Lucas Gj4 Magneto

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  3. Lucas Gj4 Magneto Parts

Any instrument listed as immediately available can be had in the time it takes to pay for it and post it. For further details, please email us, giving the reference number of the magneto of interest, at:
[email protected]

LUCAS KN MAGNETOS Model Interpretation For use on 6 cylinder engines. GJ4 GJ4 c,J4F-5 CiJ4F.5 3 5 7 4 44148. If you want magneto repairs - we. Lucas Sr4 Magneto Manual Diagram; Lucas Sr4 Magneto Manual Download; Contributed Article. Lucas RF4 magneto repair manual free download. Agriline Diesel cc is a registered company in South Africa: Reg no CK 2010/044705/23 Registered Office: Shop 4. Timing Your Magneto Ignition Tractor. MS1 & MN MAGNETO PARTS NB. As well as the Armature Rewinds listed below for MO1L, MN2 & MS1, we can rewind all other types of Armature for LUCAS ‘M’ Type Magnetos. (Please contact us for more information.) DESCRIPTION LUCAS No. DESCRIPTION LUCAS No. Magneto is RSI Lucas in top condition. Original fuel tank. Drive flange is 3/4'and rubber mounted and can be sleeved to 5/8'. Motor ready to install. Excellent condition. I have also other drive flanges as well as.

Magnetos Available for Reconditioning - to Customer Specification

We also have a selection of magnetos available for reconditioning to customer taste. For these magnetos, the customer has some choices. At a minimum the magnetos will have the features listed above under 'Magnetos for Immediate Sale'. This guarantees their functionality. In addition, we can offer cosmetic services such as vapour-blasting, complete replacement of all small fasteners with bright new ones, new maker's tags, etc.

These currently include:


Lucas Gj4 Magneto Parts

  • Lucas GJ4, 4-cylinder, clockwise, manual timing

  • Lucas GB4, 4-cylinder, clockwise, manual timing

  • Lucas GEJ4, 4-cylinder, clockwise, manual timing

  • BTH M1, 1-cylinder, anticlockwise, manual timing

  • BTH GA4, 4-cylinder, clockwise, manual timing

  • Bosch ZE1, 1-cylinder, anticlockwise, manual timing

  • M-L PM1, 1-cylinder, anticlockwise, manual timing

  • CAV 3U1, 1-cylinder, anticlockwise, manual timing

  • SEV Type 4, 4-cylinder, clockwise, with integral ATD

Lucas Gj4 Magneto Model


These magnetos can be made ready usually in under a month and often rather less. If any is of interest, please email us at:
[email protected]


Lucas Gj4 Magneto Parts

Part exchange is welcome, of any magneto. We will always try to be as generous as we can in relation to part exchanges, but please bear in mind that the majority of the value is a function of the replacement parts and works listed above. Where there is serious physical damage to the mechanical parts, we may on occasion have to decline an exchange.