Smartface Mac

Posted By admin On 26/11/21
Smartface Mac

From Smartface: Smartface app allows you to run and test native applications developed with Smartface Cloud. After installing the app, select Run on Device from the Smartface Cloud IDE and run your. Smartface is your partner in all phases of your digital transformation. You know that mobile is the future. You are aware of all the challenges.

There are more than a million apps in iTunes store and Google Play and this number is rapidly increasing.

However, the demand for apps is increasing faster than the supply for developers and the requirement for a Mac computer running Mac OS for iOS app development makes it even more difficult to find iOS developers.

iOS development on Windows PCs is an appealing thought, but it is not possible in the traditional way as Xcode is the only development environment for Objective-C or Swift based iOS apps and Xcode is only compatible with Mac OS, not with Windows. Even though Windows 10 is similarly named and versioned like Mac OS X, iOS development on Windows 10 is still a dream.


There are some alternative solutions for iOS development on Windows, but they are all just workarounds, which either include some kind of technical detail such as virtual machines or non-native development solutions such as hybrid development, which is just displaying a webpage in a native container. Alternatively, you can code your iOS apps with any text editor in Windows, but you would need a Mac anyway for testing and debugging your iOS app developed on Windows.

You can develop native Android apps on Windows with Eclipse and Android SDK, but there is only one true alternative for native iOS development: Smartface is the only solution for iOS development on Windows.

Smartface allows iOS development for Windows with a complete set of iOS development tools, including a drag and drop What You See Is What You Get editor and on-device iOS emulator for Windows as well as a fully featured Windows-based iOS debugger with watches, breakpoints and unique features like code injection during runtime, which is not even available in Xcode.


Smartface Emulator Mac

Smartface iOS Emulator and Debugger for iOS Development on Windows

With Smartface, you can connect your iPhone to your Windows PC to use the iOS emulator to test your native iPhone apps on Windows.

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Since Smartface enables native iOS development on PC with a single JavaScript codebase, all of these features are also applicable for Android development for Windows. Therefore, if you are a freelancer or a web developer seeking a way to develop iOS apps with a Windows-based development environment, along with Android apps, you can take advantage of Smartface.

Similarly, if you work with an enterprise with strict security restrictions, where Mac usage is not allowed, you can use Smartface to develop iOS apps in enterprise Windows settings.

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Smartface Mac

Download Smartface App Studio and use it instantly for Android and iOS development on Windows.