Routeros V6 40.3

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Routeros V6 40.3
  • RouterOS: The main product of the micro-based Linux operating system is known as MikroTik RouterOS. By installing on the dedicated hardware of the same company (RouterBOARD) or on the standard x86-based computers, it turns the hardware into a network router and runs many additional features such as the firewall, the service provider, and the.
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Manual Winbox Mikrotik Wiki

Mikrotik routerboard spectral scanner. summary. winbox is a small utility that allows administration of mikrotik routeros using a fast and simple gui. it is a native win32 binary, but can be run on linux and macos (osx) using wine. all winbox interface functions are as close as possible mirroring the console functions, that is why there are no winbox sections in the manual. This example shows how to configure transparent wireless bridge in gui from one w60g device to another. example is done from empty configuration state with utility. connect to the device. after configuration reset only mac telnet is possible. in main winbox screen press on neighbours, choose your devices mac address and press connect:. Mikrotik manufactures routers, switches and wireless systems for every purpose, from small office or home, to carrier isp networks, there is a device for every purpose. see our product catalog for a complete list of our products and their features. Connect using webfig— webfig is a web based gui that acts as the mikrotik routeros configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting tool. connect using winbox — winbox is a configuration utility designed for windows, but can also be used on machines running linux and macos. Mikrotik routeros supports a variety of network interface cards as well as virtual interfaces (e.g. bonding, bridge, vlan etc.). each of them have their own sub menu, but common properties of all interfaces can be configured and read in the general interface menu.

6.41rc34 changelog:.) crs3xx - improved packet processing in slowpath;.) defconf - fixed RouterOS default configuration (introduced in v6.40.3).

Mikrotik Router Dhcp Server Setup In Vlan Interface Youtube


It is possible to connect to the dude server through a web interface if you do not have the dude program available on a certain machine. the web access is disabled by default, to enable it, go to the web server settings. Possible operations are: hide menu this will hide all items from menu and its submenus; hide submenu only certain submenu will be hidden hide tabs if submenu details have several tabs, it is possible to hide them this way; rename menus, items make some certain features more obvious or. Mikrotik is a latvian company which was founded in 1996 to develop routers and wireless isp systems. mikrotik now provides hardware and software for internet connectivity in most of the countries around the world. Khususnya anak tkj yang harus sudah bisa tentang cara cara mengganti identity di mikrotik dengan cli dan gui. dan selepas pada pertemuan sebelumnya saya telah membahas dan memberikan informasi mengenai beberapa basic basic dasar dalam jaringan jenis jeni s router cinta networking pembahasan komputer server d an komputer client c i n ta networking macam macam perangkat haerdware j arungan. Connect to: destination ip or mac address of the router login username used for authentication password password used for authentication keep password if unchecked, password is not saved to the list.

Setup For Beginning Your Mikrotik Routerboard

You able to access the mikrotik router through winbox, if you are outside from the network use the public ip address, or if you are in the network use the internal ip address. 1.4 adding additional ip addresses when connected through winbox, in the menu go to ip > addresses. [[email protected]] > hijacking safe mode from someone unroll release don't take it [u r d]: [u] undoes all safe mode changes, and puts the current session in safe mode. [r] keeps all current safe mode changes, and puts current session in a safe mode. previous owner of safe mode is. Every router is factory pre configured with the ip address 24 on the ether1 port. the default username is admin with no password. after you log in for the first time, please create a new user with a password in the 'full' group, re login and delete the default admin user. Webfig is a web configuration utility for mikrotik router. those who like to configure mikrotik router with web interface can use webfig utility. it has almo. Mikrotik router is mainly famous for bandwidth control service and packet filtering functionalities as well as cheap price. mikrotik router is also favorite to any system administrator because of having graphical user interface (gui) software named winbox which helps to manage mikrotik router so easily.

