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  • There can be many reasons why you are not able to hear anyone on Discord. The sound issues can be caused due to many different reasons, such as incorrectly configured settings, audio device not being selected, or a bunch of other audio errors in Windows 10. Here are simple solutions that you can try if you can’t hear anyone on Discord.
  • Nov 18, 2019 Why Can’t I Hear Anyone On Discord?(Fix It In 2020) Method 1:- Restart Your Device. The first method to fix the Discord can’t hear issue is restarting your working device. Method 2:- Close the Third-Party Application. The second method to fix the Discord can’t hear anyone issue is closing.

Battle Royale and multiplayer games are in trend right now. Mostly because of favorite games like pubg and Fortnite and mobiles, users also have options when it comes to the Battle Royale game. If you do it simple Search on Play Store, you will find thousands of Battle Royale games similar to PUBG and Fortnite. Most of these games come with an inbuilt voice chat system, and it doesn’t of time it won’t work due to server Rack and high ping situations.

That’s where Discord comes to rescue, and the majority of people use Discord daily to voice chat with their team. If you are facing voice chat problems such as you cannot hear people on Discord. This situation arises, and other users may or may not be able to listen to your voice, but you cannot here to other people on Discord. This issue can even occur when you have a green circle around your profile picture, which tells your MIC is responding.

So the first thing you should care about has the latest discord version, and still, if you’re facing similar issues, apply the solutions given in the article.

The problem might also be temporary and the root found in a coding issue or bug within the Discord app itself. To remedy this, load up Discord in your web browser and test to see if you can hear other people. Discord is extremely quick at resolving issues and pushing out updates meaning this is only a temporary measure. Fix 2: Hardware Check. The Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue is one of the weirdest issues people encounter. The error mainly occurs when one of the items on your computer is not working properly. Accordingly, I have made a detail analysis report for fixing the issue. I hope the topic will definitely help the users who can’t hear anyone in discord.

Why can’t I hear anyone on Discord? There isn’t any specific reason behind this problem. But, possibly this problem occurs due to improper audio settings. Or, due to interference in audio settings by third-party software. If you’re using any Discord Voice Changer, then also this problem can occur. And, the issue can also occur due to.

Why can’t I hear anyone on Discord?.

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  • Discord can’t hear anyone (5 SOLUTION)
Answer: There are multiple reasons and no specific reason behind this issue. It often happens due to the wrong audio settings. In case you are using any third-party software to shift your pitch, disable them to see if that fixes the issues. A lot of people have been using discord voice changer that transforms your voice to a robot or female, it is fun but sometimes can cause problems. Another reason can be outdated sound drivers and corrupt discord file.

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Discord can’t hear anyone (5 SOLUTION)

Follow the steps in the order given for best results.


1. Use the Mic Test option

Discord recently introduced a new option to test your mic, allowing you to make sure your voice is buttery smooth and gives you a chance to tweak settings to minimize background noise. It quickly lets you analyze if you can’t hear people on Discord because you’ll be able to listen to what you say in MIC.

When you’re unable to get your MIC working, troubleshoot your MIC.

2. Change Output Device.

Just like in Windows, this Discord also has an option to choose from multiple inputs and output devices. So you always need to choose the device which is near to your ears to be able to properly listen to all the sounds coming from your computer and Discord. Using mic and headphone separately increase the chance that people won’t hear you on Discord or you can’t hear people on Discord.

Tip: Avoid choosing wrong output devices for that you need to follow the instructions.

  1. Open Discord application, Open settings by clicking the gear icon in the left bottom section.
  2. Click on Voice and Video setting; there you will find all the settings related to voice and communication.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings.
  4. In Voice Settings, Instead of the ‘Default’ option, choose your connected audio device.

3. Prioritize Default Playback Device

When you install Discord, it uses the default input and output device. When you deal with speakers and different headset on your computer, you should prioritize input and output devices. If you have selected a wrong output device, then chances are more likely your friends’ voice is going to a wrong output device. In most the cases, Windows chooses the best devices by default, but if your computer makes use of any third party Equaliser, you may need to set before a playback device.

