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Posted By admin On 27/11/21
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Audio Station - Enjoy DSD high-quality playback, listen to online radios, manage own music collection, stream music with voice commands using Amazon Alexa skill, create playlist and share them publicly. ServiiGo lets you browse and stream all the media stored on your Serviio server to your android device. Unlike DLNA based apps, ServiiGo uses a new API built into Serviio Pro that also works over the internet. This means you can now access your media using 4G/5G mobile networks and WiFi hotspots away from home. Serviio (for Windows) is a free, DLNA-compliant media server for the Windows platform. It currently supports several different devices, some of them being Sony Bravia television models, Panasonic TVs, Sony Blu-ray players which support media streaming, Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players, the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles and several other brands of modern television sets which hook up to.

Enjoy high-quality playback, listen to radios, manage own music collection, create personal playlist and share with friends on Audio Station and its mobile app DS audio everywhere.

Surround yourself with high-quality playback

Store your music collections on the Synology NAS, and savor near-original quality of audio tracks through Audio Station.1


Serviio Playlist Plugin App

Preserve audio details in music by streaming DSD or FLAC files to your high-quality player. 2


Enjoy seamless live music as if you were there, by streaming to web browsers, as well as AirPlay, Chromecast, and Media Renderer devices.



Customize sound effect levels to get the best listening experience with USB speakers.

Enjoy Music Across Devices

Audio Station allows you to play music by streaming to music players and mobile devices.

Stream music seamlessly

Audio Station supports streaming music from your Synology NAS to local computers, USB speakers, media renderers, AirPlay, Chromecast Audio, or Bluetooth devices.

Your music, always around you

Serviio Playlist Plugin Download

Enjoy high-quality sound with DS audio on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices. Save songs to your device and savor your music on the go.3

Voice control with Amazon Alexa™

Use voice commands to easily control the playback of songs, albums, and customized playlists to your Echo device. Learn more

Listen to music on CarPlay and Android AutoNew

DS audio supports CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to enjoy the high-quality songs on your Synology NAS while driving. Play music and change tracks more smartly and safely.

Update your song tags all at once

Audio Station allows you to manually update missing mp3 tags with a few clicks. With complete song information, you can easily create smart playlist and share with others.

Download and experience now

DS audio is available for iOS and Android users, for free. You can download the apps through App Store or Google Play.


You can stream music stored in NAS to iTunes in the same local network, so you will not need to keep a huge music library on your Mac.


  1. When playing through a DLNA renderer, Audio Station automatically transcodes the music in unsupported formats.
  2. Please see software spec for supported devices.
  3. Offline download is only supported on iOS and Android devices.

VLC can easily access media from UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) as well as DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). The option is available in the View > Playlist section of the media player. UPnP and DLNA allow you to stream content over your local network. You can see televisions make use of this feature to access videos from your laptops and other devices supporting the standard. It’s like sharing the media content that you have on your computer or phone to other devices without the need to copy and move files. All of them should be connected to the same network or Wi-Fi.

If you have VLC on your computer, you will be accessing the files available via UPnP as well as DLNA. There should be another device sharing media files using this standard or protocol. It’s like a private network for audio and video files.

Here’s how you access media from UPnP or DLNA using VLC:

Serviio Playlist Plugin Free

  • Open up VLC Media Player.
  • Go to View > Playlist [CTRL + L].
  • On the left under Local Network, click on Universal Plug’n’Play.
  • You’ll see a list of files or streaming networks listed on the left.
  • Browse through them and right click on them to Play, Stream or Add to Playlist.
  • You will be playing media from your network in some time.

Serviio Playlist Plugin

Note: It can take some time for VLC to discover and list all the folders and sub-folders from your UPnP and DLNA servers.