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Posted By admin On 26/11/21
  1. Sparkle Cursor Html Code Tumblr Free
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Sparkle Cursor Html Code Tumblr Free

Sep 21, 2011 This is a tutorial I made for those who want to add custom cursors, and for the people who want the code to make glitter/pixels fall off your cursor ANIMATED CURSORS ONLY WORK ON SOME BROWSERS NOT. Find out which country loves your shitty reblogs the most with this world view hit counter. Past the code below into a post (under html) or add into your HTML theme. . the sparkle cursor. the bubble cursor. The infinite 2 theme code.( maybe the narnia theme code if you follow her and she tells me you did and follow me). the bubble theme code. or A FREE PROMO, SCRENNIE, OR List your choice. MESSAGE ME AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT:) LAST DAY IM DOING THIS FOR A WHILE.:).

It’s like fairy dust around your page, wherever the cursor moves.

Sparkle Cursor Html Code Tumblr Transparent

Find var colour=“#000000”; now change the #000000 to whatever colour you want. Click here to see the colour codes.

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