  • Find the volume icon on your taskbar—Right-click on it and select sounds.
  • On the next page that appears, switch to the playback tab.
  • If you are using headphones, select your headphones and click on the “Set as Default Device” option.

Headphones with a built-in mic, please show on both playback and recording device section. You can use your external mic by choosing its default communication device.

  • The headphones are a wireless headset with an inbuilt mic.
  • And the speaker/headphone is a laptop speaker.
  • Right-click on your preferred device and set it default.

4. Reset Voice Settings.

When selecting right playback devices doesn’t help, you may want to use the Reset Voice option in Discord software. It will reset all voice settings as if it was when you install Discord.

Indeed it quote by setting they are done for settings to fine-tune your voice. And if you have made wrong changes to the settings, you cannot hear people on Discord. A passive method to solve all the issues is to uninstall the decode application and then install it again on your computer. If the problem persists, try the next solution.

To reset voice settings in Discord, proceed as follows.

  1. Open Discord application then goes to its settings by clicking the gear icon in the left bottom section.
  2. Click on Voice and Video setting; there you will find all the settings related to voice and communication.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings.
  4. Click on the “reset voice settings” option.

A confirmation prompt will appear on your screen, click on Ok to reset. Now try to join a server and communicate with your friends. Make sure that your default playback and recording devices are set to default and are right. You can also manually choose default devices in discord settings.

5. Use Discord’s Web Version

Discord support multiple operating systems such as Windows / Mac Linux IOS and Android. You can anytime visit Discord on your web browser. The web version is capable of doing all sorts of things without having to download the discord software on your computer or mobile. And since you have tried the above solutions to fix the “Can’t Hear People On Discord” problem and it is the same for you. Then you should switch to the web version and can join a voice channel to chat with all of your friends. This solution is not recommended when the game you are playing occupy a large amount of RAM because Chrome itself is known to take up huge amount of available RAM. To fix this issue, you might need to open Google Chrome in incognito mode and sign in who discovered buy opening in a single tab.

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Discord is a great place for chatting with like-minded people or for chatting with fellow gamers. Usually, Discord works like a dream, with people rarely running into issues. There is, however, one problem that quite a few Discord users have reported recently: their mic is not working! Fortunately, this can be fixed quite easily.

We're going to look at nine different methods that you can try, and one of them will certainly correct your mic issues, so you can use Discord like you usually do. Let's have a look at these solutions.

#1 - Logout and Log Back In

There first thing that you should try if your mic isn't working is simply logging out of Discord, and then log back into Discord. You might have tried this already, but it's a quick fix that might get your microphone back up and running. If you've done this, and your Discord mic still isn't working, you need to move onto the next solution.

#2 - Change Administrator Settings for Discord

One solution that can work for Discord users who are struggling with their mic not working is to alter the settings for Windows when running the Discord app. You just need to right-click on the Discord icon, which you should most likely find on the desktop. You should see an option that says 'Run as Administrator.' The reason why this works is that Discord doesn't have the right permissions. This should correct it.

#3 - Alter The Automatic Input Sensitivity Settings

If you've changed your voice settings on Discord in the past, then there's a good chance that this is the reason why your voice isn't being picked up at the moment. It's an easy problem to fix, but it's a common reason why people find their Discord mic not working.

You need to go to the Discord app settings then you have to find the User Settings area. In the list of User Settings, you should see an option for Voice and Video. You want to click on this. You'll now see a list that has Input Sensitivity in it. Click on Input Sensitivity. You'll now see a toggle for Input Sensitivity Settings. It should currently be enabled.

But if you've changed your input settings in the past, it might be disabled. You need to make sure that it's enabled. Then, you'll want to test if your mic is working by speaking into it. You should see a green line. If you do, then you should next disable the Input Sensitivity Settings. After you've done this, adjust the settings. The line is located in the middle of the box. Then your mic should work again.

