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Start Gibbed's save editor for Mass effect 2 and press Open. Now you need to select your save file. In the window that opens after pressing Open. Go to AdminMy DocumentsBiowareMass Effect 2Save. Now choose the save you wish to edit. Now press the Toolbox tab. Now press Import. Go to the folder where you saved your downloaded Headmorph. You have to alter the numbers in the RAW section of Gibbed. Go to Raw Tab, click Player (on left side), Head Morph (on the right side) and change the Scalar Parameters (click on the button) of the Highlight1 and Highlight2 from whatever number they are to a higher number, like I went from 4 to 50. This is a simple morph to turn V4 into an Asari (from Mass Effect universe).The morph is sculpted in Zbrush and tested in DS3. I don't have poser so I can't test on it (but I think It should work).EDIT: Tested in poser 7, 9, Pro 2012. It works fine!Hope you enjoy!

Let's start with the basics. How to import a headmorph into your Mass Effect 3 save game.
Headmorphs let you swap appearances between save games and you'll recognize them by the file extension .me3headmorph.

Download the latest version of Gibbed's ME3 Savegame Editor.

Open up Gibbed's save editor and you will see a row of buttons and 2 rows of tabs.After

1. Hit 'Open' and load the save game you want to edit.

2. Navigate to the 'Appearance' tab in the bottom row of tabs, next to 'Basic'.
3. There will be 2 drop-down menus: 'Head Morph' and 'Presets'

Click 'Head Morph' and you will see two options, click 'Import from File...'

A navigation window will open for you to find your desired head morph.

Mass Effect 1 Head MorphIn the case of my customized Femshep it will be 'ELE_defem_brunette.me3headmorph'
or just 'ELE_defem_brunette' if you don't have file extensions visible.

Select it and hit 'Open'

Now at the top of Gibbed, hit 'Save' and either create a new save file or overwrite your existing one. It's always a good idea to make a new one if your not sure of the results of your tweaks.

Mass Effect 1 Head Morph Mod


After Effects Morph Cut

If you load up your save in Mass Effect 3, your Shepard should have new face.