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What should I do if I can no longer see anything on the display?

  • If the printer is running normally but no display is visible, adjust the contrast. Please call the hotline.

“No air for warmup Fault”

  • Check input pressure on pressure gauge (approx. 6 bar).
  • Check quality of compressed air. It must be free of oil and water.

Videojet Excel 2000 Printer

What should I do when “Ink Out Fault” occurs?

  • Check the fluid level (make-up, ink).
  • If the level is OK, please call the hotline.

What should I do when “Phasing Fault” occurs?

  • Is the head dirty? Turn the printer off, clean with make-up solution, dry the printhead and re-start.
  • Check ink expiry date and replace with fresh ink if expired.

What should I do when “No Signal Fault” occurs?

  • Is there a jet? If not, the nozzle is blocked.
  • The catcher may be overflowing and the return suction line blocked. It should be cleaned.

What should I do when “Reservoir Overfill” occurs?

  • Cleaned too often or for too long, too much fluid in the module.
  • Drain some fluid (approx. 20ml) from the module. Call the hotline.

Videojet Excel 2000 Manual

What should I do when “HV Fault” occurs?

  • High Voltage plates in the printhead are dirty. Clean.
  • Short circuit through ink. Clean head thoroughly.

What should I do when “Empty Time Too Short Fault” occurs?

Videojet excel 2000 printerVideojet excel 2000
  • Check ink pressure (left-hand pressure gauge). If necessary, call the hotline.
  • Check ink expiry date. Ink viscosity may be too low.
  • Replace with fresh ink.

What should I do when “Flow Time Too Long Fault” occurs?

  • Check ink system for leaks.
  • Replenish ink.

Videojet Excel 2000 Troubleshooting

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