Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation Software

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IDAT GmbH is the leading and long-standing supplier of software for the calculation of sprinkler systems in German-speaking countries – because we have been involved in software development for over 35 years. And also in other European countries and beyond our programs are used by numerous customers. The software is except in German also completely in English and largely available in French.

Certification of sprinkler software

The VdS has issued the following confirmation: “The program meets the accuracy requirements of the calculation set out in the draft directive and can be used for the calculation of sprinkler systems according to VdS CEA 4001 as well as water spray extinguishing systems according to VdS 2109.” Despite high computational accuracy, the results are determined very quickly due to an optimized calculation method.

Author: Yashkumar Shah on October 8, 2020. Hydraulic calculations are a very important step when designing fire protection systems, since they ensure the flow rate established through the piping network will be enough to control fires effectively. Calculation procedures are established in model codes: automatic sprinkler systems are subject to NFPA 13 (National Fire Protection Association) in the USA, while the the international standard is EN 12845. IRRIGATION SYSTEM DESIGN SOFTWARE. Netafim™'s HydroCalc irrigation system design software enables you to carry out hydraulic calculations and evaluate the micro-irrigation performance of in-field components such as: Lateral; Sub-mains; Main lines (e.g. PVC, PE) Valves; Energy calculators. Excellence in sprinkler software since 1972. Customers with 1998 through 2020 perpetual licenses not on maintenance will receive 25% off the SRP of a new 1- or 3-year subscription when they terminate use of their perpetual license. With WinSprink, a proven and successful program for the hydraulic calculation of sprinkler systems has been designed. The basis for the WinSprink program is its calculation kernel, which can be used to hydraulically calculate not only tree-like but also all types of meshed piping systems.


The calculation is also FM-Global and NFPA compliant.

Calculation options

As a rule, the pressure loss is calculated according to the Hazen-Williams formula, as an additional option we offer the calculation according to the Darcy-Weisbach formula (e.g. for foam or fine spray extinguishing systems).

Apart from sprinkler systems, spray water extinguishing systems can also be easily calculated.

General information

With WinSprink, a proven and successful program for the hydraulic calculation of sprinkler systems has been designed. The basis for the WinSprink program is its calculation kernel, which can be used to hydraulically calculate not only tree-like but also all types of meshed piping systems.
For each pipe section, the program outputs the following information after the calculation:

  • Number of the pipeline
  • start and end node number
  • Pressure at the beginning of the line section
  • For Sprinklers, the K-Factor
  • the flow rate at the sprinkler
  • the amount of water in the pipe
  • Pipe diameter and length
  • fixtures (number of bends, angles, tees …)
  • the hydraulic length
  • Pressure loss due to friction
  • Height difference
  • the total pressure loss
  • the pressure at the end of the pipe
  • the flow rate in the pipe section

System requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 or higher

Sprinkler calculation with CAD support

In addition to the WinSprink program, we have developed the SpriCAD® program for various CAD systems. With CAD support sprinkler systems can be entered and calculated here. For this we offer attachments for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and Revit.

Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation Software

There is also a connection to VenturisIT’s TriCAD MicroStation CAD system so that hydraulic calculation can be performed directly on a pipe network entered in TriCAD.


Sprinkler calculation with AutoCAD and BricsCAD

As an alternative to WinSprink, SpriCAD® calculates the sprinkler system in the CAD system AutoCAD or BricsCAD. The operation of SpriCAD® is straightforward and follows the usual AutoCAD commands.

Inputs are graphical, either in plan view or in isometric view (you can switch between both views at any time). You can also draw a sprinkler network in existing AutoCAD floor plans (for example, an architect’s plan).

At the push of a button, SpriCAD® prepares documents for prefabrication; Cutting lists and a compilation of all required pipes are also generated automatically.

Another advantage of the pipe network input via AutoCAD or BricsCAD is the possible further use of the geometry for, for example, building plans, architect floor plans, etc.

SpriCAD® for AutoCAD/BricsCAD allows:

  • carrying out hydraulic calculations of sprinkler systems
  • the preparation of isometric views for testing by the VdS
  • Assistance in the preparation of construction site plans
  • the creation of parts lists
  • automatic positioning of the sprinklers
  • the preparation of documents for prefabrication

Sprinkler calculation with Revit

The network is entered through Revit commands or other external programs supporting Revit. Configuration settings can be used to adapt to the sprinkler network entered.
Another benefit of using Revit pipe mesh is the potential reuse of the geometry e.g. for building plans, architectonic plans, etc., or linking or integration into BIM projects.
Revit itself again offers the possibility, e.g. also to create material lists.


SpriCAD® for Revit allows:

Hydraulic Calculation Formula

  • a selection of elements that are necessary for the calculation or omission of elements that are not necessary (for example, heating or water pipes).
  • assign an active area to each sprinkler.
  • carrying out hydraulic calculations of sprinkler systems
  • Coloured representation of the calculation results: flow rate of the water, pressure loss and flow velocity.

Igneus Incorporated has been providing high quality, powerful, and low-cost automatic fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation software to the fire sprinkler industry since 2005. And from day one, professionals from all over the world have been able to try our software before buying. Check us out! I know you will like what you find.

Sprinkler Fitter Calculator 1.1

Professional feet and inch calculator with common take-out values, an angle calculator, and note taking. Free for Windows based computers. Small cost for Android based phones (ad-free).

New in version 1.1:

  • True fractions in 1/8' increments
  • Selectable display precision
  • Resizable calculator keypad
  • Character based unit modifiers allowed in Angle calculator input (such as: 3ft6in or 2m26cm)
  • Angle calculator picture now matches theme
  • Angle calculator picture will resize with window [PC]
  • Window location is remembered between launches [PC]
  • Additional take-out values

If you use the Android version of SFC, let others know. Leave a review on the play store!

Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation Software

Simple Hydraulic Calculator 2.3.7

This is a minor feature and maintenance update that is free for all users. Changes include:

  • New pipe materials added to support PipeFab for Revit. Coming soon - PipeFab ability to export a SHC data file.
    • S20 - ANSI Schedule 20 steel
    • ASAL - AS 1074 light weight steel with AS 2118 fittings pre-adjusted for internal diameter from ASAM
    • ASAM - AS 1074 medium weight steel with AS 2118 fittings
    • ASAH - AS 1074 heavy weight steel with AS 2118 fittings pre-adjusted for internal diameter from ASAM
  • HEAD and FLOW commands now interpret negative numbers as a minimum pressure instead of a minimum discharge.
  • FLOW commands may now be disabled by using a zero k-factor, just like HEAD commands
  • Immediately preceding comment may be used as the device graph title for BFP, BP, and PUMP commands. (menu item 'Report' -> 'Options)
  • Maximum flow velocity may be included on the report summary page. (menu item 'Report' -> 'Options)
  • The 'system volume' and 'rack allowance' lines will no longer be shown on the report summary page if their entries are blank.
  • New report option 'small margins'. When checked, SHC will use the printer's reported minimum paper margins. If not checked, SHC will use a 3/4', or larger, paper margin.
  • Fixed a problem with editor color highlighting of discharge parameters.
  • SHC will now use default highlighting colors if there is a problem loading the user's custom data or if the user's custom data has the foreground and background colors set the same.
  • A new example file and drawing, 'ESFR with pump house', gives a real-world example of using k-factor to manage two remote areas and of using pressure in HEAD and FLOW commands.

Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Software

Igneus Hydrant Flow Test

Free flow test application that is capable of printing professional fire hydrant flow test reports. Reports may also be saved as a pdf file.