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Snap-On 12-Outlet Power Strip Review

Snap-On 12-Outlet Power Strip

Snap-on continues to release tools to make our shops more productive. They recently introduced the Snap-on 12-Outlet Power Strip (#92278). They sent us a sample to test out and the following are some thoughts on this new product.

Product Details

There’s no scouting for an outlet with the new Snap-on 12-Outlet Power Strip. Mount it above the workbench, and you have power at your finger tips. The 12-outlet design is ideal for home and garage use. The power strip’s housing is constructed of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum and features a 15-amp circuit breaker and a 6-ft., 14-gauge, 3-conductor contractor grade power cord. Mounting hardware is provided. Designed for indoor use only, the Snap-on 12-Outlet Power Strip (#92278, $29.99) is available at Costco stores nationwide.

Our Thoughts

Power management in shops can be a real struggle at times with numerous power tools, battery chargers, lights, dust collection and so forth. So having a good power strip rated for shop use is certainly a huge benefit for anyone’s shop.

As you can see above we set up our new Snap-on power strip on the wall adjacent to our table saw. This particular table saw is located in the garage where storage is at a premium so it often times acts as a workbench. Setting up the power strip in this location was perfect for charging our batteries and working with small power tools.

Mac tools power steering pulley set

Easy Installation

Installing the Snap-on power strip was very easy. We installed two power strips, one on a plywood wall and another on a regular stud wall as shown above. The power strip is mounted to the wall with two plastic holding brackets (see the black bracket just to the right of the word Snap-on above). The brackets are attached to the wall with two supplied wood screws. It literally takes one minute to install the power strip.


Mac Tools Power Steering Pulley Set

The power strip is constructed of a durable aluminum casing that’s sure to hold up to the rigors of the shop. Once installed on the wall the power strip felt very sturdy, solid and well built. The power strip has a 15 amp breaker, a 6 foot cord, and it comes with all the mounting hardware. Ultimately the quality that we usually associate with Snap-on is evident in this product.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Snap-on power strip was impressive. It’s built of quality materials and sells for a reasonable price ($30 at Costco). While there are some people who are sure to criticize a Snap-on product that’s not marketed out of the truck I would say it doesn’t matter. I too was a bit skeptical but after using the product I can say it’s of the same quality as their other products. If you’re in the market for a new shop power strip give this one a look.

Mac tools power steering pulley remover

Mac Tools Power Steering Pulley Remover

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Everyone needs a good power strip, so why not get one that’s good-looking as well as functional. The Kbar desktop line ( from Kopi is a a designer power strip that features a 21W 5V USB charger designed to quickly charge two high power mobile devices in paralle.

The Kbar sports a contemporary design that complements modern home and office interiors — and looks good with a Mac. It’s available in aluminum orange, purple, black and pink.

The US$59.99 Kbar is a “3 Ways/ 5 Ways” power strip with two USB power charging ports. It boasts a power-saving design that uses less energy, saving you money and protecting the environment.

For those who are interested the tech specs are:

Input: AC 100 to 240V
AC sockets : 3-5 ways
USB Output: 21 Watts (DC 5V, Max 2.1 Amps x 2 ports)
Countries : US / UK / EU / AUS / CN
Socket material : PA6 , PC
Profile : aluminium / PVC
Finishing : anodize colors
Noise filter (optional)
Surge Protection (optional)
Current sensor (optional)
2.0M cable for US / EU / AUS
IEC socket for UK / CN
Product size: 365 mm x 62 mm x 45 mm
Product weight: 850 grams