Phpmixbill V5 Install Mikrotik Api For Mikrotik Hotspot

Mikrotik router as openvpn client. there are a bunch of tutorials online about how to set up a mikrotik routerboard as an openvpn server; this is not one of them, this repository contains information and code samples for configuring a mikrotik router as a client to connect to your own openvpn server hosted elsewhere as of jun ‘16 this is confirmed working on a mikrotik 951ui 2hnd. Mikrotik how to configure trunk and access vlan on mk router. mikrotik how to configure trunk and access vlan on mk router. The router will contact mikrotik servers,create a domain based on the router and assign it.from now on this domain is tied to the specific router and will persist on reset too. not sure why this day and age that mikrotik would not have a gui option for ddns providers… for crying out loud, pfsense has it. reply. george wou says: 21st. Learn mikrotik routeros tutorial series winbox is a small utility that allows administration of mikrotik routeros to use a fast and simple gui to configure t. You need to setup your mikrotik router by using winbox. winbox is the graphical user interface for configuring the mikrotik router os. you can get winbox from mikrotik's website. 1. first we need to define the first port for wan connection so the router will connect to the internet via another router with dhcp.

Mikrotik Router First Time Startup And Setup Using Webfig

Mikrotik routeros is the operating system of mikrotik routerboard hardware. it can also be installed on a pc and will turn it into a router with all the necessary features routing, firewall, bandwidth management, wireless access point, backhaul link, hotspot gateway, vpn server and more. Step 3: openvpn server configuration in mikrotik router. after creating ssl certificate, we are now eligible to enable openvpn server in mikrotik router. the following steps will show how to enable openvpn server in your mikrotik router with proper configuration. click on ppp menu item from winbox and then click on interface tab. Winbox is an interesting utility that allows you to manage the router from a small executable utility you download directly from the router. according to mikrotik, 'winbox is a small utility that allows administration of mikrotik routeros using a fast and simple gui.' simply clicking on winbox in the hex gui downloads its .exe file. you don't. Let's configure bgp on the router to the left (the blue network) this router has a wan address of 30 which connects to mikrotik2. this router also has the 16 subnet sitting behind it which we will want to advertise to mikrotik2. Create 3 vlan in mikrotik router vlan 100 = office vlan 200 = wifi vlan 230 = voip 22 . virtual lans – sme (2) public interface 23 . virtual lans – sme (3).

Related image with mikrotik router gui

Related image with mikrotik router gui

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MikroTik RouterOS v6.40

Дата выхода: 21 июля 2017

Важные изменения:

  • lte - added initial fastpath support (except SXT LTE and Sierra modems);
  • lte - added initial support for passthrough mode for lte modems that supports fastpath;
  • wireless - added Nv2 AP synchronization feature 'nv2-modes' and 'nv2-sync-secret' option.


