Prefiksi I Tiranes 2015

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Coordinates: 40°46′N19°53′E / 40.767°N 19.883°E
• MayorJuliana Memaj (PS)
• Municipality156.65 km2 (60.48 sq mi)
• Municipality27,295
• Municipality density170/km2 (450/sq mi)
• Municipal unit7,232
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
• Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal Code
Area Code(0)361
WebsiteOfficial Website

Prefiksi I Tiranes 2015 Wlis

Kode Aksesi - qe jane pjesa e pare e nje prefiksi, ose e nje numri telefonik. OBJEKTI Ne kete material do te trajtohet ne kushtet e vendit tone, ajo pjese e Kodeve te Shkurter, te cilet fillojne me shifer te pare “1” ( seria “1” ) dhe qe perfshihen ne diapazonin e marre ne shqyrtim nga ETO ( European Telecommunications Office ).

Me poshte disa sugjerime te tjera nga ne, duke qene se ka disa minuta qe nuk po levizni. Numeratori Telefonik i Shqiperise, nje aplikim per te gjetur cdo numer telefonik qe keni nevoje. Besnik Aliaj currently works as Rector of POLIS University - an International HEI on Architecture and Built Environment in Tirana, Albania. Work interests include: Spatial planning; Urban identity.

Dimal, formerly Ura Vajgurore is a municipality in Berat County, central Albania. It was formed at the 2015 local government reform by the merger of the former municipalities Cukalat, Kutalli, Poshnjë and Ura Vajgurore, that became municipal units. The seat of the municipality is the town Ura Vajgurore.[1] The total population is 27,295 (2011 census),[2] in a total area of 156.65 km2.[3] The population of the former municipality at the 2011 census was 7,232.[2]


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Prefiksi I Tiranes 2015 Se

Prefiksi I Tiranes 2015
Old Gorica Bridge
Prefiksi I Tiranes 2015Prefiksi I Tiranes 2015

Ruins in the style of the old Gorica bridge in Berat attest to the existence of early inhabitants and what would later become the town today. The contemporary city has its origins in recent displacements of residents from nearby villages over the last 100 years. The building of bridges has been the mark of continuity in the town's history. Known by various names, such as 'Bridge of Hasan Bey,' the contemporary name comes from a cement and iron bridge believed to have been built by the Italians as infrastructure for oil pipelines that connected Kuçovë with Vlorë. Local residents call it the 'Old Bridge.' Today it is a small town, known as a crossroad between Berat and Kuçovë.


The town is situated on both banks of the river Osum, at the foot of low mountains.


The population is composed of a mix between locals who are from the other side of town, with predominantly Orthodox surnames, and migrants of the 1960s onwards who originate from villages near Berat, and nearby villages such as Fief, Kutalli, Konizbalte, etc.. Primarily a middle to low-aged population, similar to other Albanian communities in transition, Ura Vajgurore has witnessed an increase in external and internal migration, and immigration of people from mountainous villages of Berat. The economy has long been recognized for surface mining of stone, and recently for processing granulated stone, lime, etc.. The main activities are trade, transport, etc..


The town contains a number of educated residents with higher education in distinction to the rest of the population. There are a few notable personalities that originate from this city, like Llazar Fype (writer). Of considerable notoriety is the local Polyphonic Albanian folk music group.


Local politics lean primarily left due to local economic needs. Nevertheless elected mayors and deputies of recent have done little to substantially improve the infrastructural or economic situation. Both central and local level administration is plagued by nepotism, corruption, and selfishness as the town is in a state of cultural and political transition.[4]

Notable people[edit]

Llazar Fype, writer


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