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Posted By admin On 27/11/21

ProPresenter 6 has two main license options: House of Worship and Businesses, Schools, Government, Individual, etc. Both of these main license options have a few options as well.

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House of Worship

Let's take a look at the House of Worship license first. This license is intended for churches, temples, synagogues, etc. The primary use for ProPresenter in this organization is use within a religious service. This license does not necessarily apply to all ministries or religion-based organizations. If you have any questions about whether you qualify or not, please reach out to our Sales team with your questions and further information about your organization.

Propresenter Free Code

There are two options for a House of Worship license, plus an upgrade option for your existing license. You can purchase a Single License or a Campus License.

Single User License

The Single License is for either Mac or Windows. It does not cover both versions of ProPresenter. However, you are allowed to install and register ProPresenter on more than one computer. The limitation is that once one computer is open each additional computer will run with the watermark over the output. Closing ProPresenter on the first computer will allow another computer become the presentation computer. This is a good option for organizations that have a service on Sunday morning and another during the week. Since both computers are not used simultaneously, the Single License can be used for both computers.

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Campus License

This license is intended for organizations that need both the Mac and Windows version, or need to simultaneously use ProPresenter in multiple locations on the same campus. If you need to run more than one instance of ProPresenter at the same time on the same campus, then this license is for you? If you are part of a church that has multiple locations in your city, each location is considered a separate campus. If one location has multiple buildings but it's all considered to be the same location, then that is one campus. If you have one lcation on on the east side of town and another on the west side of town, those are two different campuses, and each needs its own license based on its needs.


Propresenter 7 Registration

Upgrades and conversion options are also available. This allows you to upgrade from your ProPresenter 4 or ProPresenter 5 license to ProPresenter 6. Click the Upgrades option on the Store page to see what is available to you. You will need to enter your current ProPresenter registration information to get these upgrade options.

Propresenter 4

Businesses, Schools, Government, Individual, etc

This license option is for everyone else. This license can be bought as a single registered copy of ProPresenter or in packs of five licenses. This license can only be registered on one computer at a time, however, you may deactivate a license and register another computer at any time. All you need is an internet connection to do that. To change the registered, click on the ProPresenter 6 menu and select Registration. Click the Unregister button. This will update our database to know that the license is available again and will allow you to register another computer.


If you previously purchased ProPresenter 5 for your organization under the old licensing terms, you can use those codes for a discount off your new ProPresenter license.