  • bonding - fixed 802.3ad mode on RB1100AHx4;
  • btest - fixed crash when packet size has been changed during test;
  • capsman - added 'current-registered-clients' and 'current-authorized-clients' count for CAP interfaces;
  • capsman - fixed EAP identity reporting in 'registration-table';
  • capsman - set minimal 'caps-man-names' and 'caps-man-certificate-common-names' length to 1 char;
  • certificate - added 'crl-use' setting to disable CRL use (CLI only);
  • certificate - update and reload old certificate with new one if SKID matches;
  • chr - fixed MAC address assignment when hot plugging NIC on XenServer;
  • chr - maximal system disk size now limited to 16GB;
  • conntrack - fixed IPv6 connection tracking enable/disable;
  • console - fixed different command auto complete on ;
  • crs212 - fixed Optech sfp-10G-tx module compatibility with SFP ports;
  • defconf - added IPv6 default firewall configuration (IPv6 package must be enabled on reset);
  • defconf - improved IPv4 default firewall configuration;
  • defconf - renamed address static DNS entry from 'router' to 'router.lan';
  • dhcp - added 'debug' logs on MAC address change;
  • dhcpv4-client - added 'gateway-address' script parameter;
  • dhcpv4-server - fixed lease renew for DHCP clients that sends renewal with 'ciaddr =';
  • dhcpv4-server - fixed server state on interface change in Winbox and Webfig;
  • discovery - fixed timeouts for LLDP neighbours;
  • dns - remove all dynamic cache RRs of same type when adding static entry;
  • dude - fixed server crash;
  • email - added support for multiple attachments;
  • ethernet - fixed occasional broken interface order after reset/first boot;
  • ethernet - fixed rare linking problem with forced 10Mbps full-duplex mode;
  • export - added 'terse' option;
  • export - added default 'init-delay' setting for '/routerboard settings' menu;
  • export - added router model and serial number to configuration export;
  • export - fixed '/interface list' verbose export;
  • export - fixed '/ipv6 route' compact export;
  • export - fixed MPLS 'dynamic-label-range' export;
  • export - fixed SNMP 'src-address' for compact export;
  • fastpath - improved performance when packets for slowpath are received;
  • fastpath - improved process of removing dynamic interfaces;
  • fasttrack - fixed fasttrack over interfaces with dynamic MAC address;
  • fetch - added 'src-address' parameter for HTTP and HTTPS;
  • filesystem - improved error correcting process on tilera and RB1100AHx4 storage;
  • firewall - added 'none-dynamic' and 'none-static' options for 'address-list-timeout' parameter;
  • firewall - fixed bridge 'action=log' rules;
  • firewall - fixed cosmetic 'inactive' flag when item was disabled;
  • firewall - fixed crash on fasttrack dummy rule manual change attempt;
  • firewall - removed unique address list name limit;
  • hAP ac lite - removed nonexistent 'wlan-led';
  • hotspot - added 'address-list' support in 'walled-garden' IP section;
  • hotspot - require 'dns-name' to contain '.' symbol under Hotspot Server Profile configuration;
  • ike1 - added log error message if netmask was not provided by 'mode-config' server;
  • ike1 - added support for 'framed-pool' RADIUS attribute;
  • ike1 - create tunnel policy when no split net provided;
  • ike1 - fixed minor memory leak on peer configuration change;
  • ike1 - kill phase1 instead of rekey if 'mode-config' is used;
  • ike1 - removed SAs on DPD;
  • ike1 - send phase1 delete;
  • ike1 - wait for cfg set reply before ph2 creation with xAuth;
  • ike2 - added RADIUS attributes 'Framed-Pool', 'Framed-Ip-Address', 'Framed-Ip-Netmask';
  • ike2 - added pfkey kernel return checks;
  • ike2 - added support for 'Mikrotik_Address_List' RADIUS attribute;
  • ike2 - added support for 'mode-config' static address;
  • ike2 - by default use '/24' netmask for peer IP address in split net;
  • ike2 - fixed duplicate policy checking with '' policies;
  • ike2 - prefer traffic selector with 'mode-config' address;
  • ipsec - added 'firewall=add-notrack' peer option (CLI only);
  • ipsec - added information in console XML for 'mode-config' menu;
  • ipsec - added support for 'key-id' peer identification type;
  • ipsec - allow to specify chain in 'firewall' peer option;
  • ipsec - do not deduct 'dst-address' from 'sa-dst-address' for '/0' policies;
  • ipsec - enabled modp2048 DH group by default;
  • ipsec - fixed connections cleanup on policy or proposal modification;
  • ipsec - optimized logging under IPSec topic;
  • ipsec - removed policy priority;
  • l2tp - fixed handling of pre-authenticated L2TP sessions with CHAP authentication;
  • l2tp-server - added 'one-session-per-host' option;
  • log - added 'poe-out' topic;
  • log - improved 'l2tp' logs;
  • log - optimized 'wireless,info' topic logs;
  • log - work on false CPU/RAM overclocked alarms;
  • lte - added 'accounting' logs for LTE connections;
  • lte - added info command support for the Jaton LTE modem;
  • lte - added initial support for 'NTT DoCoMo' modem;
  • lte - added support for Huawei E3531-6;