#4 - Make Sure The Right Mic is Selected in Input Device

Again, you need to go to the Discord app settings. First, you want to open User Settings. Then you'll want to go to the Voice & Video area. Once you've clicked on Voice & Video, you'll see an option for Input Device. There will be a choice of microphones to select. If you often switch between different headsets, and you've got an in-built microphone in your computer, then Discord can sometimes register the wrong mic.

Through making these changes via Input Device, you can make sure that the right mic is selected. You'll also want to ensure that the input volume slider for your Discord microphone is at its highest possible level. If you've altered the input volume and followed everything so far, but you've still got the problem of the Discord mic not working, then you should move onto the next step.

#5 - Is Exclusive Mode Enabled on Windows?

This next fix requires you to alter some Windows settings. All you need to do is to right-click the volume icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Then, you should see a list of options. The one you want is for Recording Devices. Click on it. Then you'll want to click on your microphone or headset and then click on Properties.

This will open up a new window. You'll see tabs at the top. Click on the tab with Advanced as its title. If you see that, the option relating to Exclusive Mode has a check next to it. Then you want to uncheck it. You'll need to restart your computer. And afterward, you can check if you're still encountering the issue of the Discord mic not working.

#6 - Reset Voice Settings

If you're still unable to get your mic working, even after following all the first five steps, then it's time to reset voice settings on Discord. To do this, you'll need to open Discord, then go to your User Settings. You'll want to then select the Voice & Video option from the list on User Settings. Near the bottom of the list, you'll see an option for Reset Voice Settings. You want to click on it, then follow the instructions given to you. This is known to work for a lot of people when they're struggling with their Discord mic not working.

#7 - Use Push to Talk

To do this, you need to open Discord, and then go to App Settings. You then need to locate the Voice & Video section. In the Voice & Video, you'll see an area for Push to Talk. You simply want to check the box that's next to Push to Talk. Of course, this means that you'll need to press a button each time you want to talk, but this can allow you to speak via Discord, and it's better than nothing.

#8 - Alter Windows Microphone Settings

There's a chance that your microphone might not work on Discord because of a privacy setting on Windows. As Discord is a third-party app, it needs to have permission to use your microphone. Even if you've given permission in the past, there's a possibility that a Windows update has caused it to be revoked.

To make sure that this isn't the issue that's causing you to be silent on Discord, you should open the Microphone settings in Windows. You will see an option that says 'Allow Apps to Access Your Microphone.' If you see that this is toggled to 'Off, then you want to turn it to 'On.' You will also see a list of apps underneath. Their permission settings will be toggled to 'On' or 'Off' too. Be sure to check Discord and see if it's toggled to 'On' or 'Off.' It needs to be 'On' for your microphone to work on Discord.

#9 - Turn Off Quality of Service on Discord

If you've tried everything so far and your microphone is still not functioning on Discord, then your last option is to go to Discord, then go to the Voice & Video section. You'll see an option that says: 'Enable Quality of Service High Priority Packet.' You want to turn this off. There's a good chance that this will fix your problem.


Fixing a malfunctioning mic on Discord is usually a matter of changing something as simple as voice settings. Each of the nine solutions outlined in this article is easy to do. And one of them will likely get your mic back up and running on Discord again. If, however, you've done everything on this list, and you're still encountering the same issue, then there another few things you could try.

Discord Can't Hear Stream

Firstly, you should test your headset or mic with another device and app, as there's a chance that it's broken. You may also want to try plugging in a different microphone to your computer to see if the issue is with your actual computer. If you've found that they're both functioning as they should do, then you should simply uninstall Discord from your computer, and reinstall it.

It's unlikely, however, that you'll need to resort to this, as one of the nine solutions will likely solve your problem of a malfunctioning mic on Discord, so you can get back to chatting through Discord again very soon.

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