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Welcome to the ultimate Persona experience. The sequel to the beloved dungeon crawler, Persona Q2, arrives on Nintendo 3DS™. Join the cast of P3, P4, and P5 as they are thrown into a new. Persona Q also draws on the Etrian Odyssey series, with its own growing core of engaged gamers drawn to its unique playability and map-making mechanic. Persona Q takes the best parts of these two long-running RPG series and creates a monumental new experience for the Nintendo 3DS. 36 results found for 'persona'. Filter results: Commodore 64 » Batalla de Inglaterra, La (19xx)(Personal Software Services) Commodore 64 » Cosmic Split (1983)(Personal Software Services)al C64 ROM Sony Playstation 2 » EyeToy - Kinetic (The Personal Fitness Trainer) Commodore 64 » Hyper Biker (1988)(Personal Software Services)al Burner Commodore 64 » Hyper Biker (1988)(Personal.

Lights, camera, action! Your favorite Persona characters are back in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.

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Language, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Violence

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PERSONAQ -Sound of The LABYRINTH- ペルソナQ メインテーマ 『MAZE OF LIFE』 Music by Shoji Meguro (作曲: 目黒将司)Song by Yumi kawamura & Shihoko Hirata (歌: 川村ゆみ 平田志穂子)


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this game is just two freind groups meeting up.

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Yumi and Shihoko did really good

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@user-697138983: I mean..your not wrong

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@user-697138983 but some of the themes in persona 5... yikes.....

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I so wish I was old wnought to play these...

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Best persona opening imo

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@user-697138983 same im 11 and i beat persona 5 royal 4 times

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Persona Q 2 Rom

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Persona Q Iso

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Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Soundtrack By Atsushi ...

@michael-bestwina: wait, really? huh, i didn't know that. Thanks for telling me!

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@user-879421725 well she sung for P3 first and i believe only the P1 and P2 remakes have her voice which were made after P3. But even then that’s still long

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Persona Q Rom Download

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