The Collar Has A Mass Of 20kg

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Problem 14-35

The collar has a mass of 20 kg and slides along the smooth rod. Two springs are attached to it and the ends of the rod as shown. If each spring has an uncompressed length of 1 m and the collar has a speed of 2 m/s when 5 = 0, determine the maximum compression of each spring due to the back-and-forth (oscillating) motion of the collar. The answer to “The ball D has a mass of 20 kg. If a force of F = 100 N is applied horizontally to the ring at A, determine the dimension d so that the force in cable AC is zero. A C B F D 2 m 1.5 m d Probs. 338/39” is broken down into a number of easy to follow steps, and 50 words.

14-35. The collar has a mass of 20 kg and is supported on the smooth rod.The attached springs are undeformed when d = 0.5 m. Determine the speed of the collar after the applied force F = 100 N causes it to be displaced so that d = 0.3 in. When d = 0.5 in the collar is at rest.

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The Collar Has A Mass Of 20kgMass
Textbook: Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
Edition: 13
Problem 3-39

The ball D has a mass of 20 kg. If a force of F = 100 N is applied horizontally to the ring at A, determine the dimension d so that the force in cable AC is zero. A C B F D 2 m 1.5 m d Probs. 338/39

Step-by-Step Solution:Step 1 of 3The Collar Has A Mass Of 20kg

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The Collar Has A Mass Of 20kg And Rests On The Smooth Rod

The Collar Has A Mass Of 20kg
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The Collar Has A Mass Of 20kg And Slides Along The Smooth Rod

Textbook: Engineering Mechanics: Statics
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