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zoogle-video#handleVimeoPostMessage'>The Stoneleighs are the premier Rolling Stones tribute band, recreating the famous rock and roll sound and energy of the greatest rock band in history! Ahhh, yeah....you're sure to have a great time at a Stoneleighs gig!
Look for our 'Fan Snaps' page, where if you want you can send photos of yourself with your tongue sticking out, a photo of the band or a photo of your buddies just hanging out. Before you hit your next Stoneleighs gig, let us know what your favorite Stones tune is and we'll look to work into the gig.
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Blondie rates highly as the single most popular and successful group to emerge from the 1970s New York City punk/New Wave music scene. Blondie was founded by singer/songwriter Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein in 1974. Drummer Clem Burke, bass player Gary Valentine and keyboardist Jimmy Destri joined the band in 1975. Blondie started out.

Wild pitch band

Chill Rob G.’s own 12” of “The Power” on Wild Pitch features no background vocals to replace Penny Ford part on the Snap! The only female voice heard on the Mark The 45 King production is the Jocelyn Brown sample though the Wild Pitch cassette from 1990 (which I haven’t heard myself) credits “additional vocals” to a certain “Kim Davis”. The band ceased activity with their label, WIld Pitch, going on an extended break, with E-Roc leaving the group entirely. Returning as a duo, The Coup continued in 1998, releasing their third record, 'Steal This Album' on independent label, Dogday. The decision whether a pitch is ruled a passed ball or a wild pitch is in the hands of the official scorer. But a general rule of thumb is that if the pitch hits the dirt or misses a catcher's.

Also known asThe U.M.C.'s
OriginStaten Island, New York City
GenresHip hop
Years active1991–1994
LabelsWild Pitch/EMI Records
MembersHaas G
Kool Kim

The UMC's was an American hip hop duo from the borough of Staten Island in New York City.


The group was composed of Haas G and Kool Kim, who released the critically acclaimed full-length album Fruits of Nature in 1991, which garnered chart success with the duo's #1 Billboard Hot Rap Single 'Blue Cheese' and #2 Hot Rap Single 'One To Grow On.' (which contains a sample from 'Ursalena' by Bill Cosby) In 1994, the duo released its second album, Unleashed[1] but split up soon after.

Since the group's break-up, Haas G (under the names Hassan and Fantom of the Beat) has focused on producing music, most notably garnering a #1 hit for Lil' Kim featuring 50 Cent, with 'Magic Stick'. Kool Kim reinvented himself as the controversial underground emcee NYOIL.[2]

Wild Pitch Band


  • Fruits of Nature (Wild Pitch/EMI Records, 1991) U.S. R&B #32[3]
  • Unleashed (Wild Pitch/EMI Records, 1994) U.S. R&B #63[3]

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