How To View Old Yahoo Messenger Conversations

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Download Yahoo Message Archive Decoder for Windows to view the Yahoo Messenger message archive without logging in to the messenger. Join or Sign In Sign in to add and modify your software. It's a house-shaped tab in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Tap a conversation. Older messages will be further down the page, so you may have to scroll down. Scroll up through your messages. The further up the page you scroll, the older the messages are. Tap a message you want to read.


Is it possible to view Yahoo Messenger archive from someone you didn't know the password?

Some people may think that save all of their Yahoo Messenger conversation cannot be read by the others, but it's not true, you also can read that message by using some tools.

In this tutorial I will show you how Yahoo Messenger archive can be read without password, just a few click and everything revealed.

Required Tools:

1. YM Archive Decoder(EXE, 394KB)

Step By Step :

1. Find Yahoo Messenger profiles message archive.

In Windows 7 64-bit it should be in C:Program Files (x86)Yahoo!MessengerProfiles.

If it's Windows 7 32-bit it should be in C:Program FilesYahoo!MessengerProfiles.

If there's no YM profiles in above folder, try here %LocalAppData%VirtualStoreProgram FilesYahoo!Messenger.

2. Run the Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder

just choose which user profiles you want to see the conversation. and then click NEXT.

3. Choose which conversation you want to see

If the user profile have a lot of another user he/she chat with, it will result more user to choose in this page. Just choose which user you want to see then click VIEW.

4. There's the decoded conversation

you can see the plain conversation 🙂

Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder Prevention :

1. Don't leave your computer unintended that will let other people accessed your computer

2. If there's no important conversation, just see my other post about how to disable the Yahoo Messenger archiving feature in Yahoo Messenger.

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How To View Old Yahoo Messenger Conversations

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