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A geometric sans who dares modernism Sofia Pro is a geometric sans font family who dares the modernism and the harmony of the curves. Created in 2009 and completely redesigned in 2012, it has. SofiaProSoft-Light Version 2.000 font (Font family name: Sofia Pro Soft; Font style name: Light), 431 characters in total. Character distribution range:Basic Latin,Latin-1 Supplement,Latin Extended-A,Latin Extended-B,Spacing Modifier Letters,Latin Extended Additional,General Punctuation,Superscripts and Subscripts,Currency Symbols,Letterlike Symbols,Mathematical Operators,Private Use Area.

Redesigned in 2012 by Olivier Gourvat, this typeface now supports a wide range of languages with more than 500 glyphs. This new version also has more OpenType features including case-sensitive forms, small caps, contextual alternatives, stylistic alternates, fractions, proportional and tabular figures.

With its 16 fonts, Sofia is an ideal font family for text, branding, signage, print and web design creation. You can also use Sofia Pro Condensed family, the ideal companion of the normal style.

Fonts Included:

Sofia Pro UltraLight
Sofia Pro UltraLight Italic
Sofia Pro ExtraLight
Sofia Pro Extralight Italic
Sofia Pro Light
Sofia Pro Light Italic
Sofia Pro
Sofia Pro Italic
Sofia Pro Medium
Sofia Pro Medium Italic
Sofia Pro SemiBold
Sofia Pro SemiBold Italic
Sofia Pro Bold
Sofia Pro Bold Italic
Sofia Pro Black
Sofia Pro Black Inline


Sofia Pro Light

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Sofia Pro Light

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