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The Kaps-AllAU-4 compact unscrambler has most of the same features and options as the company’smodel AU-6 except that it has a smaller footprint. The AU-4 is the smallestfully automatic unscrambler in the industry, handling a wide range ofcontainers with few or no parts, no air, and with a low profile (maximum height60”).

Virtually allstyles and shapes of plastic, metal, and corrugated containers can be handled withinthe range of ½” to 6” tall and up to 3” wide. A wide range of speeds can beobtained depending on container size.

Purchaseor lease?

Consider thebenefits of leasing your Kaps-All AU-4 Compact Unscrambler acquisition.

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Leasing is a strong option, which can help you:

Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc. Kaps-All builds packaging equipment such as bottle unscramblers, liquid fillers, labelers, induction sealers and quality control to meet production requirements. SIGMA sells, rents or buys inline bottle cappers, piston fillers, rotary accumulation tables and more. Used Pneumatic Scale TC 4510 Rotary Overcapper with Cap Unscrambler and Cap Elevator with: TC 4510 Rotary Overcapper: Output: 60 to 300 bottles per minute, depending on bottle dimensions Maximum. Resina U 30 699 In-Line 4 Spindle Capper. Used Kaps-All brand equipment. Request a quote on-line or contact us. We will help you find the Kaps-All to fit your needs. Toggle navigation. Used Kaps-All Unscrambler, Disc Equipment. We don’t currently have any equipment listed under Kaps-All.

  • Maximize your ROI – Leasing can reduce your equipment payback time to zero. To the extent labor and material savings exceed the monthly payments, you can go cash positive on day one.
  • Include all the equipment options you need without a major initial cash outlay.
  • Spread the cost over time, with affordable, fixed monthly payments.
  • Improve cash flow/conserve cash.
  • Avoid capital budget limitations.
  • Preserve bank lines of credit for when you need them most.
  • Qualify for available tax savings.

Kaps-All Bottle Unscrambler -M# AU-6C Automatic Bottle Unscrambler. Unit was originally manufactured in 2008 and was only used for a short time. This is a low profile machine which is constructed in Stainless Steel and has polycarbonate safety guards. Used Kaps-All Automatic Bottle Unscrambler. This is a low profile machine which is constructed in Stainless Steel and has polycarbonate safety guards. Equipped with an elevator/hopper assembly, 30 Cu Ft hopper, 36” pre-feeder bowl and integrated control panel. Can orient round, square, rectangular, oval and tapered containers.

Kaps All Unscrambler

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