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The newest additions to the Play Arts -KAI- line come from the massively popular Mass Effect video game series: Commander Shepard, turian agent Garrus Vakarian, and Alliance soldier Ashley Williams. These beautifully articulated figures have been sculpted and painted with care, taking down their every small detail to recreate your favorite. Mass Effect 3 The third game has more romance options, several of which carry over from prior games and some of which require continuing the romance from ME2. Male Shepard can romance Miranda Lawson, Tail’Zorah vas Normandy, Jack, Ashely Williams (all pictured above), and a human male character named Steve Cortez.

Frankly, Ashley is a mess of a character come Mass Effect 3 and the little screen-time Miranda gets in the Vanilla version is still more palatable than all of Ashley's except for the final goodbyes section on Earth (I'd say Ashley has the best pre-final run moment and extended cut escape moment).


Previously, on Mass Effect. Both new and imported male Shepards can romance Ashley, but actions you took in previous games can complicate things. Ashley will be suspicious of your motives early on. In Mass Effect 1 we romanced Ashley, but when Mass Effect 2 came around, we'd forgotten all about her and had moved onto the sultry charms of Miranda. But what will Mass Effect 3 make of all this?

Mass effect 3 save miranda

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Download all the mods here. Tutorial on how to install here.

1. Kabuki Armor Mod

This mod is based on Tela Vasir’s Spectre armor from Mass Effect 2 but can be used to mod Mass Effect 3. The download file comes with four different color models (Red – pictured, Green – pictured, Teal, Brown), as well as an editable .PSD file if you want to customize the color scheme. The mod requires you to use ME3Explorer to install (tutorial coming soon!).

2. Aria Alliance Armor

This mod is a take on Aria’s uniform. Comes in regular blue and sparkly blue versions, with and without the Alliance logo on the back. The mod requires you to use ME3Explorer to install.

3. Bloody Stormtrooper Armor

This is based on Ashley’s armor. It’s mostly white with some black and a distinctive blood splatter across the chest. Wear the blood of your enemies with this mod :) The mod requires you to use ME3Explorer to install.

4. America, Fuck Yeah! Armor

The armor mod you never even realized you needed. It looks awesome if you’re playing as a biotic. Requires ME3 Explorer to install.

5. Bling Reckoner Armor

Because the original silver and red blood dragon armor wasn’t fab enough, I made it gold with a glow-in-the-dark red sparkly dragon. Simple Texmod (.tpf) replacement mod.

Mass Effect 3 Miranda Mod

6. Blood Reckoner Armor

Replaces the blue and gold Knight Reckoner armor. Simple Texmod (.tpf) replacement.

7. Dread Pirate Shepard Armor

Feel like being a space pirate? This armor is for you. Comes with cool gold shiny details and a badass skull and crossbones. I tried to add a parrot on the shoulder but alas no luck :) Need ME3 Explorer to install.

8. Fancy Flight Suit

So, in my headcanon, since Shepard is the first human spectre, she gets to design the first human spectre dress uniform. And obviously, my Shep has a flair for the dramatic – gold nameplate, medals, wings and bling … Simple Texmod (.tpf) replacement for the Scientist Uniform.

9. Casual Flight Suit

A less blinged out version of the previous flight suit. Simple Texmod (.tpf) replacement for the green scientist uniform (must be added via coalesced).

10. Bling Dress

Tired of wearing a fancy black trashbag to your black tie events? Here’s a galactic version that will make your Femshep look like a super sexy space fashionista. Simple Texmod (.tpf) replacement for the black dress.

11. Bling Reckoner Armor

Changed the Knight Reckoner armor from blue/gold to sparkly glow-in-the-dark blue stars and platinum. I’m a sucker for sparkles. Simple Texmod (.tpf) replacement.

12. Ashley Armor Variations

Mass effect 3 miranda mission

Let’s face is, Ash has some hot armor. I made a bunch of different colors to suit your needs. Requires ME3 Explorer.

13. Ashley Tunic Variations

What’s hotter than Ash’s armor? Her casual tunic. Comes in smoldering red, little black dress, and original formula blue. Requires ME3 Explorer.

14. Samara Armor Variations

Sometimes, you just want to fight Reapers with your boobs out. Comes in black, blue, emerald, and original formula red. Requires ME3 Explorer.

15. Miranda Black Catsuit

Channel your inner space diva with the black version of Miranda’s white outfit. Requires ME3 Explorer.

16. Shepard, Queen of the Nile Armor

What could be better than some gold armor with turquoise accents when you want to unleash your inner Cleopatra? Requires ME3 Explorer.

17. Plaid Adept Armor

Be bad in plaid. Requires ME3 Explorer.

18. Phoenix Armor

Rise from the ashes with this armor mod. Requires ME3 Explorer.

19. Ice Ice Baby Armor

Give the cold shoulder with this armor mod. Requires ME3 Explorer.

20. Tali and Garrus Hoodies

Mass Effect 3 Miranda Romance

Be creepy and wear Garrus’/Tali’s skin. :)

21. EDI mod for Shepard

Wear an awesome version of EDI’s outfit as Shepard … comes in N7 red and Badass Black (black not pictured). Also replaces EDI’s giant clown tits with more proportionate boobies. The .rar file includes two meshes (.upk) – one to replace EDI’s body with the proportionate boobs mesh and one to replace Shepard’s body with EDI’s proportionate boob mesh (labeled “Neck Fix” because Shep’s neck is bigger than EDI’s). *Update* Due to popular demand, I uploaded a version of EDI’s armor for Shepard that has the original giant clown tits :)

22. Nightingale Armor

Ripped a cape from Skyrim and ported it to the Blood Dragon armor. Looks badass in-game. Comes with silver/red texture and black texture (with glittery black dragon).

With a functioning mesh importer this method is outdated.
Jack's Hair Mod download: link

Adding these hairs via the standard Gibbed method has some...interesting results. Here's a video if you're curious.
There is currently one work-around that I am aware of currently, and that's 'wearing' the hair as a piece of armor.
This has a few drawbacks. One, it's inconvenient, and two, in cut scenes where Shepard is automatically loaded or forced into a casual appearance your poor Femshep will have lost her wig.
However, if you just don't care about suddenly bald Shep, or only want to have her look fab for certain parts of the game, keep reading.
The first thing you'll need to do is edit your coalesced.bin file. That's another tutorial in itself, so I'll save that for another day. Instead, here's mine: link
Ashley, Miranda and Jack hair are now three additional shoulder pieces.
Now, you can wear Shepard's regular armor without a shoulder, or you can do this:
The last slider for Legs and Arms are invisible pieces. Added to the Chest are fullbody armor appearances and casual appearances. Now Shep doesn't look like anything's missing.
If you want to get creative, maybe adding the missing shoulder to the head slot so you can use the classic N7, you'll have to dive into editing your own coalesced.
So this is seriously inconvenient. A few keybindings make it less so.
Numpad 9 is forced armor. Hit it, save and re-load and Shepard will be in armor regardless of where she is.
A few times of Numpad 9 + F5 (autosave) + F9 (load last save) and it will be second nature.
It's possible to give Shepard hair and wear her 'shoulder-hair' on top so she never goes bald.
Possible combos: Cyberbabe + Miranda, PROCustomSexy + Ashley...

Mass Effect 3 Ashley And Miranda Confrontation

Allers + Ashley


you still need to change the Hair_Diff and Hair_Mask entries in Gibbed to match, or use a compatible hair diff. If you don't, it will look weird.
Mesh Names for reference:

Mass Effect 3 Miranda Death