so it's easier for your readers to visit the page (3).

Long URLs

The next problem you are likely to encounter is what to do with a long URL. You know what I mean: one of those URLs that seem to go on forever with equal signs and question marks and lots of numbers.

How To Undo Something On Grammarly

The most important thing is that you should not use a hyphen at the line break. That will definitely confuse people because it's common for URLs to have internal hyphens. And if there is a hyphen in the address, don't make the line break right after it; that will confuse people because they won't know whether you are improperly inserting a hyphen to mark the break or the hyphen is part of the address.

Instead, if you have to wrap the URL to a new line, find a natural break like a slash, dot, number sign, or other symbol. Again, use common sense: don't break a URL right after a period or readers might think the period marks the end of the sentence. If you break at a period, make the break before the period so it starts the new line.

Lately, I've been using URL shortening services like TinyURL and urlTea as an alternative to wrapping long URLs. These services are very simple: you go to their website, paste in your long URL, and they spit out a much shorter URL that goes to the same page. [2015 UPDATE: is now the dominant URL shortener.]

Click Here and Underlining

Remove Grammarly From My Computer

How To Undo Something On Grammarly

A few other points about hyperlinks and websites --

SomethingAdd grammarly to facebook

When you're turning words into links on a webpage, link the words that best describe what you are linking to instead of putting in self-conscious words like click here (4, 5). A site called “Web Content Design” made a point that I think is worth repeating: The text should make sense without the hyperlinks, which argues against adding words like click here.

Also, it's best to avoid underlining things for emphasis on websites because underlining marks hyperlinks. I know that it's possible to make links any style you want if you fiddle with the code, but underlining is the default style for a link, so if you underline text, some people are going to think it's an active link (4).

That's all. Thanks for listening.

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1.“World Wide Web Style Guide,” Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering Website. May 5, 2006,
2.“World Wide Web Style,” University of Colorado at Boulder Style Guide. 2002,
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Additional Information

How to remove the active hyperlink in an Open Office document on a PC or a Mac:

1. Highlight the text.
2. In the Format menu, choose Character (or hit the key sequence Alt-O-H on a PC).
3. In the Hyperlink tab, delete any text in the URL box.
4. Hit OK.

How to remove the active hyperlink in an MS Word document on a PC or a Mac:

1. Put your cursor anywhere in the link.
2. Press Control-K (Command-K for a Mac) to bring up the Edit Hyperlink menu.
3. Click Remove Link in the bottom left corner of the menu.

HP Laptop Keyboard image, David Precious at Flickr. CC BY 2.0.

How to uninstall grammarly

Remove Grammarly From Word

How To Undo Something On Grammarly

Grammarly is a super-efficient grammar and spell-check app that is s a must-have for every writer's toolbox. But more than that it really helps you take your writing to the next level. Depending on the writing styles, the AI is geared towards helping you write more engaging and compelling pieces that will be well-received by your audience. The tool helps eliminates redundancy and monotony in seconds, which makes editing a breeze!

Deleted Your Document By Accident??

If you found this post because you accidentally deleted your doc and currently have a humungous pit in your stomach. Stay calm. Breathe. We can help.

The great news is because of Grammarly cloud storage facility your most recent docs are temporarily backed up in the cloud!

How To Quickly Recover Your Grammarly Doc?

  1. Make sure you logged into
  2. Visit the document recovery link:
  3. Find the doc you were looking for

That's it, literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How Much Time Do I Have To Recover My Grammarly Doc?

How To Undo Something On Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly on backups up your latest documents, i.e. the last ten or so you have edited. If not too much time has not gone by or you having been producing docs like a demon then you can probably still recover the file.

Limitations For Document Recovery

Grammarly document recovery is limited to web and native desktop apps. Unfortunately, it does not cover any third party tool plugin or extensions such as chrome or outlook addons.

What Do You Think of Grammarly?

As far as writing assistant tools go what is your take on Grammarly? Yay or nay or have you heard of something better? We'd love to hear your opinion so drop us a line in the comments.

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