  • lte - added support for ZTE TE W120;
  • lte - fixed info command when it is executed at the same time as modem restarts/disconnects;
  • lte - improved SMS delivery report;
  • lte - improved reliability on SXT LTE;
  • metarouter - fixed display of bogus error message on startup;
  • mmips - added support for NVME disks;
  • ovpn - added support for 'push-continuation';
  • ovpn - added support for topology subnet for IP mode;
  • ovpn - fixed duplicate default gateway presence when receiving extra routes;
  • ovpn - improved performance when receiving too many options;
  • packages - increased automatic download retry interval to 5 minutes if there is no free disk space;
  • ping - fixed ping getting stuck (after several thousands of ping attempts);
  • ppp - added initial support for ZTE K4203-Z and ME3630-E;
  • ppp - added output values for 'info' command for finding the GSM base station's location ('LAC' and 'IMSI');
  • ppp - fixed 'user-command' output;
  • ppp - fixed non-standart PAP or CHAP packet handling;
  • ppp - improved MLPPP packet forwarding performance;
  • ppp - use interface name instead of IP as default route gateway;
  • proxy - fixed potential crash;
  • proxy - fixed rare program crash after closing client connection;
  • quickset - added 'Band' setting to 'CPE' and 'PTP CPE' modes;
  • quickset - added special firewall exception rules for IPSec;
  • quickset - fixed incorrect VPN address value on arm and tilera;
  • quickset - simplified LTE status monitoring;
  • quickset - use active user name and permissions when applying changes;
  • rb1100ahx4 - fixed startup problems (requires additional reboot after upgrade);
  • rb3011 - fixed packet passthrough on switch2 while booting;
  • rb750gr3 - fixed USB power;
  • routerboard - added 'caps-mode' option for 'reset-configuration';
  • routerboard - added 'caps-mode-script' for default-configuration print;
  • routing - allow to disable 'all' interface entry in BFD;
  • safe-mode - fixed session handling when Safe Mode is used on multiple sessions at the same time;
  • sfp - fixed invalid temperature reporting when ambient temperature is less than 0;
  • sms - decode reports in readable format;
  • sniffer - do not skip L2 packets when 'all' interface mode was used;
  • snmp - added 'ifindex' on interface traps;
  • snmp - added CAPsMAN interface statistics;
  • snmp - added ability to set 'src-address';
  • snmp - fixed '/system resource cpu print oid' menu;
  • snmp - fixed crash on interface table get;
  • snmp - fixed wireless interface walk table id ordering;
  • socks - fixed crash while processing many simultaneous sessions;
  • ssl - added Wildcard support for 'left-most' DNS label (will allow to use signed Wildcard certificate on VPN servers);
  • supout - fixed IPv6 firewall section;
  • switch - fixed 'loop-protect' on CRS SFP/SFP+ ports;
  • switch - fixed multicast forwarding on CRS326;
  • tile - fixed copying large amount of text over serial console;
  • tr069-client - fixed lost HTTP header on authorization;
  • trafficgen - added 'lost-ratio' to statistics;
  • ups - show correct 'line-voltage' value for usbhid UPS devices;
  • userman - added '/tool user-manager user clear-profiles' command;
  • userman - do not send disconnect request for user when 'simultaneous session limit reached';
  • userman - lookup language files also in '/flash' directory;
  • vlan - do not delete existing VLAN interface on 'failure: already have such vlan';
  • webfig - fixed wireless 'scan-list' parameter not being saved after applying changes;
  • winbox - added 'eap-identity' to CAPsMAN registration table;
  • winbox - added 'no-dad' setting to IPv6 addresses;
  • winbox - added 'reselect-channel' to CAPsMAN interfaces;
  • winbox - added 'session-uptime' to LTE interface;
  • winbox - added TR069 support;
  • winbox - do not autoscale graphs outside known maximums;
  • winbox - fixed wireless interface 'amsdu-threshold' max limit;
  • winbox - hide LCD menu on CRS112-8G-4S;
  • winbox - make IPSec policies table an order list;
  • winbox - moved LTE info fields to status tab;
  • winbox - show '/interface wireless cap print' warnings;
  • winbox - show '/system health' only on boards that have health monitoring;
  • winbox - show 'D' flag under '/interface mesh port' menu;
  • wireless - NAK any methods except MS-CHAPv2 as inner method in PEAP;
  • wireless - added option to change 'nv2-downlink-ratio' for nv2 protocol;
  • wireless - added option to set 'fixed-downlink' mode for nv2 protocol;
  • wireless - allow VirutalAP on Level0 (24h demo) license;
  • wireless - always use 'multicast-helper' when DHCP is being used;
  • wireless - do not skip >2462 channels if interface is WDS slave;
  • wireless - fixed 802.11u wireless request processing;
  • wireless - fixed EAP PEAP success processing;
  • wireless - fixed compatibility with 'AR5212' wireless chips;
  • wireless - fixed rare crash on cap disable;
  • wireless - fixed registration table 'signal-strength' reporting for chains when using nv2.

MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.1


Дата выхода: 3 августа 2017


  • bonding - improved reliability on bonding interface removal;
  • chr - fixed false warnings on upgrade reboots;
  • dhcpv6-client - do not run DHCPv6 client when IPv6 package is disabled;
  • export - fixed export for different parameters where numerical range or constant string is expected;
  • firewall - properly remove 'address-list' entry after timeout ends;
  • interface - improved interface state change handling when multiple interfaces are affected at the same time;
  • lte - fixed LTE not passing any traffic while in running state;
  • ovpn-client - fixed incorrect netmask usage for pushed routes (introduced in 6.40);
  • pppoe-client - fixed incorrectly formed PADT packet;
  • rb2011 - fixed possible LCD blinking along with ethernet LED (introduced in 6.40);
  • rb922 - restored missing wireless interface on some boards;
  • torch - fixed Torch on PPP tunnels (introduced in 6.40);
  • trafficgen - fixed 'lost-ratio' showing incorrect statistics after multiple sequences;
  • winbox - added 'none-dynamic' and 'none-static' options for 'address-list-timeout' parameter under NAT, Mangle and RAW rules.

MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.2

Дата выхода: 8 августа 2017


  • dhcpv6-client - fixed IA evaluation order;
  • led - fixed 'modem-signal' LEDs (introduced in 6.40);
  • pppoe-client - fixed wrong MRU detection over VLAN interfaces;
  • rb2011 - fixed possible LCD blinking along with ethernet LED (introduced in 6.40);
  • sfp - fixed invalid temperature readings when ambient temperature is below 0C;
  • winbox - added certificate settings;
  • winbox - added support for certificate CRL list;
  • winbox - do not show LCD menu for devices which does not have it;
  • winbox - hide 'level' and 'tunnel' parameters for IPSec policy templates;
  • winbox - hide FAN speed if it is 0RPM.

MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.3

Routeros V6 40.3 Vs

Routeros V6 40.3

Дата выхода: 1 сентября 2017

Routeros V6 40.3 Engine


  • dhcpv6-server - do not release address of static binding from pool after server removal;
  • export - fixed '/system routerboard' export (introduced in 6.40.1);
  • export - fixed export for PoE-OUT related settings;
  • ike1 - fixed initiator ID comparison to NAT-OA;
  • led - fixed 'on' and 'off' triggers when multiple LEDs are selected;
  • led - fixed RB711UA ether1 LED (introduced in v6.38rc16);
  • lte - do not show USB LTE modem under '/port' menu;
  • lte - fixed ethernet flap when LTE establishes connection;
  • lte - fixed SXT LTE graphs in QuickSet;
  • lte - improved reliability of USB LTE modems;
  • poe-out - fixed router reboot after 'poe-out-status' changes;
  • rb1100ahx4 - fixed HW acceleration fragmented packet decryption when fragment is smaller than 64 bytes;
  • rb750gr3 - show warning and do not allow to use 'protected-bootloader' feature if 'factory-firmware' older than 3.34.4 version;
  • routerboard - added 'mode-button' support for RB750Gr3 (CLI only);
  • ssh - do not execute command if it starts with '-' symbol;
  • traffic-flow - fixed reboots when IPv6 address has been set as target address without active IPv6 package;
  • userman - fixed 'limitation' and 'profile-limitation' update;
  • userman - fixed CoA packet processing after changes in '/tool user-manager router' configuration;
  • webfig - allow to open table entry even if table is not sorted by # (introduced in v6.40);
  • webfig - allow to unset 'rate-limit' for DHCP leases;
  • winbox - added possibility to define 'comment' for '/routing bgp network' entries;
  • winbox - do not show FAN related information under '/system health' menu for devices which does not have it;
  • winbox - do not show LCD menu for devices which does not have it;
  • winbox - fixed ARP table update after entry changes state to incomplete;
  • wireless - added 'russia3' country settings;
  • wireless - added New Zealand regulatory domain information for P2P links;
  • wireless - updated China and New Zealand regulatory domain information;
  • www - fixed unresponsive Web services (introduced in v6.40).

MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.4

Дата выхода: 2 октября 2017


  • address - show warning on IPv6 address when acquire from pool has failed;
  • arp - properly update dynamic ARP entries after interface related changes;
  • crs1xx/2xx - fixed 1 Gbps forced mode for several SFP modules;
  • crs317 - added L2MTU support;
  • crs3xx - improved packet processing in slowpath;
  • defconf - fixed RouterOS default configuration (introduced in v6.40.3);
  • dhcp - fixed downgrade from RouterOS v6.41 or higher;
  • dhcpv6 client - added IAID check in reply;
  • dhcpv6-client - fixed IA check on solicit when 'rapid-commit' is enabled;
  • dhcpv6-client - ignore unknown IA;
  • dhcpv6-client - require pool name to be unique;
  • e-mail - auto complete file name on 'file' parameter (introduced in v6.40);
  • export - fixed wireless 'ssid' and 'supplicant-identity' compact export;
  • hotspot - fixed missing '/ip hotspot server profile' if invalid 'dns-name' was specified;
  • hotspot - improved user statistics collection process;
  • ike1 - remove PH1 and PH2 when 'mode-config' exchange fails;
  • ipsec - kill PH1 on 'mode-config' address failure;
  • ipv6 - fixed IPv6 address request from pool;
  • lte - fixed modem initialization after reboot;
  • ntp-client - properly start NTP client after reboot if manual server IP is not configured;
  • rb931-2nd - fixed startup problems (requires additional reboot after upgrade);
  • routerboard - fixed '/system routerboard upgrade' for CRS212-8G-4S;
  • sfp - fixed OPTON module DDM information readings;
  • sfp - fixed temperature readings for various SFP modules;
  • snmp - fixed '/caps-man registration-table' uptime values;
  • snmp - fixed '/system license' parameters for CHR;
  • tile - improved reliability on MPLS package processing;
  • userman - fixed unresponsive RADIUS server (introduced in v6.40.3);
  • vlan - do not allow VLAN MTU to be higher than L2MTU;
  • webfig - improved reliability of login process;
  • wireless - added 'etsi1' regulatory domain information;
  • wireless - improved WPA2 key exchange reliability;
  • wireless - updated 'norway' regulatory domain information.

MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.5

Дата выхода: 31 октября 2017


  • certificate - fixed import of certificates with empty SKID;
  • crs3xx - fixed 100% CPU usage after interface related changes;
  • firewall - do not NAT address to after reboot if to-address is used but not specified;
  • ike1 - fixed crash after downgrade if DH groups 19,20,21 were used for phase1;
  • ike1 - fixed RSA authentication for Windows clients behind NAT;
  • ipsec - fixed lost value for 'remote-certificate' parameter after disable/enable;
  • ipv6 - fixed IPv6 addresses constructed from prefix and static address entry;
  • log - properly recognize MikroTik specific RADIUS attributes;
  • lte - do not reset modem when it is not possible to access SMS storage;
  • lte - fixed modem initialization after reboot;
  • lte - fixed PIN option after setting up the band;
  • sms - include time stamps in SMS delivery reports;
  • sms - properly initialize SMS storage;
  • snmp - fixed '/system license' parameters for CHR;
  • winbox - allow shorten bytes to k,M,G in Hotspot user limits;
  • wireless - fixed rate selection process when 'rate-set=configured' and NV2 protocol is used.

Routeros V6 40.3 Review

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